Ideas & Ways to Celebrate National Therapeutic Recreation Week

Every day, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and numerous other medical offices across the country use therapeutic recreation as a way to stimulate the minds of their patients. By providing productive yet fun ways to interact with their environment, individuals suffering from various mental, physical, and emotional disorders benefit from the opportunity to do more, all with the help of willing and able medical personnel.


A Brief Background

Since 1984, the National Therapeutic Recreation Society observes the second week of July as National Therapeutic Recreation Week. By definition, “therapeutic recreation” describes the use of leisure activities as a way to aid in patient recovery. Its benefits include promoting an enhanced sense of well being, teaching and reinforcing everyday behaviors necessary for good quality of life, as well as offering a more entertaining avenue to help charges get better.


Recognize the Importance of Playing With a Purpose

Although therapeutic recreation takes playing seriously, its importance in patient recovery makes it the perfect opportunity for your office to help increase the general public’s knowledge of its value. There are numerous ways to recognize National Therapeutic Recreation Week in your office. Take the time to lend your office’s voice to appreciating what “play” can do for medical recovery.


Keep Motivated with Quotes

Lead an art event where participants can create paintings with their favorite motivational quotes. Using art to encourage creativity helps to relax those involved. What’s more, reflecting on words of wisdom can have a positive impact on patients.

Share Stories of the Impact of Therapeutic Recreation

As is the case with many medical professions, seeing patients through the road to recovery can be difficult. In times where your team may get discouraged, take the time out to gather participants to read stories on the positive impact therapeutic recreation has had on patients around the world. Reflecting on the successes of treatment helps give your team a morale boost to continue their hard work.

Hold a Picnic to Bring Patients Together

One of the best ways to reintegrate patients into a social space is to hold a picnic with those close to them. Invite fellow patients, friends and family to come together and create a friendly atmosphere. Encourage everyone to bring snacks and games to entertain. Creating a fun and easy-going atmosphere aids both patients and staff alike.

Host Regular Exercise Sessions

Maintaining physical health is always important, and providing a space to stay healthy and active on a regular basis can aid recovery efforts immensely. With this, think about scheduling regular exercise sessions for activities including yoga and tai chi. This way, everyone can participate and share in the benefit of a more sound body.


Promotional Marketing Products for Therapeutic Recreation Events

Regardless of size or industry, brands always take the time to give back to the community around them. Reflecting on the importance of therapeutic recreation for your health-based institution offers ample opportunity to help your community by educating and participating. What’s more, this kind of interaction does wonders for brand recognition as well. In addition to the suggestions above, come up with events that engage your patients, staff, and public community about how leisure activities benefits the overall well being of medical patients dealing with physical and mental disorders of various kinds.

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