Ovarian Cancer MonthOvarian Cancer Awareness Month takes place in September and aims to educate people about one of the most deadly cancers among women. Unfortunately, many women do not seek medical attention until the disease has spread, and this window of time helps expose women to the detrimental effects which result from not being aware of the condition’s symptoms. Ovarian Cancer is a cancerous growth arising from arising from an ovary and most commonly forms in the outer lining of the ovary. Known as the fifth leading cause of death from cancer among women, its most prominent symptoms include bloating, pelvic or abdominal pain, difficulty eating, and urinary urgency.

What’s most important about this condition is that if it is detected at its earliest stage, there is a five-year survival rate occurring approximately 93% of the time. With ePromos, you can educate consumers of this fact and other Ovarian Cancer statistics by distributing custom awareness bracelets. Awareness bracelets are ideal for spreading the visibility of your brand name: they conjure up interest in the cause they are representing and bring people of all ages and backgrounds together with a common interest. In addition to these bracelets, ePromos can also imprint your company logo on promotional jewelry which can be worn throughout the year as opposed to the month of September.

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