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International Quality of Life Month

What are the necessities of life or what is considered a good standard of living? Food, clean water, shelter, and clothing are the very basic elements that people need to stay alive. For some, these necessities seem more like luxuries because they are not accessible. According to Encarta Dictionary the quality of life is “the degree of enjoyment and satisfaction experienced in everyday life as opposed to financial or material well-being.” So quality of life is the physical and psychological sense of well-being like health, diet, stress, and worry as opposed to tangible entities related to standard of living, which is the quality and quantity of goods and services available to people and how these entities are distributed amongst people. These two concepts are interrelated; having access to the basic necessities of living means you will feel less stressed about sustaining life. For International Quality of Life Month, take the […]

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National Blood Donor Month

Encourage people to donate blood this month with promotional products from ePromos! Blood is traditionally in short supply during the winter months due to holidays, travel schedules, inclement weather and illness. January in particular is a difficult month for blood centers to collect blood donations. In 1970, President Richard Nixon designated the month of January as National Blood Donor Month. In his proclamation he called upon the media, the blood-banking and medical health facilities, and the public at large to pay special tribute and honor to the voluntary blood donor during the month. He also encouraged, by all appropriate means, to increase the number of voluntary blood donors. Every day in our country, approximately 39,000 units of blood are required in hospitals and emergency treatment facilities. Because a reduction in donor turnout can put our nation’s blood inventory at a critical low, it is essential that people become aware of […]

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National Personal Self-Defense Awareness Month

Self-defense is not always about FIGHTING back. Your best way to avoid an physical and dangerous altercation with an attacker is to apply quick thinking and de-escalating methods to the situation in order to get away. Attackers feed off of vulnerability so stay attentive to avoid a compromising situation. For example, walk in a group to your car after work, avoid short cuts that take you through dark and isolated area, and pay particular attention to places where someone could hide such as stairways and bushes etc. to ensure your safety. For National Personal Self-Defense Awareness Month, figuring out ways to protect yourself from muggers is a great way to begin your quest to self-defense. Start a safety awareness program at the workplace to promote personal self-defense! A multi-series program would be best at teaching your employees about both ways to calm an aggravated assailant and also fighting back (either […]

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National Book Blitz Month

For National Book Blitz Month, give the gift of imagination with a cool book. There are so many types of literature to choose from, which makes giving a book as a giveaway, direct mail promo piece, or a corporate gift can satisfy a spectrum of taste buds! This month, a personalized book can embody everything you would like to say in your next promotional campaign. So how can you take advantage of National Book Blitz Month? You can use the holiday as the focal point for one of your promotional marketing campaigns! For example, try giving customers custom thank you cards, custom logo greeting cards, personalized business holiday cards, and promotional cards.  These items can be custom imprinted with your logo and personal message. National Book Blitz Month is not only a great way to enhance your personal book collection but your employees’ or clients’. For more great promotional opportunities, […]


National Personal Trainer Awareness Day

In the beginning of each new year, millions of Americans make resolutions. Some vow to quit smoking, others vow to spend more time with their family, and some even vow to smile more! In any event, the most common resolution of the year is to lose weight and maintain a permanent healthy lifestyle. To actually make the time to go to the gym when you’re mentally exhausted from work, or take that early power walk/run, even though your eyes are not open yet has been proven to be very difficult. Therefore, fitness professionals Jim Labadie and Joey Atlas decided to make January 2nd, National Personal Trainer Awareness Day. This way, the general public could be more aware of personal trainers at the time of the year when having a professional relationship with them could play a crucial role in helping them to actually achieve their fitness and health goals. Let […]

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Cervical Cancer Awareness Month

Did you know that cervical cancer was once the number one cause of cancer in women? In the U.S. the use of the Pap Test has produced a 70% decline in this type of cancer. Help keep up this great progress by celebrating cervical cancer awareness month. During January, the National Cervical Cancer Public Education campaign gives women and their doctors information about what causes cervical cancer and the best ways to prevent and detect it. Cervical cancer tends to cause death in women who can’t afford to get health insurance. For this reason there are a number of organizations that provide free or low cost Pap Tests all over the country. Celebrate this month by making your employees aware of the dangers, risks, and causes of cervical cancer. Show your employees that you care about their health by encouraging them to get Pap Tests. ePromos has a variety of […]

1/16 - 2/10

New York City Restaurant Week

For ten days every year, the finest New York City restaurants serve up their culinary delights to the masses, offering price-fixed lunches and dinners. Over 200 restaurants participate in this promotional event, called New York Restaurant Week. Since the food frenzy got cookin? in the mid-1980s, the top restaurants have received vast media coverage and have attracted new business. Prices have been set at $24.07 for a three-course lunch and $35 for dinner, not including drinks, taxes and tips. ePromos can help restaurants devour this promotional opportunity with its multitude of  promotional novelty hats, custom costume hats, logo novelty hats, and promotional fun hats. Spice up New York Restaurant Week with promotional products from ePromos! Call us today! For some other great promotional opportunities, check out our promotional calendar. Promote New York City Restaurant Week with ePromos Promotional Products

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Family Fit Lifestyle Month

January is Family Fit Month, which should catapult you and your family’s drive to be healthier. It doesn’t take a genius to realize the consequences of inactivity and loads of unhealthy foods, so why not use your family as support in becoming a more fit and active unit! Rather than encouraging your clients or employees to simply lose weight with their family, you can be their guide to health! In your next company newsletter or email marketing campaign inform them about how important it is to partake in Family Fit Month not just for January but for a lifetime. How about giving away promotional performance shirts, promotional baseball t-shirts, logo wristbands, or imprinted cheerleader shorts? This would be an awesome opportunity for personal trainers working independently to promote their business, challenging the entire family to get fit in a creative and exciting program. Cultivating an able-bodied family encourages a better […]

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National Poverty in America Awareness Month

Poverty in America not only affects the millions of people who are deprived of the common necessities to live, but it also affects the idea of progression and hopefulness in this country. The more than 37 million people in Americans living in squalor, poverty, and hunger are not invisible. During National Poverty in America Awareness Month, non-profit organizations, businesses, and individuals alike come together to combat poverty. If you are thinking of a community outreach program at the workplace, you can locate a neighboring non-profit association that helps the impoverished to collaborate on a fundraiser in order to make an impact during National Poverty in America Awareness Month. You can even reach out to your clients with items like promotional digital photo frames, logo frames, logo digital picture frames, and promotional electronic picture frames. You and company can be a catalyst for giving to poverty stricken families and individuals. We think […]

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National Social Work Month

Social work is an important helping profession that deserves recognition, so the National Association of Social Workers created National Social Work Month to recognize the valuable service social workers provide to our communities. At ePromos, we’re proud to support and recognize the hard work of these valuable professionals by offering a variety of gift, recognition, and promotional products to help promote and celebrate this month. There are over 600,000 social workers in the United States, and these highly-trained professionals are dedicated to people of all types in all situations, from homes and hospitals to corporations and police departments. Whether you are interested in raising awareness of the valuable work they do through custom imprinted promotional products, or showing your appreciation with a personalized gift, ePromos has the best selection of products for social workers during their month of recognition. For some other great promotional opportunities, check out our promotional calendar. […]


St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day has become one of the most worldwide celebrated holidays. As the popular saying goes, everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day! Historically, St. Patrick’s Day is the feast day that celebrates Saint Patrick, patron saint of Ireland, on March 17th each year. In Ireland the day is observed as a religious holiday, although secular celebrations have increased in recent years, such as the Saint Patrick’s Festival which lasted for five days in 2006. It is important to note that this holiday as a celebration of Irish culture is only observed in the Republic of Ireland and not Northern Ireland. In many countries, such as the United States, Canada, Great Britain, and Australia, St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated by all kinds of people. The day is marked by parades, wearing green, eating Irish food, and frequenting Irish pubs and bars. Decorations include shamrocks, leprechauns, pots of gold, and […]

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National Nutrition Month

March is National Nutrition Month, a nutrition education and information month. Sponsored by the American Dietetic Association, the purpose of this month is to educate about the importance of good nutrition today and encourage the development of healthy habits for the future, as well as to promote an active lifestyle. Eating well helps maintain good health and helps reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes, obesity, and hypertension. Help your employees stay healthy and show them how much you care about them by handing out flyers and holding semininars about these important issues. ePromos has a variety of promotional products that you can give out to get your employees started on a healthy lifestyle. Promotional food tins, promotional candy tins, logo food boxes, and logo candy boxes with your company’s name imprinted on the label will be greatly appreciated. Call a promotions specialist today to get started! […]

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National Ethics Awareness Month

March is National Ethics Awareness Month. It is an annual event in which ethics organizations and businesses seek to promote ethical behavior. This is a great time of the year to remind your employees that your company always values and supports the moral way of behavior, and to remind employees that management is there to help employees make ethical decisions in the workplace! Let your employees know ethics is worth all the hard work. Since ethics in the workplace are so important, ePromos has a variety of promotional products to help you show support for ethics. Promotional marble paperweights, promotional marble awards, custom marble awards, and custom marble paperweights engraved with your company’s name on it are a perfect way to be your employee’s guiding light to ethical behavior. You can promote honesty and ethical decision making through games by showing people the benefits of playing fair instead of cheating. And […]

3/1 - 4/31

March for Babies

Every April, the March of Dimes hosts its annual fundraising walk, March for Babies. As the leading nonprofit organization for pregnancy and baby health, the March of Dimes consists of researchers, volunteers, educators, outreach workers and advocates who are dedicated to helping babies fight for a healthy start in life. Since 1970, millions of participants nationwide have joined the symbolic walk, with the goal of preventing birth defects, premature birth and infant mortality. Throughout the year, the March of Dimes conducts other fundraising activities, but the March for Babies, formerly called WalkAmerica, is among the most notable and touching events. Your company can start a team to join the efforts or fundraise in the community with promotional baby-themed products. It’s a worthy cause that can truly help save babies, as well as a wonderful opportunity to get involved and show corporate social responsibility.  Promote this event with promotional trade show […]

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American Red Cross Month

The American Red Cross has been around since its foundation by Clara Barton in 1881. This month, celebrate this historical institution and all that it stands for with promotional products from ePromos! Every year since its original declaration in 1943, the President of the United States proclaims March to be Red Cross Month. This special month gives the Red Cross an opportunity to promote its services and celebrate its successes in serving communities throughout the U.S. It also acts as a way for the public to learn more about the organization and support it through donations and volunteerism. In 1942, rather than conducting its regular fundraiser, the Red Cross decided to appeal to President Roosevelt (its honorary chairman) for a special month dedicated to the organization. Roosevelt agreed and thus Red Cross Month was born. By June 1943, donations to the organization totaled nearly $146 million, prompting President Roosevelt to […]

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National Umbrella Month

This is not the time of the month to lose your umbrella nor to leave your umbrella at home. It is National Umbrella Month; a time to celebrate one of the most useful and least thought of inventions, clearly. The basic umbrella was invented over four thousand years ago as a device for protection against the sun. It was the Chinese who waterproofed their umbrellas for rain protection. It wasn’t until the 1900s that the umbrellas which we are familiar with today were invented. As the weather begins to turn to Spring so do the avid golfers come out of hiding. This is when you arrange a company golf outing and give out promotional golf umbrellas, logo golf umbrellas, custom golf umbrellas, and promotional rain umbrellas in which you can imprint your company name, logo, and business information on. Collapsible umbrellas make a great trade show giveaway. Inform the visitors […]

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National Athletic Training Month

March is National Athletic Training Month, an awareness and motivational program sponsored by the National Athletic Trainers’ Association. Athletic trainers are specially trained individuals responsible for the prevention, assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of athletic injuries and illnesses. They play a major role in taking care of our nation’s athletes at all professional levels and are instrumental in promoting safety at an early age with our nation’s student athletes. With ePromos promotional products, you can support the valuable services of these individuals during their month of recognition. ePromos has a wide selection of products that you can use to promote or help support National Athletic Training Month and your local organization’s athletic program. Some of the favorite choices include promotional koozies, promotional cooler bags, logo insulated lunch bags, and custom printed coolers. By custom imprinting these promotional products with your message, you can remind athletes of the important services athletic trainers […]

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Jazz Appreciation Month

With April showers, comes a month-long reign of jazz appreciation. In a city steeped in rich musical tradition – New Orleans, Louisiana – aficionados congregate from all over the world to celebrate the conception of jazz. Launched by the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History, Jazz Appreciation Month (JAM) notes the American creation of Jazz as an influential contribution to world culture. Jazz musicians were the first to experiment with the improvisation of their instruments and voices, resulting in a total innovation of sound. The festivities bring public recognition to the music, the composers, the musicians and other artists of the sound. Celebrate jazz legends like Duke Ellington, Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald, who all share April birthdays. You can pump up the energy in your office with promotional corporate desktop gifts, custom office gifts, logo desk gifts, and personalized corporate desk gifts to enrich your company culture. A fun […]

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Get Yourself Tested Month

Statistics show that one in two young people will contract a sexually transmitted disease (STD) by age 25 because of uneducated decisions regarding their sexual health. Spearheaded by an ongoing public information partnership between MTV and the Kaiser Family Foundation, Get Yourself Tested Month was established in April 2009 to inform young people about STDs and promote testing and treatment when necessary. Sponsors have supported the goals of this month through promotions on MTV and its affiliated networks, and Planned Parenthood has provided educational resources online at its nationwide networks of health centers. To support your community during this important awareness month, distribute branded condoms and imprinted healthcare products to local public health organizations, schools and non-profits to encourage more responsible decision making about sex. While Get Yourself Tested Month is targeted at younger audiences, this awareness date impacts people of all ages. By participating in this month, not only […]

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Facial Protection Month

Did you remember to wear a helmet when rollerblading or eye protection when you were mowing the lawn or a mouth guard when you played hockey with your co-workers? Facial Protection Month is dedicated to encouraging athletes, students, adults and children alike to protect their face, head, and teeth during activities. Here is a great time to promote safety in your industry! Facial Protection Month can target anyone from construction workers to families to professional athletes. Even if you work as an orthodontist or as a sports coach, telling your clients about facial protection is important in preserving their health and individual aesthetics. You can run an email marketing campaign reinforced with direct mail promotional items in order to highlight great ways to protect the face of your clients like wearing helmet, mouth guards, protective eyewear, safely filing the nails of your dog/cat, or padding sharp corners of tables for […]

1st Sunday in April


Easter is a great time of year to let all your clients know you’re thinking about them. Promotional products from ePromos are a great way to ensure your organization is on the minds of everyone not just on Easter, but all year-round! According to the National Confectioners Association, Easter is the second top-selling confectionary holiday behind Halloween. 90 million chocolate Easter bunnies, 16 billion jelly beans, and five million marshmallow chicks are prepared for Easter each year! Furthermore, the Guinness Book of Work Records reports that the largest Easter egg ever made was just over 25-feet high and made of chocolate and marshmallow. The egg weighed 8,968 pounds and had to be supported by an internal steel frame. This Easter season, don’t let people confuse you with the Easter Bunny when you hand out promotional candy at all major tradeshows and events. Bunny-shaped stress balls customized with your company contact […]

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Patient Safety Awareness Month

Patient safety is a significant concept that should be incorporated from when a person comes in contact with hospital or healthcare personnel. For example anyone that is transported from the ambulance to the emergency room or even patients that are waiting in the waiting room should be looked at with a sense of urgency and care. Patient Safety Awareness Month fosters the improvement in ensuring the safety of the person seeking medical treatment. If you work in the healthcare industry, promote patient safety by establishing a monthly patient safety awareness/training program for ALL of your employees (i.e. administrative, nurses, pharmacists, elderly care personnel etc.). Internal promotion of this awareness month is the best way to ensure that patients’ safety is not ignored. At your program’s sessions you can give away prizes for best trainees like promotional flash drives, promotional usb memory sticks, logo flash drives, and logo usb thumbdrives. You should […]

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Cancer Control Month

ePromos knows that fighting cancer is a hard battle that takes personal and physical strength and the help of loved ones. With the number of cancer cases rising each year, it’s hard to control the deadly disease. Sponsored by the American Cancer Society, Cancer Control Month seeks to decrease the number of new cancer cases and eventually destroy cancer. Right now, scientists are studying the behaviors of cancer cells, attempting to determine a cure. We must support the foundations and hospitals that research endlessly to control this harmful disease. You can do so by a donation to any reputable cancer society, but that’s only half the battle. The other half is making sure the American public is aware of cancer threats and how to detect them. This includes seeing your doctor regularly, getting mammograms, checking for abnormal skin lesions, etc. To ensure the message has been delivered, ePromos has numerous […]

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National Child Abuse Prevention Month

Over 3 million children are victims of violence and almost 1.8 million are abducted every year. 1 out of 7 is approached by a predator online. National Child Abuse Prevention Month is celebrated every April in order to make people aware of child abuse issues and their prevention. In 1979 the National Exchange Club adopted the prevention of child abuse as its national project. This nonprofit organization has nearly 120 centers across the country and helped more than 225,000 families and 300,000 children. This organization believes that education and changing behaviors and attitudes can help get to the root of this problem. Participate in the National Child Abuse Month with promotional products from ePromos. Promotional kitchen products, logo pot holders, logo oven mitts, and custom imprinted kitchen items are a good way to spread the word.  Stop violence before it starts by educating your employees about this serious issue. It […]

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Procrastination Awareness Month

Although some take procrastination lightly, it is in fact a very serious situation. For some individuals, procrastination is linked with feelings of anxiety and fear that you can’t complete your project or task to the best of your ability. There are different types of procrastination, such as the student syndrome, which claims that students only apply themselves right before the very end of a deadline, as well as procrastinators such as the relaxed kind that view their responsibilities in a negative light, therefore completing all other social tasks before. One of the best ways to prevent procrastination is to remind your employees to stay focused and on task.  Try using promotional products like promotional golf tees, custom imprinted golf tees, logo golf ball markers, and logo golf tools to reward staff for finishing projects on time. For some other great promotional opportunities, check out our promotional calendar. Promote Procrastination Awareness […]

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World Red Cross Day

ePromos offers a great selection of promotional items that will help you to celebrate World Red Cross Day on May 8th. Every year, the Red Cross is involved with orchestrating a worldwide campaign towards the relief of human suffering. Whether people are at risk from disease, famine, disaster, or war, the Red Cross distributes humanitarian aid in generous quantities and without discrimination based on geographic location or individual identity. On World Red Cross Day, which was founded in 1922, an annual commemoration and celebration of the organization’s success and ongoing efforts takes place. May 8th was chosen as the official date of World Red Cross Day because it is the birthday of the organization’s founder, Henry Dunant. You can celebrate World Red Cross Day by learning more about the organization, making a donation, giving blood, or joining the 97 million members and volunteers that support Red Cross programs. Our inexpensive […]

5/8 - 5/15

Salvation Army Week

National Salvation Army Week falls from May 8th through the 15th. When the United States entered World War I the Salvation Army was ready to help. The Salvation Army established a War Board and began programs in US Army camps and canteens across the country. Celebrate this holiday with patriotic themed products to recognize Salvation Army members and contributors during this week. This is a great way to thank Salvation Army members and contributors, especially with promotional lapel pins. It will serve as a constant reminder to the recipients of your gratitude for all their hard work. This great idea, especially if your company co-sponsors any events with the Salvation Army during this week. For some other great promotional opportunities, check out our promotional calendar. Promote Salvation Army Week with ePromos Promotional Products

5/8 - 5/14

National Oral, Head, and Neck Cancer Awareness Week

Oral, Head, and Neck Cancer Awareness Week (OHANCAW) is a week-long awareness event from May 8th through 15th. Oral, Head, and Neck Cancer includes cancer that arises in the head or neck region, including the nasal cavity, thyroid glands, salivary glands throat and larynx. It is currently the 6th most common form of cancer found within the United States with approximately 40,000 cases diagnosed every year. Raising awareness of cancer symptoms and treatment options is crucial because an estimated 60% of patients fail to see doctors until their disease have gone into advancecd stages, when chances of survival sharply diminish. You can help raise awareness of these diseases by handing out great giveaways like promotional awareness bracelets, badges, buttons and lanyards that are imprinted with information on free clinics during OHANCAW. Custom shaped promotional refrigerator magnets and stress balls are also very effective reminders to get a checkup. To organize […]


National School Nurse Day

Celebrate all school nurses on May 8th with promotional products from ePromos! Promotional products are a great way to show appreciation for the people who help keep our children safe and healthy. National School Nurse Day was established in 1972 to foster a better understanding of the role of nurses in an educational setting. This day is always celebrated on the Wednesday within National Nurse Week, which starts on May 6th every year. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention schools should have one nurse for every 750 students. In reality, only 59% of schools meet this quota. National School Nurse Day aims to recruit more nurses, and ultimately improve this alarming statistic. Let all school nurses know you’re thinking about them today with promotional products from ePromos! Both practical and fun, promotional multi-function keychains, logo keychain tools, logo bottle opener keychains, and promotional tool keychains. School nursing […]

Last Monday in May

Memorial Day

ePromos wants to help promote your Memorial Day activities, and remember how much we owe the brave men and women of the armed forces with our selection of promotional products. Memorial Day was founded in Waterloo, New York on May 5, 1866 to remember the Civil War. The actual name “Memorial Day” was not widely used until the 1880’s, and the holiday wasn’t widely celebrated until after the First World War. In 1968, Memorial Day received its current date as the last Monday in May. Since then, Memorial Day has also played the role of unofficially welcoming the beginning of summer. Countless Americans will celebrate Memorial Day this year with cookouts, road trips, and spending quality time with family and friends away from work. ePromos has a wide selection of patriotic promotional items that would be perfect for promoting your Memorial Day activities. Check out our imprinted bumper stickers which […]

2nd Week in May

Food Allergy Awareness Week

Food allergies are serious medical ailments that can cause unlucky people an unfortunate situation. ePromos and our thousands of products can help spread the news to people across the globe about the dangers of food allergies. Founded in 1997 by the Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network, this awareness week seeks participation from all 50 states. They encourage schools and businesses to educate the public about food allergies. They also seek to influence politicians and policy makers to implement stronger regulations on food preparation. The organization’s slogan is “Take Action, Prevent Reactions,” and you can be proactive as well with promotional products to supplement your message. To foster cleanliness, hand out custom logo hand sanitizer. You can keep promotional first aid kits handy around the office in case of a food allergy emergency. In keeping with the theme of this awareness week, make sure you’re clients aren’t allergic before doling out […]

3rd Wednesday in May

National Employee Health & Fitness Day

The importance of good health and exercise affects more than just your physical wellbeing – it also has far reaching benefits for your state of mind, increases your productivity, enhances self-esteem, and more. Recognize the importance of your employees’ physical welfare by taking time out to celebrate National Employee Health & Fitness Day. Founded in 1989 by the National Foundation for Health & Fitness and observed on May 15th, this holiday centers around state and company supported exercise, such as walks like America on the Move and activity programs like the President’s Council Challenge. Encourage your employees to take the right steps towards a healthy lifestyle by providing them with promotional health & fitness items! ePromos has a great selection of items that promote physical fitness. Check out our collection of athletic apparel and outfit your employees with the proper gear to begin their workouts. Browse our assortment of custom […]

2nd Week in May

National Hospital And Healthcare Week

National Hospital and Healthcare Week falls from May 8th through 15th, and promotional products from ePromos can help you celebrate this occasion. The importance of hospitals and our healthcare industry cannot be overstated. The individuals who work in these fields deserve our recognition and respect. Our ability to fight disease and injury has never been better, and now is our chance to take a moment and say thank you to all the men and women who make that possible.To celebrate National Hospital and Healthcare Week, ePromos has a huge selection of promotional products that will really make people feel appreciated. If you want the doctors and nurses in your hospital to feel special, check out our selection of promotional jars, custom logo glass jars, personalized candy jars, and imprinted desk jars. With thousands of products to chose from, ePromos is the place to go for promotional items. Don’t wait, call […]


Child Care Provider Day

Thank all the dedicated people who are helping to shape the future of our children, with promotional products from ePromos! Child Care Provider Day (May 7th) is the perfect opportunity to show your appreciation for these very important people. Started in 1996 by a group of volunteers in New Jersey, Child Care Provider Day is celebrated each year on the Friday before Mother’s Day. The founding organizers saw the need to recognize the tireless efforts of providers who care for children of working parents. Today, Child Care Provider Day is recognized by many different organizations including state and municipal governments, local media, and private acknowledgement of providers by parents. Promotional products are a great way to highlight the important part child care workers play in our world! Daycare center owners can show their employees just how valuable they are today with promotional stress ball keychains, logo stress ball keychains, promotional […]

5/6 - 5/12

National Nurses Week

National Nurses Week, May 6th through 12th, is the perfect opportunity for everyone in the healthcare industry to show nurses how much they are appreciated! ePromos has a huge variety of promotional gifts to give to the men and women who do their part to keep us all healthy. National Nurses Week begins every year on May 6th and ends on May 12th?Florence Nightingale’s birthday. The week is commemorated with recognition programs within state and district nurses associations, educational facilities, and independent healthcare companies and institutions. As part of National Nurses Week, every May 8th has been designated as National Student Nurses Day. ePromos is here to help your organization show gratitude for all the important work nurses do! Ideal for any promotion, customized appreciation ribbon magnets are both popular and functional. Another great promotional item, personalized first aid kits, are a cute way to ensure that nurses are taking […]

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National Candy Month

During National Candy Month, ePromos stocks a huge selection of sweet promotional items that will make your mouth water! National Candy Month is held every year in June. During this month-long event, we pay tribute to all of our favorite sweets, and learn more about the proper diet and exercise that allow us to safely consume candy treats! If you’re looking for promotional items for National Candy Month, ePromos has it all! We’ve got delicious promotional food bags, promotional candy bags, logo snacks, and custom candy packages that can be imprinted with your company name and logo. These tasty promo treats are a great way to advertise your business while satisfying your customer’s sweet tooth! For more information about promotional candy, call ePromos today! For some other great promotional opportunities, check out our promotional calendar. Promote National Candy Month with ePromos Promotional Products

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National Myasthenia Gravis Awareness Month

Myasthenia Gravis is a rare (about 30 cases per 1,000,000 people) autoimmune disease that weakens muscles and increases the ability to become fatigued. It physically effects the eyelids, which become droopy. While the disease is liveable and treatable, more people should become aware of myasthenia gravis because the symptoms can change a person’s life. Development of the disease is gradual, but the symptoms can be appear quickly and suddenly. People with MG become weaker after physical activity and then regain strength after periods of rest. Muscles most often effected are in the head region, including the muscles that control chewing, talking, swallowing, and facial expressions. Surgery of the thyrus is an effective option for controlling the disease, but many people are not eligible for surgery. So, awareness must spread for the prevention of MG. Promotional products spread awareness and messages in a form that’s tangible. People will have the product […]

3rd Week in June

Carpenter Ant Awareness Week

According to the National Pest Management Association, carpenter ants are America’s number one pest – so it’s not surprising that the third week of June has been declared Carpenter Ant Awareness Week. Created by the president of a Milwaukee based pest control company, Carpenter Ant Awareness Week seeks to educate Americans on how to recognize and deal with carpenter ants. The ants eat away at the wood work in homes, causing structural damage and costing American families millions of dollars in damage each year. Remind customers of the dangers of carpenter ants with promotional products like promotional plants, corporate plant gifts, promotional gardening products, and logo plant seeds.  These thoughtful promotions will let them know that you not only care about them in the context of your business, but also at home. For some other great promotional opportunities, check out our promotional calendar. Promote Carpenter Ant Awareness Week with ePromos […]

1st Week in June

National Business Etiquette Week

At ePromos, we know the importance of being a good, smart business man or woman. That’s why we want to help you promote National Business Etiquette Week with our promotional products this June. Our wide-range of products can help you promote a celebration that will improve business etiquette amongst your employees and your clients. National Business Etiquette Week began in 2006 and was started by the Protocol School of Washington as a time to recognize the need for the proper business etiquette necessary to compete in the growing global marketplace. During the week, people are encouraged to review everything from the proper handshake to how to remember names. We at ePromos believe this week is very important to any business and we offer all the best promotional products so you can advertise amongst your own company! Celebrate with promotional products, like custom button down shirts, embroidered button down shirts, custom […]

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Rebuild Your Life Month

At ePromos, we want everyone to live a happy and fulfilling life. That’s why we want to help you recognize June as Rebuild Your Life Month with our promotional products. We have an enormous selection products that can help you show your devotion to the people you work with and for. These products will show everyone that you care about them on a very personal level. Rebuild Your Life Month was put in place to help people think about better and more effective ways to handle all types of different situations. It also offers a great opportunity for you to feel good about yourself. Rebuild Your Life Month is a very rewarding time and it will serve anyone well to celebrate it. At ePromos, we have a wide selection of items that can promote this great celebration! Inform your fellow employees about Rebuild Your Life Month with items like logo […]

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National Aphasia Awareness Month

ePromos has a wide variety of promotional items that can help raise awareness about Aphasia, a communication disorder that affects nearly 1 million Americans. During the month of June, The National Aphasia Association orchestrates National Aphasia Month, a time to educate the public about this widespread condition that few people know about. Events planned during this month also help to raise money for cures or treatments for this unfortunate condition. ePromos has a big selection of promotional products that can be sold for fundraising purposes or that can be used to spread the word about National Aphasia Awareness Month. Popular fundraising items promotional products. These items can also be used as a free gift to reward individuals who donate money towards an Aphasia cure. To raise awareness about the condition, you can use promotional merchandise such as promotional lighters, logo bic lighters, custom engraved zippo lighters, and custom logo matches. Useful […]

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Gay and Lesbian Pride Month

In June of 2000, Bill Clinton deemed the month of June, “Gay and Lesbian Pride Month.” The month was chosen to remember a riot in 1969 at the Stonewall Inn in Manhattan that is thought to be the beginning of the gay liberation movement in the United States. This month is meant to recognize the impact Gay, Lesbian and Transgender individuals have had on the world. June is now the month of acceptance and the month to welcome diversity into communities regardless of sexual orientation. Gay and lesbian groups celebrate this special time with pride parades, picnics, parties, memorials for those lost to HIV and AIDS, and other group gathering events that attract thousands upon thousands of individuals. The international impact has been so influential to so many people that it makes for a perfect time for an organization or company to be a part of the festivities. Gay and […]

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Professional Wellness Month

At ePromos, we care about the complete well-being of every single person. That’s why we want to help you recognize June as Professional Wellness Month with our promotional products. We have an enormous selection products that can help you show your devotion to the people you work with and for. These products will show everyone that you care about them on a deeper level than just professionally. Professional Wellness Month is sponsored by Words of Wellness and was put in place to help people live an overall healthier life. It also offers a great opportunity for you to help others feel good about themselves. It is very rewarding to do and this celebration is a great time to do it. ePromos has a wide selection of promotional items that can help show you care! Your fellow employees will love caring acrylic items like promotional trophies, custom company trophies, custom corporate […]

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Perennial Gardening Month

Every June, we celebrate the joy of gardening by planting perennials. Whether its wildflowers, lilies, ferns, or one of the other hundreds of types of perennial plants, you can make the world a more beautiful place by planting a garden that lasts. This month encourages people of all ages to go outside and garden – its a great way to get families together and start a new hobby. By definition, perennials are any plant that lasts more than two years. Make your business last even longer by promoting it with ePromos supplied promotional products! ePromos can help your business grow with our imprintable items. You can liven it up by using promotional plants, logo gardening products, promotional gardening tools, and custom flower pots. While people are getting their hands dirty in the garden on a sunny day, they will remember your company. For more great promotional opportunities, see our promotional […]


World Environment Day

Want a great way to show Mother Nature you care about the Earth, and at the same time promote your company? Well look no further than ePromos! We have a great selection of promotional products geared specifically for World Environment Day on June 5th. Celebrated every year on June 5th, World Environment Day is a time to show that you care about your surroundings. Established by the United Nations General Assembly in 1972, World Environment Day was created to mark the opening of the Stockholm Conference on the Human Environment. Help promote environmental issues, like recycling, conserving energy and water, and making sure that our Earth is clean and thriving. ePromos is your stop for World Environment Day related products. We offer a wide selection of promotional cd cases, promotional dvd cases, custom mp3 player cases, and logo cd holders, which make perfect gifts for your employees and clients that […]

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Social Wellness Month

At ePromos, we care about the complete well-being of every single person. That’s why we want to help you recognize July as Social Wellness Month with our promotional products. We have an enormous selection products that can help you show your devotion to improving everyone’s social skills. These products will show everyone that you care about them on a deeper level than just professionally. Social Wellness Month is sponsored by Words of Wellness and was put in place to help people live an overall healthier life. It also offers a great opportunity for you to help others feel good about themselves. ePromos has a wide selection of promotional items that can help show you care! Everyone will love items that show you care like custom pullover shirts, logo turtlenecks, embroidered sweaters, and embroidered vests. To plan a promotion for Social Wellness Month, call ePromos today! For some other great promotional […]

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Herbal Prescription Awareness Month

ePromos is your number once source of promotional products to help raise awareness about alternative medicines during Herbal/Prescription Awareness Month! According to a recent Harvard report, use of herbal supplements has increased by almost 50% in the last 5 years alone. The popularity of herbal drugs is unquestioned, but many people don’t know that taking alternative medicines in conjunction with prescription drugs can be a dangerous practice. Herbal/Prescription Awareness Month is designed to call attention to potentially negative interactions that may result from mixing herbal and prescription medicines. To help raise awareness during this month, ePromos offers a wide variety of promotional merchandise that can be customized with your name, logo, and message. One of the best ways to remind people of this month is with promotional novelty calendars, promotional pocket calendars, logo calendars, and custom pop-up calendars. Call ePromos today to see what other promotional products can help raise […]

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Purposeful Parenting Month

ePromos offers a great selection of promotional merchandise you can use during Purposeful Parenting Month. Each year, July is designated as a time for parents to concentrate on getting more involved in the lives of their children. Purposeful parenting means knowing what your kids are up to and setting positive boundaries to guide their behavior and decisions. Educating children in this manner is vital, so use this month to explore your options and examine what works and what doesn’t, as it relates to parenting children. ePromos has a number of great promotional items that can be used to raise awareness about purposeful parenting. Getting parents involved may be easier said than done, but with inexpensive promotional products like Promotional Calendars, Marketing Calendars, Promotional Theme Calendars, and Logo stick calendars. You’ll be able to spread the word quickly and easily. Call ePromos today for more information about promotional merchandise and how it […]

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World Alzheimers Day

Every year on September 21, World Alzheimer’s Day kicks into effect with memory walks, lectures, conferences, training courses, entertainment, and various other events. Aside from educating as many people as possible about the condition, we celebrate this day with the focus of getting closer to a cure for Alzheimers while improving doctors’ abilities to recognize the signs of the disease. Alzheimer’s is an incurable disease which is the most common form of dementia and is most common among people above the age of 65. The most common early-stage symptom is short-term memory loss. As the disease progresses, later symptoms include long-term memory loss, irritability and aggression, confusion, mood swings, and language breakdown. Let ePromos help your business become part of the Alzheimer’s cause by supplying you with promotional products to spread awareness about the disease and help those who already have the condition. We can imprint your company logo on […]

9/30 - 10/7


Like Passover and Shavu’ot, Sukkot has a dual significance: historical and agricultural. Historically, Sukkot commemorates the forty-year period during which the children of Israel were wandering in the desert, living in temporary shelters. Agriculturally, Sukkot is a harvest festival and is sometimes referred to as Chag Ha-Asif , the Festival of Ingathering. The festival of Sukkot is instituted in Leviticus 23:33 et seq. No work is permitted on the first and second days of the holiday. Work is permitted on the remaining days. These intermediate days on which work is permitted are known as Chol Ha-Mo’ed, as are the intermediate days of Passover. ePromos is pleased to offer a wide range of promotional products that are perfect for this holiday. Keep your employees minds on work during their day off with promotional bumper stickers an excellent way to keep your message moving. You can count on a ton of people […]

1st Week in September

Suicide Prevention Week

Suicide Prevention Week, the second week of September, celebrates all those who are working to prevent suicide and raises awareness about suicidal behaviors. Suicide is a complex and multi-dimensional problem that encompasses numerous people throughout the world. The World Health Organization notes that over 1 million people commit suicide every year and that it is the leading cause of death among teenagers and adults under the age of 35. With our younger generation growing, it’s more important now than ever to take part in preventing suicide and encouraging people to become informed about its warning signs. Take an active role in this issue by giving away promotional coasters, custom printed napkins, logo cork coasters, and custom printed coaster sets so people remember the importance of paying attention to their children and loved ones when times get rough. ePromos will imprint your business logo on these items so consumers are aware […]

2nd Week in September

International Housekeepers Week

International Housekeepers Week is a time to remind people of the importance of housekeeping and the obligation you have for expressing gratitude toward those who provide it. ePromos wants to help recognize the hard work of all the housekeepers that help make your lives move a little easier. Our promotional products can help you bring joy to your housekeepers and will show them that you think of them as family! We have the perfect products you will need to recognize International Housekeepers Week. We have a great selection of promotional clock gifts, corporate watch gifts, custom clock gift sets, and custom watch gifts that can be imprinted with any message, name, or logo. These will definitely remind people to wipe away all the work for their housekeepers during the week! To get started on a promotional campaign for International Housekeepers Week, call a promotions specialist at ePromos today! For some […]

2nd Week in September

Healthcare Environmental Services Week

ePromos care about the safety of every medical environment. Healthcare Environmental Services Week is recognized each September to celebrate the people who perform the duties involved with healthcare environmental services. It shows the important role these people play in delivering safety, satisfaction and infection control practices for the communities they serve. Founded by the American Society for Healthcare Environmental Services, this special week encourages all healthcare organizations to recognize their environmental services staff and the important work they do. Promote Healthcare Environmental Services Week with ePromos promotional products. Use our great promotional travel electronics, promotional power adaptors, logo universal power adaptors, and custom imprinted headphones to endorse your desire for a clean, safe medical establishment. Using promotional products is an excellent way promote Healthcare Environmental Services Week. For more information about promotional products for any celebration, call ePromos today! And for some other great promotional opportunities, check out our promotional […]

1st Monday in September

Labor Day

ePromos wants every worker to enjoy their well deserved time off on Labor Day. Since 1882, Labor Day has been recognized in America on the first Monday in September as the national “day off” for the working man. It is celebrated mainly as a day of rest and represents the end of summer for many. Originating from the desire of the Central Labor Union to create a symbolic holiday celebrating their hard work, Labor Day has become a marked holiday on every American’s calendar. Labor Day is primarily viewed as a day of rest and relaxtion. ePromos has the best products to make sure the working people can enjoy their deserved time off from their job. Take care of yourself with our terrific promotional products. These items are great rewards for hard working people.  Your corporation can use items like promotional trade show products, promotional table skirts, promotional table tops, […]

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National Infant Mortality Awareness Month

September is dedicated to raising awareness about infant mortality in order to help expecting mothers seek out the best possible pre-natal care. Infant mortality refers to the death of a baby before it reaches its first birthday. Though infant mortality continues to decline in the United States, the U.S. still ranks 23rd among industrialized nations in the world in infant mortality. Although it’s difficult to draw comparisons with other countries, it’s evident that the high rate of low birth weight in the U.S. is the major reason for the country?s unrelenting high rate of infant mortality. In particular, it’s a critical public health issue for African American families, as well as for Native Americans and Hispanics. To align your organization with this cause, show your support with an infant mortality awareness promotion. You can organize special programs for the parents-to-be at your company, encouraging quality pre-natal and healthy behavior during […]

Last Week in September

Child Passenger Safety Week

Taking preventative measures when transporting your kids safely can reduce the risk of serious injury or death in motor vehicle accidents. During Child Passenger Safety Week, raise public awareness that children under 4’9 need to be in booster seats. Did you know that safety restraints designed for adults can cause internal injury when used improperly for children in the event of a crash. Keeping your children safe in a vehicle doesn’t only mean seating them in the back seat; child vehicular safety should adapt as the child gets older such as figuring out when to transition from rear-facing infant seats to forward-facing toddler seats to booster seats in the back seat, or deciding when your child can safely sit in the front seat. Using the proper seating and protection according to the child’s age, height, and weight is very important in order to ensure your child’s safety. Promoting child safety […]

3rd Week in September

Adult Day Services Week

In 1983, President Ronald Reagan proclaimed the third week of September as National Adult Day Services Week. The week offers an opportunity to educate the public about their services and benefits to older Americans. Adult day services began in the 1960s as a health-care service. In 1978, there were just 300 centers nationwide. Today, more than 3,500 adult day centers support the needs of families and caregivers who offer an alternative to nursing homes and assisted living. Reward adult day centers in your area with promotional stress balls, promotional keychain stress balls, logo keychain stress balls, and custom stress ball keychains. By providing any number of these great promotional products during this week you will be showing your support for you community and you will be promoting your business at the same time. For some other great promotional opportunities, check out our promotional calendar. Promote Adult Day Services Week with […]

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5-A-Day Month

Help your friends, family and co-workers feel better by observing 5-A-Day Month and eating at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables every day! Our promotional products will serve as a good reminder to stay on the right track to feeling healthier and more energetic. Did you know that about 500,000 cancer deaths could be prevented each year by eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables? Most people are not aware of the enormous benefits of eating fruits and vegetables every day! Celebrated in September, 5-A-Day Month was developed in 1991 as a national nutrition education program. It was created by the Produce for Better Health Foundation and the National Cancer Institute. The purpose of the program is to encourage people to eat at least five servings of fruits and vegetables a day to improve their health. Deeply hued fruits and vegetables provide the wide range of vitamins, minerals, […]

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National Food Bank Week

Since 1987, a week has been set aside to promote the importance of food banks across America. Your company can use this pre-Halloween time to help support the mission of food banks during National Food Bank Week. Food banks are of vital importance to needy individuals. Different food industries donate their surplus food to local pantries and kitchens, where businesses, churches, government agencies, schools, and other individuals join together to support those suffering in our communities. Your company can be part of this great effort with the use of promotional products from ePromos. For example, you can donate items like promotional lunch bags to let volunteers fill and hand out to families in need.  It’s a unique way to help out your community food bank while still getting the company name some good publicity.   Call an ePromos Promotions Specialist to get started today! Promote National Food Bank Week with ePromos Promotional Products

3rd Week in October

Character Counts Week

Character Counts Week falls in the month of October, and ePromos wants to help you recognize such a worthwhile cause with our huge selection of promotional products. Since 1994 every president has proclaimed a week in October as Character Counts Week. The purpose of this occasion is to focus on the pillars of character that connect our community. Character is about the universal values that we all share, regardless of politics, religion, or race.  Caring, fairness, citizenship, trustworthiness, responsibility, and respect are encourages as the main six values each year.   On average four million children participate in Character Counts Week. That number continues to grow every single year. ePromos is pleased to offer a wide range of promotional toys that are perfect for Character Counts Week to encourage all children to respect each other and share while still having a great time.  Our selection of promotional Frisbees can help kids work on team building skills and trust.  […]


Put The Brakes On Fatalities Day

Nearly 40,000 traffic fatalities occur every year. This equates to almost one death every 12 minutes. Put the Brakes on Fatality Day (October 10th) aims to minimize this statistic by improving our road, vehicles, and fundamental driving behaviors. The program has been in existence since 2001 and events in over half of the states celebrate and hold safety demonstrations. U.S. citizens need to be aware of the ubiquity of driving-related deaths and focus on how we can improve our driving habits to ensure that the even the most remote roads will be safer to travel on in the future. Put a stop to these tragedies by promoting Brakes on Fatality Day with ePromos. We carry an array of promotional automotive products such as custom auto emergency kits.   Another recent issue causing accidents while driving is texting.  Using your phone while driving is so dangerous not only for you and your passengers, […]

3rd Week in October

World Rainforest Week

This year, ePromos can help you get prepared for action and education during World Rainforest Week. During this important week, each day has a different theme which inspires political and personal action, all of which help to save our planet’s most diverse ecosystems. We are losing nearly 40 million acres of rain forest each year, a problem that must be dealt with soon before its too late. The most important part of World Rainforest Week is raising awareness about the destruction of our Mother Earth so that people can begin to take action against its perpetrators.  The rainforest is one of the most unique places on the planet acting as a home for so many different life forms. To help bring the destruction of our rainforests to the forefront of discussion, ePromos stocks a wide variety of promotional products that can also double as fundraising items. A great way to promote protecting […]

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Blindness Awareness Month

Founded by EyeCare America, the public service arm of the American Academy of Ophthalmology, Blindness Awareness Month strives to raise awareness about vision impairment, ways to prevent it, and resources for those who are visually impaired.   Over 20 million Americans are afflicted by cataracts – a curable disease – which is the leading cause of blindness in the United States. Every October, your company, school, or charity can throw an event to raise money for the cause.  One really fun idea is to hold a “Dancing with the Principles/Bosses” (which ever applies to your situation).  Invite your community to come out and cheer on the freestyle dances, salsas, and waltzes.  The more the dancers get into it the better!  Have a small entry fee to the event with all the profits going to your favorite organization that supports Blindness Awareness Month. Whatever type of event your choose to hold, make sure you have enough promotional products to […]

2nd Week in October

Improve Your Home Office Week

During Improve Your Home Office Week, business owners are encouraged to find new methods of improving productivity and making their home office a more comfortable environment to spend time in. When you have a cluttered office, you have a cluttered mind.  To perform your best, your office need to look the best.  It is easy to get unorganized, especially in the comfort of your own home but, it is crucial to not let that happen. It happens to all of us.  Your in the zone working and need that one specific piece of paper work, you look up and it looks like a bomb went off on your desk! Using items like promotional desk organizers can help you never misplace a document again. Having a well lit and fresh smelling office also helps the creative juices flow.  Place customized candles by the door of your office.  This way when you walk in you […]

2nd Week in October

National School Lunch Week

National School Lunch Week is a time to recognize the valuable contributions made by the National School Lunch Program since its inception in 1946. This program is responsible for providing over 29 million children with access to fresh fruits, vegetables, milk, and other healthy foods while in school. During National School Week we celebrate the impact that this nationwide program has had on childhood obesity, diabetes, and overall academic success. Every year, SNA sponsors National School Lunch Week (NSLW) during the second full week in October. Find the resources you will need to make your celebration a success, while highlighting the importance of school lunch. Make sure your school has the ultimate National School Lunch Week Celebration.  Have a mini party at every lunch.  Let the students bring or buy healthy lunches, dance, and have fun during their 30-45 minute break.  Make eating healthy fun passing out custom clif bars to […]


National Mole Day

National Mole Day is held on October 23rd from 6:02 a.m. to 6:02 p.m. Mole Day is designed to encourage interest in chemistry and commemorate Avagadro’s number (6.02 x 10^23); a basic unit of measuring in chemistry. Schools throughout the United States celebrate National Mole Day by carrying out various activities related to chemistry and learning about the mole and its related measuring units. Help foster interest in chemistry by promoting National Mole Day with ePromos. Customize lab coats and let employees or student wear them around for the day.  People will be curious and ask them questions.  One of the best ways to get a message across is to first intrigue the person’s curiosity. Once a person’s attention is caught, keep their minds focused by giving them an awesome stack of custom Mole Day sticky notes.  These little memo pads are awesome to keep in a bag and take […]

2nd Week in October

Healthcare Central Service and Sterile Processing Week

Healthcare Central Service and Sterile Processing Week is designated to recognize workers of the field’s continuous efforts to do the best and cleanest work.  Their precise, impeccable dedication results in saving lives everyday. Many hospitals and all other forms of medical centers take this week to shine a spot light on the professionals and encourage them to keep up the excellent work.   To make your central service and sterile processing employees feel the love, give them all custom scrubs for the week.  Both coworkers and clients can congratulate and thank them then for their dedication. This is an excellent opportunity to show your appreciation for all your central service and sterile processing professionals with custom awards. Present these awards in front of a crowd.  Nothing warms the heart and makes you feel appreciated much like an award and a round of applause.  These great awards can be imprinted with your hospital name and […]

2nd Week in October

International Infection Prevention Week

International Infection Prevention Week, run by APIC, invites people from all over the globe to come together the third week of October and practice cleanliness for the health and safety of yourself and other.  During this week, health care facilities, schools, and businesses bring awareness to infection prevention to improve patient, client, and student safety. IIPW started in 2006 and has spread to almost every continent since then. The United States, Great Britain, Australia, South-East Asia, and some countries in the Middle East all participate in the week long, educational event. IIPW encourages people to wash their hands during this week.  As well as educating the public on using safety precautions when helping others; always use gloves, never reuse needles, only take medications that are diagnosed to you. Instead of simply raising awareness about these important issues, why not take steps to curb infection rates at the same time? ePromos has a great […]

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National Family Caregivers Month

Every November is National Family Caregivers Month. During this month, attention is drawn to the many challenges that face family caregivers and raise awareness about community programs that support family caregivers. A caregiver can be a parent or professional that tends to  a person with a chronic condition, disability, or the frailties of old age.  Today in the United States, there is over 90 million family caregivers and the number just keeps increasing. Your companies involvement in the community is great for business and you can thank family caregivers in your area by sponsoring a community event during this month geared towards family caregivers and pass out custom badges or lanyards . Local spas and nail salons can thank family caregivers in their area with custom hospitality and healthcare products, try handing out custom manicure and grooming sets or massagers. Contact your Promotional Specialist for more great promo ideas during this important […]

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National Alzheimer’s Disease Month

National Alzheimer’s Disease Month was officially established by Ronald Reagan in 1983.  Alzheimer’s Association uses November to spread awareness about how this disease affects millions of Americans.  Since the cause and the treatment for Alzheimer’s are not yet know, raising money for research is especially important. People raise money through events like the Alzheimer’s Walk or just personal funding.  Your company can help with this vital campaign with promotional products from ePromos. For example, items like colorful imprinted awareness bracelets are a great way to get the word out and promote your company. Other easy items your company can use are promotional pens. These items are inexpensive and are widely passed around, which means your logo will be seen everywhere while you make people aware of this important national campaign. If you want another easy giveaway, try products like custom key chains. These items are seen every day and are great […]


America Recycles Day

Updated October 2018 America Recycles Day is a nationally recognized holiday that encourages Americans to do their part by recycling and purchasing recycled goods. The holiday takes place every year on November 15th and is carried out by Keep America Beautiful, an organization dedicated to inspiring and educating people to act to improve their communities. Like Keep America Beautiful and similar organizations like the National Recycling Coalition, your company can use America Recycles Day to promote the benefits of ecologically friendly choices. Many promotional recycled items are perfect for an America Recycles Day event. Promotional products made from recycled materials are useful and provide a great reminder of how important recycling is to the environment. Things such as recycled custom notebooks, personalized recycled wood pens, and even usb drives made with recycled plastic are great handouts and giveaways to help people help the environment.  It’s never too late to start being environmentally active! Another great […]

2nd Week in November

American Education Week

Updated November 2018 Support the need for every child to receive an equal education during American Education Week. The National Education Association  began educational programs in 1919 by taking the opportunity to help the 25% of WWI draftees that were illiterate.  It wasn’t until November 4-10, 1921, that the first American Education Week (AEW) occurred.  The National Education Association grew a partnership with the American Legion and then one year later, the U.S. Office of Education. Today, American Education Week is a staple for celebrating public education and honoring those who play strong roles in the lives of children, whether it be parents, guardians, teachers, or anyone else. AEW always takes place every November during the week prior to Thanksgiving and provides a perfect opportunity for supporting schools. Mid-November is usually when most people begin to think about the upcoming holidays and what better way to get into the giving spirit by donating to a local school? If […]

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Aviation History Month

This November is Aviation History Month, and ePromos wants to help you celebrate with our huge selection of promotional products! Since the days of Icarus and Daedulus, man has dreamed of being able to fly. Today’s stealth bombers and commercial jet aircraft are a far cry from man’s earliest attempts at flight, but that does not mean that we cannot look back and respect the history of flight. ePromos has a huge selection of promotional products that are perfect for Aviation History Month. Check out our selection of promotional airplane shaped stress balls,  airplane shaped promotional desk clock, or even airplane shaped paper clips can really take your promotion to the skies. These items are not only practical, but they can also help people remember Aviation History Month. Have them custom made to display your company name, logo, and a message about Aviation History. With thousands of products to chose from, ePromos is […]


Dia de Los Muertos

El Dia de Los Muertos, or the Day of the Dead, is a two day celebration that generally takes place in Mexico. Mexicans from all over the world come together with family members and close friends to honor  and celebrate the lives of loved ones who have passed away. The Mexican holiday takes place on the 1st and 2nd day of November in compliance with the Catholic holy days; All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day.  Typical celebrations include making the favorite drinks, foods, and desserts of the deceased and placing them all on a home alter.  These alters also include yellow marigolds, sugar skulls, and a photo of the deceased. El Dia de Los Muertos is supposed to be a celebration not a day of mourning.  Processions are lead to cemeteries and there music is played and children put on performances to honor the dead. You can put on the best Day of the Dead […]

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National Hospice Month

National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization has named November National Hospice Month.  Hospice care serves the vital purpose of supporting the mental and physical well-being of the terminally ill in our communities.   A hospice professional can be physicians to nurses to therapists to health aides to any other form of medical professional. The biggest benefit of Hospice care is that it allows our loved ones to be more comfortable and secure in the safety of their homes while receiving treatment.  More than 1.58 million Americans receive hospice care from programs around the country every year.  That means that the 468,000 trained volunteers supply 21 million hours of service all together! Promoting awareness of the impact hospice care makes in the lives of the patients as well as offering thanks and support to the individuals who serve as caregivers is the fundamental purpose of this event. ePromos has the perfect promotional products for you to return the […]

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Military Family Appreciation Month

November is named National Military Family Appreciation Month every year by the President in office.  During this month, the nation and the Department of Defense honor the difficult sacrifices the families of the nation’s service men and women have to make.  Throughout our history, the steadfast support of military families has always been a source of inspiration. These families have faced the special challenges of long deployments, long-term separations and frequent relocations with great courage and resolve. In doing so, their selfless dedication has greatly impacted the lives of our finest soldiers. Many communities chose to recognize military families with events like 5k runs or walks, community or school run family fun nights, or even community dinners.  This recognition month creates a time to show your support for not only the hard working men and women of the military but also the people that love them dearly. Use promotional products from ePromos at your local Military Family Appreciation Month event to show your appreciation […]

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National Scholarship Month

National Scholarship Month is devoted to raising awareness about scholarships for both future and current university level students.  With the average college tuition now well over $30,000 a year, applying for scholarships is essential for the college financial process.  Scholarships are becoming more and more competitive so the National Scholarship Providers Association encourage planning and applying ahead. Scholarships are a great way to help students achieve their goals, and are a form of financial aid, that does not need to be repaid.  Scholarships can be awarded by many different organizations, such as non-profits, businesses, foundations and colleges themselves. Student can receive them through being awarded for academic, atheltic, and artistic achievment, as well as other aspects. Promote National Scholarship Month with promotional writing utensils such as notebooks and pencils to get those creative juices flowing, since the majority of scholarship applications require an entry essay.  School officials can put up promotional flyers around school to remind students […]

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National Novel Writing Month

Every year, from November 1st to November 30th, everyone who has ever fantasized about writing a novel is encouraged to stop making excuses and start writing!  National Novel Writing Month  encourages writers of all skill levels to put their fear aside and write as much as possible.  The month stars and participants are given the goal of writing a 50,000-word novel by the end of the 30 days.  This contest is more about quantity than quality, so it helps people to get right into the thick of things! ePromos has a great selection of promotional merchandise that will help raise awareness about National Novel Writing Month. Our pencil-shaped stress balls are an obvious choice for any organizations that are looking to spread word about the program fast. Once people know about the event, encourage them to participate by making it as easy as possible. Distributing items like promotional pens and imprinted note […]

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International Calendar Awareness Month

International Calendar Awareness Month occurs in December and celebrates ethnic and religious diversity of the world.  This month recognizes the various holidays and special events from countries around the world. International Calendar Awareness Month serves to expand our knowledge of the different lifestyles we live around in our everyday life. With a well-rounded knowledge of international culture, you can help your brand appeal to a diverse set of consumers.  By utilizing ePromos’ promotional products, for example, giving away promotional corporate gifts instead of Christmas presents, you will open up other doors for everyone to be involved and not discriminated against.  Other great neutral gifts would be customized clocks, personalized phone chargers, and custom robes. For some other great promotional opportunities, check out our promotional calendar. Promote International Calendar Awareness Month with ePromos Promotional Products

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The Christmas Seal Campaign

“Put this stamp with message bright On every Christmas letter; Help the tuberculosis fight, And make the New Year better. These stamps do not carry any kind of mail but any kind of mail will carry them.” This very message was embossed on the very first Christmas Seal. The young NASPT, National Association for the Study and Prevention of Tuberculosis, could not financially support every sanatorium in the country. Many of these special hospitals that housed and help care for people effected by TB were barely able to even stay open. In 1907, Dr. Joseph Wales, a physician at Brandywine Sanatorium in Delaware, asked his cousin, Ms. Emily Bissell, for help.  Ms. Bissell was an active member of the American Red Cross and was ample woth experience in fund-raising. Her mission was to raise the $300 necessary to keep Brandywine Sanatorium in operation through the winter.  to reach her goal she designed and printed special holiday […]

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Cancer-Related Fatigue Awareness Month

December is Cancer-Related Fatigue Awareness Month. Cancer-related fatigue is a common side effect caused by the body’s fight against the illness and the body’s reaction to treatment. It is often overwhelming and turns simple tasks into difficult endeavors, so its so important to show support for those experiencing cancer-related fatigue. To learn more, or to make a donation to the American Cancer Society visit their website. Personalized blankets and custom pillows are two great ways to raise awareness about cancer-related fatigue, while providing comfort. Or our selection of custom aromatherapy kits provide a great way to relax without overexerting oneself. With thoughtful promotions such as these, you can raise awareness during Cancer-Related Fatigue Awareness Month with products that will be used again and again. For some other great promotional opportunities, check out our promotional calendar. Promote Cancer-Related Fatigue Awareness Month with ePromos Promotional Products

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Tolerance Week

Tolerance Week is a week of learning to accept others for their differences.  This week is mainly a time for school teachers, as well as parents, to talk with their children or students about anti-bullying policies and building tolerance. There are so many different types of bullying.  Sure, it is easy to identify the physical bully because you can actually witness the act happening but, there are other forms of bullying.  Gossiping, spreading rumors or lies, and most popular in today’s society, online bullying.  With the help of a computer screen, bullies can hide and make it difficult to receive consequences.  Parents, adults and role models of children come together during Tolerance Week to show a good example of being accepting of all type of people. Tolerance Week sometimes is held at school assemblies.  These assemblies will have guest speakers, movies, or even music to help people come together no matter their differences.  […]

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Universal Human Rights Month

This December, celebrate your right to peace, liberty and freedom with Universal Human Rights Month. Our human rights are the reason why we are able to live harmoniously with one another. The United Nations runs this even and even have all the clarifications of universal human rights on their website. Article 1 of the Declaration of Human Rights states that, “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.”  When respect is shown, it will be received and Universal Human Rights Month is really pushing that idea.  Simple rights, such as, voting, freedom of speech and rights to an attorney, help us, as human beings coexist. Promote love over hate and show pride for your rights this month with custom printed stickers, promotional magnets, screen printed bumper stickers, and […]

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Identity Theft Prevention and Awareness Month

Identity theft is one of the most serious and detrimental crimes that a person can be a victim of.  Identity theft can happen to anyone and the most common effect is unwanted debt. This December become educated on how to prevent and protect yourself from being a victim of identity theft. There are multiple ways that someone’s identity can be stolen. The most popular way is by getting your personal information stolen, such as your birth certificate or credit card statements.  With online shopping becoming more and more relevant, someone could also retrieve your credit card information after you have purchased something online. Whenever you use a credit card or your social security number your identity could at risk. However, there are ways that you can protect your identity, such as joining an Identity theft protection company. When it comes to identity theft, most people assume that it won’t happen to them, but you […]

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Learn A Foreign Language Month

Guten Tag! Apa kabar! Bouônjour! Ciao! Let ePromos help you celebrate the many languages of the world, as December is Learn a Foreign Language Month. Businesses are becoming more globalized, making it increasingly important to have a basic understanding of other languages and cultures. Whether its Mandarin Chinese or a Mohawk dialect, language is a fundamental part of the human experience, making all human interaction – including business transactions – meaningful and productive.  No one wants to be the ignorant foreigner! Read more about learning foreign languages at the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Language website. ePromos has the promotional products you need to celebrate Learn a Foreign Language Month. One way you can use promotional products is to say thank you to employees. For example, your company can give them a promotional universal cell phone charger, custom headphones for travel entertainment, or the perfect travel kit imprinted with your company […]

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National Aplastic Anemia Awareness Week

In 1986, President Regan declared the first week of December National Aplastic Anemia Awareness Week.  Aplastic anemia is a form of bone marrow disease where the body stops creating an efficient amount of red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets for the body to run it’s necessary process. The Aplastic Anemia & MDS International Foundation promotes awareness and aid for those who suffer with this disease all year long joining together with the National Organization for Rare Disorders (NORD) for special event. People with aplastic anemia tend to be very fatigued and their weak immune system ultimately can lead to greater health complications. Luckily, both the mild and severe cases of aplastic anemia are treatable, but the only way to make sure every person receives treatment is to spread the word and raise awareness/donate for research and marrow transplant. Whether or not you know someone who suffers from aplastic anemia, ePromos […]