National Umbrella MonthThis is not the time of the month to lose your umbrella nor to leave your umbrella at home. It is National Umbrella Month; a time to celebrate one of the most useful and least thought of inventions, clearly. The basic umbrella was invented over four thousand years ago as a device for protection against the sun. It was the Chinese who waterproofed their umbrellas for rain protection. It wasn’t until the 1900s that the umbrellas which we are familiar with today were invented.

As the weather begins to turn to Spring so do the avid golfers come out of hiding. This is when you arrange a company golf outing and give out promotional golf umbrellas, logo golf umbrellas, custom golf umbrellas, and promotional rain umbrellas in which you can imprint your company name, logo, and business information on. Collapsible umbrellas make a great trade show giveaway. Inform the visitors to your booth not only about your company, but tell them that it is National Umbrella Month.

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