ePromos can deliver you high-quality promotional goods to help spread the word about transportation safety during National School Bus Safety Week.  This event happens during the third week in October each year.

The importance of school bus safety cannot be overstated. During this week, parents, students, teachers, motorists, bus drivers, and other parties come together to learn more about safe school bus practices and how to deal with emergency situations.

The National School Bus Safety Week commitee strongly encourages every school district to plan events during this week to help inform as many people as possible about this issue! Poster contests are a great way to get children involved with school bus safety, giving them a hands on way of learning how to keep safe on the bus every day.  Have all the students in the school vote for a winner and turn the winning poster into a school wide campaign.

To help promote school bus safety, our bus shaped stress balls are an excellent product choice to hand out to students to keep their mind focused on the topic at hand. You can imprint your school logo or message of choice right on the side for the student to bring home and share with other family members.  School bus shaped key chains and school bus magnets are other great promo items for students to bring home that will encourage families to talk about safe behavior when driving on or near a school bus.

Call ePromos today to see how promotional items can help you promote your next National School Bus Safety Week!

Promote National School Bus Safety Week with ePromos Promotional Products