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1st Saturday in May

Join Hands Day

Celebrate developing close relationships between young people and adults, with promotional products from ePromos! Join Hands Day (May 7th) is the perfect holiday for every company to participate in. Join Hands Day is the only national day of service that specifically targets the young and old working together through neighborhood volunteering. This day was created to bring people of all ages together in order to develop understanding and trust across the generations. Today, young people and adults work together to plan, organize, and implement the day’s volunteer activities, and learn more about each other. This Join Hands Day, advertise local volunteer opportunities with promotional products from ePromos! We have all the tools you’ll need to pull off a successful Join Hands Day promotion. To announce upcoming Join Hands Day events, there are many more unique items you can use besides fliers. A great way for children and adults to bond […]


Cinco de Mayo

Celebrating Cinco de Mayo is all about having fun. Make sure your customers have the time of their lives, and always remember your company’s name, with promotional products from ePromos! In the United States and other locations around the world, Cinco de Mayo (“the fifth of May” in Spanish) is observed as a date of Mexican heritage and pride. The date commemorates the victory of the Mexican militia over the French army at The Battle of Puebla in 1862. In Mexico, Cinco de Mayo is mainly celebrated as a regional holiday in the state capital city of Puebla. The holiday is not, as many people believe, the celebration of Mexico’s Independence Day (which is actually September 16). Ensure your company is the life of any Cinco de Mayo celebration with fun promotional bar accessories and shot glasses. Your customers can reminisce about their Cinco de Mayo parties all year round […]

All Month

National Osteoporosis Prevention Month

Turn to ePromos for help with your next osteoporosis prevention campaign! Osteoporosis is a serious problem that deserves recognition. According to the National Osteoporosis Foundation, there are 44 million Americans diagnosed with or at risk for the condition. Osteoporosis-related fractures are a major cause of illness and disability for elderly Americans, often resulting in hospitalization and subsequent care at home or in nursing facilities. This month is all about raising awareness of the simple steps that all individuals can take to improve and protect their bone health. ePromos offers a variety of bone-shaped items that will get your important message across to the public and make them smile. To help osteoporosis sufferers remember to take their calcium, try personalizing one of our promotional carabiners, logo carabiners, logo carabiner keyrings, and custom engraved carabiners. With over 9,000 products to choose from, your campaign is sure to be a hit no matter […]

All Month

National Physical Fitness and Sports Month

ePromos has all the promotional merchandise you’ll need for a successful National Physical Fitness and Sports Month this year! Our selection of high-quality promotional products can be used to raise awareness and encourage individuals to participate in events that promote health, physical activity, and overall fitness. If you are looking for a creative way to spread the word about National Physical Fitness and Sports Month, try a relevant item like a promotional pedometer that will encourage people to stay health-conscious. Other fun items like promotional frisbees and imprinted coolers will keep people outside and active all day long! If you’re looking for more ideas, we have an extensive selection of promotional outdoor and sports accessories that will do an excellent job of promoting your business and keeping your customers satisfied. Call ePromos today for more information about National Physical Fitness and Sports Month!  Try other popular items like promotional stress […]

All Month

Older Americans Month

National Older Americans Month was established in 1963; John F. Kennedy selected the month of May as “National Senior Citizens Month.” It wasn’t until 1980 that President Jimmy Carter designated it National Older American’s Month. Older Americans Month was established to recognize the elderly for their dedication to the country, especially those who served in the armed forces. Older American’s Month is celebrated through out the country through fairs, events, and other fun activities. Why not help out the elderly in your community with promotional products from ePromos? Many companies look to get involved with communities, it is great PR. Get a laugh, by distributing to all the grandma’s and grandpa’s in your community with promotional gel balls, promotional pillow balls, logo gel balls, and logo pillow balls. Try becoming a vendor at a local fair or seminar that is celebrating Older Americans this month. Older American’s Month is a […]


Teachers Appreciaton Day

Teachers make a difference, and ePromos’ wants to help you recognize the most important people in the classroom with great promotional items! The National Education Association describes Teachers Appreciation Day as, “a day for honoring teachers and recognizing the lasting contributions they make to our lives.” Although the exact origins of Teachers Appreciation Day are unclear, it wasn’t until 1953 when Eleanor Roosevelt convinced congress to recognize the first Teacher Appreciation Day. Unfortunately, this recognition was only for one day, and it took until 1985 for the first Tuesday in the first full week of May to become the current annual Teachers Appreciation Day on May 3rd. Now is your chance to thank the teachers at your school with customized promotional items. ePromos has a wide variety of promotional products that will be perfect for those classroom leaders. Check out our huge selection of promotional styluses, promotional multifunction pens, logo […]

2nd Week in May

Reading Is Fun Week

ePromos wants to help you celebrate Reading Is Fun Week from May 14th through the 20th with our huge selection of promotional products! Being able to read is a very important skill, and it is one that we should encourage others to learn. This is your opportunity to make a difference! Check out ePromos’ selection of promotional highlighters, logo highlighters, promotional highlighter pen combos, and custom printed highlighters. This is a great way to promote Reading Is Fun Week! Promotional book lights are great for promoting reading scary stories in the dark to children. You’ll motivate people to read, and you’ll recognize those who have made significant improvements. Make it fun see which students or even employees in your company can read the most books in a month. Don’t wait, support literacy today! With thousands of products to chose from, ePromos is the place to go for promotional items. Don’t […]

All Month

Clean Air Month

Having clean air is important to our health, and the rise of pollution throughout the world has made clean air harder and harder to find. Not having clean air has horrible effects on our lungs and hearts, so improving the quality of air is to everyone’s advantage. Promotional items are a great way to support this month.  Try using promotional corporate food gifts, promotional corporate gift baskets, custom cookie boxes, and corporate logo food gifts to raise awareness. Don’t wait, use promotional products to get the word out about Clean Air Month!  With thousands of products to chose from, ePromos is the place to go for promotional items. Don’t wait, call one of our representatives today! For more great promotional opportunities, see our promotional calendar! Promote Clean Air Month with ePromos Promotional Products

All Month

High Blood Pressure Education Month

High blood pressure prevention and control is a major public health challenge. National High Blood Pressure Month serves as a call to action for community planners to reinvigorate existing activities and start new ones. May is High Blood Pressure Education Month. Since 1974, this important event has been celebrated with a differing theme each year. Activities started during this month often continue throughout the year. ePromos has a quality selection of promotional items that can be used as part of an awareness and education campaign. Try giving out items like promotional phone cards, logo prepaid calling cards, custom printed phone cards, and promotional ringtone gift cards to engage the public and get them motivated to improve their health. Other items like promotional bumper stickers will allow people to show support for this important cause. As always, promotional items can be re-sold to generate charitable funds to go towards medical research. […]

1st Week in May

National Safe Kids Week

Promoting children’s safety is a stand everyone can get behind. This year, celebrate Safe Kids Week (first week in May) with promotional products from ePromos! Accidental injury is the leading killer of children ages one to 14. Combat this alarming statistic by doing your part to spread the word about how to best protect our youth! In 1987, Safe Kids, a global network of organizations whose mission is to prevent accidental childhood injury, and Johnson & Johnson, teamed up to launch the Safe Kids Worldwide Campaign. Part of this campaign included establishing an annual National Safe Kids Week, which now reaches millions of households every year. Thanks to this and other similar initiatives, there has been a 45 percent reduction in the child fatality rate from accidental injury in the United States alone, resulting in the saving of over 38,000 children’s lives. Keep your loved ones safe this week by […]

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All Month

Home Safety Month

The Home Safety Council and ePromos acknowledge June as Home Safety Month, an awareness event that takes steps toward making our homes safer. The HSC educates families through brochures and seminars about how to increase the safety of their homes. This can involve items like burglar alarms and home security systems, but this month is also dedicated to plain awareness. That’s why promotional products from ePromos can effectively supplement a safety marketing campaign. You can spread the message to your employees through a number of channels. Send out  promotional multi-tools, logo combo tools, promotional all-in-one tools, and custom multi tool pliers to encourage employees to make safer choices at home. Whatever the route to awareness is, ePromos and our unrivaled selection of products will be there to assist. For more great promotional opportunities, see our promotional calendar! Promote Home Safety Month with ePromos Promotional Products

All Month

Effective Communications Month

ePromos wants you to be able to communicate well with others. In June, we celebrate Effective Communications Month. This unique month focuses on enhancing people’s ability to relate and converse with others in any kind of way they might have trouble. It’s primary goal is to make all communicating parties feel as comfortable as possible. All people want to feel at ease when meeting or greeting someone new. They also want to become better listeners, speakers, writers, and talkers. It is horrible to feel like no one is listening to you or to feel like you’re dosing off while being spoken to. Effective Communications Month is a good time to take a time out to recognize and fix your communication issues. At ePromos, we have a wide selection of promotional items that can raise awareness about this important month! Get great items like personalized pens, promotional pens, logo pens, and […]

4th Week in June

Appreciate Your Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling Professionals Week

The Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors National Association (PHCC)  holds “appreciate your plumbing, heating, and cooling professionals week” every year, in fourth week in June.  This celebration gives people a chance to acknowledge the hard work and dedication put into the field.  PHCC tries to promote the safety and growth of all the employees of the plumbing and HVACR industry.  During the week, PHCC also takes the chance to educate the public about ways to avoid plumbing, heating, and cooling problems. By making a few simple changes, you can save money in repairs. To learn more about the PHCC visit their website! ePromos offers many promotional products that can help you recognize our plumbing, heating, and cooling professionals. Cool off with a promotional mini fan or an imprinted koozie. Or, keep things nice and warm with a custom insulated travel mug. For more great promotional opportunities, see our promotional calendar! Promote Appreciate Your Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling Professionals Week with ePromos […]

All Month

Cancer From The Sun Month

Don’t let a little burn turn into a big problem. During Cancer From The Sun Month, help make sure your clients and employees are practicing sun-safe habits with promotional products from ePromos! A little protection can go a long way. Skin cancer is the most common of all cancers, accounting for nearly half of all cancers in the United States. This month, The American Cancer Society stresses the need to educate the public on how to make informed personal decisions about sun-safety. The best ways to prevent skin cancer include: avoiding the sun between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., using sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher, wearing a hat when you’re outside, and seeking shade in mid afternoon when the sun’s rays are strongest. ePromos offers a huge variety of items that are perfect for advertising Cancer From The Sun Month! Remind people of this month with promotional […]

All Month

International Men’s Month

June is International Men’s Month. This program started in 1996 to raise the media’s and the public’s awareness of many unique issues that impact men’s lives today. These issues are of concern not only to men, but also to the people who love them. To promote positive changes in male roles and relationships, each day of the month addresses a different men’s issue, and different resources and information on that issue are available on the website. International Men’s Month offers a great opportunity to openly speak about deeply personal issues. It is a lesser known celebration that people need to pay more attention to. At ePromos, we have a wide selection of promotional items that will increase knowledge about International Men’s Week! Men will love promotional baseball cap, logo baseball hat, embroidered ball cap, and custom visor and they are a perfect way to promote the celebration! To plan a […]

Eye Ball Promo Stress Ball
All Month

Vision Research Month

ePromos wants everyone to be able to see all the wonderful things the world has to offer. That’s why we want to help you promote Vision Research Month this June. Our promotional products can help you raise awareness about eye health and vision research in hope of finding a cure for all dangerous eye disease. Vision Research Month was initiated by Prevent Blindness America and its mission is to assist in providing researchers with the resources they need to help preserve vision. More and more Americans are encountering sight problems as they age. ePromos wants to help you raise awareness for Vision Research month so that hopefully we can fix this growing problem. We have the all promotional items needed for Vision Research Month! We have a large selection of logo visor clips, printed parking permits, promotional visor pads, promotional visor clips offer a new and stylish way to make […]

All Month

National Tire Safety Month

The Rubber Manufacturers Association has declared June National Tire Safety Month in order to increase consciousness among drivers about proper tire care and maintenance. Over 19,000 tire dealers, auto dealers, and automotive repair shops participate in National Tire Safety Month each year in order to educate the public on the importance of properly maintained tires. Properly maintained tires help prevent accidents and breakdowns, so it’s important for everyone to be aware of tire safety to protect themselves and other drivers on the road. Show your employees and clients you take National Tire Safety Month seriously by providing them with useful promotional car sun shades, logo roller car shades, logo car sun shades, and promotional insulated car shades.  When used, not only will they remember the important lessons they learned during National Tire Safety month, but they’ll remember and appreciate your company’s concern for their well-being. For some other great promotional […]

All Month

Children’s Awareness Month

ePromos cares about children and their well being. The month of June is recognized as Children’s Awareness Month. Sponsored by the United States Department of Health and Human Services, Children’s Awareness Month focuses on educating people about how to create a safe environment for their kids. It’s primary goal is to have children being less exposed to violence and to make sure they don’t spend their time growing up emotionally scarred. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services wants you to think about why our prisons are so full and why kids are growing up and living a life of crime. We all want kids to enjoy their childhood and have a happy one and Children’s Awareness Month is the time to promote that with ePromos promotional products. We have a wide selection of promotional items that can raise awareness about this important month! Stock up on great items […]

All Month

Great Outdoors Month

June is the month for the sun. In 2004, President Bush proclaimed June: “Great Outdoors Month” in recognition of the increased activity of vacationers and adventures across the country around that time every year. This month is intended to promote physical activity and should be celebrated by everyone around the country by taking advantage of the gorgeous summer weather and going outside. Therefore, for the past 3 years, during the month of June, more people than ever have been taking vacations, having picnics, taking walks in the park, going to the beach, even doing extreme sports like rock climbing and hiking. With this in mind, companies can take advantage of this opportunity by supplying some of the products that go along with these activities.  Give customers promotional flip-flops, promotional sandal, logo socks, and custom printed shoelaces and watch them come back to your company for more of your products and […]

6/1 - 6/7

Sun Safety Week

ePromos is excited to help you and your customers celebrate Sun Safety Week, an important awareness event that was first observed in 2004. Sun Safety Week is organized by The Sun Safety Alliance, a non-profit organization dedicated to educating the public and showing them how they can adopt and practice safe sun protection. During Sun Safety Week, families are encouraged to learn more about sun protection methods and to actively use these methods to protect themselves and their families. Unfortunately, skin cancer is at a record high, so it is very important that people learn the risks of prolonged exposure to UV rays. To help raise awareness and promote proper sun protection, ePromos has a nice selection of promotional items. These items can be custom imprinted with your company’s name and logo to help advertise your business while also teaching people about the benefits of safe sun practices. An excellent […]

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All Month

Be Kind to Editors and Writers Month

At ePromos, we appreciate the creativity and knowledge that writers and editors provide us with. That’s why we want to help you recognize Be Kind to Editors and Writers Month this September. Our promotional products can help you bring much-deserved attention to the imaginative minds that put stories together more beautifully than we ever could. Be Kind to Editors and Writers Month is a time to show any writer you may know how much you value their hard work and devotion. It is hard to imagine a world without editors and writers. It would be dull and boring and it would be nearly impossible to know what’s going on in the world or be entertained. ePromos has all the promotional products for Be Kind to Editors and Writers Month that are a perfect way to show them gratitude and praise their creativity! Thank writers and editors at your place of […]

All Month

Ovarian Cancer Month

Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month takes place in September and aims to educate people about one of the most deadly cancers among women. Unfortunately, many women do not seek medical attention until the disease has spread, and this window of time helps expose women to the detrimental effects which result from not being aware of the condition’s symptoms. Ovarian Cancer is a cancerous growth arising from arising from an ovary and most commonly forms in the outer lining of the ovary. Known as the fifth leading cause of death from cancer among women, its most prominent symptoms include bloating, pelvic or abdominal pain, difficulty eating, and urinary urgency. What’s most important about this condition is that if it is detected at its earliest stage, there is a five-year survival rate occurring approximately 93% of the time. With ePromos, you can educate consumers of this fact and other Ovarian Cancer statistics by […]

All Month

National Sickle Cell Month

The Sickle Cell Disease Association of America (SCDAA) has named September National Sickle Cell Awareness Month. September is known as “back to school’ month, and the SCDAA has dedicated this time period to host month long events to educate people about the disease and have fundraising activities to find better treatments. Sickle Cell Anemia is a condition in which the body makes “sickle-shaped” or “c” shaped red blood cells, which inhibits the travel of these cells throughout the body. These sickle cells are sticky and tend to form clumps in the blood vessels, blocking blood flow to limbs and organs which causes organ damage and serious infection. ePromos has a unique set of promotional products which can be used for Sickle Cell Awareness Month. For example, your business can give away imprinted t-shirts which remind people to participate in the fight against Sickle Cell Anemia while also making your company […]

All Month

Healthy Aging Month

This September is Healthy Aging Month, and ePromos wants to help recognize this very important occasion. America’s population, as a whole, has grown older over the past century. Life expectancy has increased, and the quality of life for America’s oldest citizens has grown as well. This is something to celebrate. The main objective for Healthy Aging Month is to encourage local level Healthy Aging events. This is where ePromos’ huge selection of fitness related promotional products could really be helpful. Whether you are sponsoring or organizing a run, walk, or bike ride, ePromos has a promotional product that is just right for Healthy Aging Month. For example, imprinted water bottles are a great giveaway for any Healthy Aging Month activity. It encourages people to get outside and enjoy being fit. Another excellent product is ePromos’ promotional pedometer. It’s a great way to keep track of how much exercise you’ve done, […]

All Month

Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Month

We here at ePromos care deeply about gynecologic cancer awareness. The Women’s Cancer Network uses September as Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Month to heighten awareness of both gynecological cancers and the importance of screening and early detection. All types of gynecologic cancers can be prevented and it is important that people know what precautions that can be taken against these illnesses. ePromos promotional products can be used to help people get involved in raising awareness about this month. Great healthcare related products are sure to help bring attention to any medical cause. Other great products that correlate with this cause include promotional first aid kits that can be imprinted with anything to help people remember the risk of serious illness when they suffer a minor injury. Check out our huge selection of hot new imprinted awareness bracelets.These stylish items will have people promoting your cause on their wrist everyday. Using promotional […]

All Month

Craniofacial Acceptance Month

September is Craniofacial Acceptance Month, in which we recognize all those who must cope with various craniofacial disorders, and the organizations that support them. Craniofacial disorders are facial and skull shape abnormalities brought about by birth defect, disease, or trauma. While craniofacial conditions are physical deformities that can hinder one from performing tasks, such as chewing speaking, those inflicted are also susceptible to social issues because of their inability to conform to “normal” facial features. However, modern medicine and new surgery procedures can be very helpful in improving certain conditions. It is imperative that you recognize the importance of this month by showing that you understand and care about those who struggle with craniofacial disorders. With promotional ribbons and awareness bracelets imprinted with your company name and logo you can rally your staff behind a great cause and demonstrate your company’s commitment to meaningful issues outside of the office. These […]

All Month

College Savings Month

College isn’t getting any cheaper, so let ePromos help you promote College Savings Month with our great selection of promotional products! This September is an excellent time for you to consider some serious economic realities. The cost of tuition has increased on average by 8% every year for the past 25 years. That means that a child born today will face college costs that are three to four times more expensive than current price. ePromos has a great selection of promotional products that are perfect for College Savings Month. You might want to consider our selection of promotional piggy banks if you really want to get the point across. Saving money will never seem easier! If you want customers to relieve some stress, imprinted stress balls are an excellent choice. The stress balls will promote College Savings Month, and help people relax at the same time. Parents and Students will […]

All Month

National Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month

National Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month is an annual observance that takes place during the month of September. It highlights the social benefits of substance abuse treatment, praises the efforts of treatment providers, and promotes the idea that recovery from any form of substance abuse is possible. This month also encourages citizens to improve the accessibility of substance abuse treatment and provide assistance to any of those in need. Not only does Recovery Month serve as a means of educating people about the impact of substance abuse as a national health crisis, but it also helps people understand that how it impacts the affected individual’s families and friends. Educating people by observing National Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month will help reduce the stigma associated with addiction and treatment and provides an opportunity for treatment providers to celebrate their accomplishments and successes in helping thousands of Americans reassimilate following […]

9/11 - 9/17

National Emergency Preparedness Week

ePromos has a vast selection of promotional items that will help people plan for future emergencies during National Emergency Preparedness Week, celebrated from September 11-17. In modern times, it’s very important to be constantly prepared for all types of emergency situations. Local and federal organizations use this important week to educate families on how they can be prepared for a variety of scenarios. This means teaching them how to create evacuation plans, put together emergency kits, and learn basic survival skills. To help people plan during National Emergency Preparedness Week, ePromos has a large selection of ready-to-use products that will help in any type of emergency situation. Giveaway ice scrapers, promotional ice scrapers, imprinted ice scrapers, and logo ice scrapers that can help someone who is on the road when an emergency situation unfolds. Call ePromos today to learn how you can play it safe with promotional products! For some other […]

All Month

National Food Safety Education Month

Insuring the safety of everyone’s food is important to ePromos. Since 1996, September has been recognized as National Food Safety Education Month. Started by the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation, the goals of this Month are to reinforce food safety education and training among restaurant and food-service workers and to educate the public to handle and prepare food properly at home, where food safety is equally important. Each year, National Food Safety Education Month has featured a different theme that will help keep food safe and establishments sanitized. National Food Safety Education Month is used as a tool to encourage people to enforce rules of safety around food. You can use ePromos promotional products to help showcase your particular commitment to food safety education and training. Our huge selection of promotional bucket hats, promotional sun hats, logo fishing hats, and custom bucket hats are excellent to both help promote your […]

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2nd Thursday in October

Emergency Nurses Week

Emergency nurses are trained to recognize and to treat life-threatening traumas on the spot. They work in emergency rooms, ambulances, urgent care, air medical helicopters, and stadiums. They face stressful medical situations every day; yet return to work the next day to provide vital assistance to the sick, dying, and injured again and again. With such an important, stressful job it’s paramount to thank and recognize these emergency life-savers during Emergency Nurses Week for all the hard work they do. Emergency Nurses Week is designed to celebrate the nursing professionals that do an extraordinary job of bringing care, comfort, and compassion to their patients’ lives every year. Emergency Nurse Day originated in Australia in 1989. The Emergency Nurses Association sponsored it and brought it stateside for a full week so we could all celebrate it. Now during every second week in October, we take the time to honor the dedication […]

10/4 - 10/10

World Space Week

World Space Week is an international celebration of science and technology. It is celebrated each year from October 4-10, commemorating two important events: the launch of the first human-made satellite, and the signing of the Treaty on Principles Governing the Activities of States in the Exploration and Peaceful Uses of Outer Space. World Space Week is designed to raise awareness about the benefits of space exploration, as well as promote institutions around the world that are involved in this important industry.  The UN started the week in 1999 and even today, everyone from high school science teachers to celebrities get involved in the celebration. ePromos has a wide selection of promotional products that can be used during World Space Week. Promotional space shuttle stress balls can be an awesome giveaways for both kids and adults.  Create a business or school wide Space Week contest and make great employee incentive items […]

All Month

LGBT History Month

LGBT History Month is held in October to commemorate the first two gay pride marches on Washington, occurring in both 1979 and 1987. LGBT stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender. Rodney Wilson, a history teacher in Missouri, started the event in 1994 as a reaction to the lack of gay and lesbian history in educational textbooks. During the month of October, we reflect back on gay and lesbian history, as well as educate the public about current issues facing the LGBT community. ePromos can help you show your  pride and support with our wide variety of promotional products. Take advantage of our rainbow colored items from ePromos.  Another idea for this month are promotional items to raise awareness like promotional pins.  Employees can wear them around the office or students could put on their backpacks. With a unique imprint and high functionality, it is sure to catch people’s attention! Call an ePromos Promotions […]

All Month

Halloween Safety Month

Halloween is generally associated with crazy costumes and buckets of candy, however,there are also many safety issues that need to be taken care of to make sure children continue to have fun. Halloween Safety Month is not just a time to educate kids to be careful, but parents and other adults as well. For example, drivers are warned to drive more slowly and watch out for kids on the streets. Parents are also taught to make sure their child’s costume is safe and flame resistant. And, as usual, children are taught to only go to houses they are familiar with. Pass out promotional glow stick lanyards to kids and parents around Halloween.  The children will love them and think their fun while their parents will be appreciative of your safety measurements. Another safety hazard many people do not think about are fires.  Instead of placing a lite candle in your jack-o-lantern why […]

All Month

Family Health Month

Throughout the month of October, the American Academy of Family Physicians encourages all families to participate in Family Health Month. This month-long campaign is designed to help every family member take a closer look at their overall health and discover new ways to live a healthy lifestyle. By taking a personal health inventory that analyzes your current diet, fitness, stress levels, health hazards, diseases, and alcohol and tobacco use, you can get a much better idea of what needs to be done to improve your health. Physicians nationwide are available to offer professional advice about how to achieve your fitness goals. It is sometimes very difficult to start a healthier lifestyle by yourself, that is why during October families are encouraged to do it together, as a team.  Start having family sit-down dinners together.  No TV or cell phones allowed.  When the family is conversing at the table, it allows […]

All Month

Polish American Heritage Month

Polish American Heritage Month was first celebrated in 1981 in Pennsylvania. Michael Blichasz, a Philadelphia resident and fourth generation Polish American, created the holiday to bring to the forefront the strong pride he believed all Polish Americans should have. Polish American Heritage Month was a huge success in Philadelphia, and in 1986 it was made into a national holiday. Blichasz initially celebrated the holiday in August, but it was moved to October to allow school children to take part in the month long celebration. Let ePromos help you show your appreciation for all Polish Americans in your life!  Promotional picnic supplies and custom printed outdoor blankets are great for family outings or company picnics that have all of your favorite Polish food.  Handing out custom flower pots as a thank you gift is perfect especially with the weather getting colder.  Whichever way you celebrate, make sure you thank all the Polish people in your […]

All Month

German American Heritage Month

Every October is German American Heritage Month, and ePromos wants to help you celebrate with our fantastic selection of promotional products. German-Americans have had a huge impact on American society. Famous writers, actors, inventors, and entrepreneurs of German origin have all left their mark on America’s cultural and economic landscape. The holiday originated in 1987 and honors the arrival of 13 German families who established the first German settlement on American soil over 300 years ago. This families later built the Philadelphia community now known as Germantown. To celebrate this significant contribution, check out ePromos’ selection of promotional glow balls, promotional bouncing balls, logo super balls, and custom bouncing balls.  These items can be imprinted with messages of German American Heritage Month and company names. Having your own Oktoberfest?!? Make sure you have promotional beer mugs and drink ware.  Bringing together a community or business in an event like this allows […]

All Month

Head Start Awareness Month

Head Start was created in 1965, and is currently the most successful (and longest-running) national education program for small children of low-income families. Since 1965, over 25 million children have been better prepared for regular school then they would have been otherwise. Not only does Head Start provide education, but it also helps families with health, nutrition, and involvement services. During the month of October, we celebrate the program as well as the teachers and administrators who keep it running.  Head Start’s approach is that not only is the teacher educating but, so are the parents and family as a unit.  The learning does not need to stop at the class room door. Over the past four decades, in all of the 50 states, Head Start has touched the lives of more than 250,000 low-income preschool children and families. Let ePromos help your company support this great program with promotional products.  At any type […]

3rd Week in October

Teen Read Week

According to the National Assessment of Adult Literacy Survey, over 40 million Americans age 16 and older have significant literacy needs. Help raise awareness, and ultimately lower this alarming statistic, with promotional products from ePromos. Showing your supporting Teen Read Week is a great way to start! Teen Read Week has been celebrated every year during the third week of October since 1998. Administered by the Young Adult Library Services Association, a division of the American Library Association, Teen Read Week is a national literacy initiative aimed at teens, their parents, librarians and educators. The goals of the week are to encourage teens to make time to read for the fun of it, use libraries to discover their interests, and participate in events at their school or public libraries. Convincing teens to visit the library may seem like a daunting task. But with unique promotional products from ePromos, even moody […]

10/6 - 10/12

Physicians Assistant Week

Celebrate Physicians Assistant Week with promotional products from ePromos! Since the first physician assistants graduated from Duke University in 1967, this profession has become vital to the way that healthcare systems are run. As of 2007, there are more than 60,000 physician’s assistants helping patients with medical and surgical services. The popularity of this beneficial profession is currently spreading world-wide as well. During this week in October, community activities that feature physicians assistants are held by hospitals and educational institutions to promote awareness of these skillful professionals. ePromos has a wide variety of promotional products to help you celebrate Physicians Assistant Week. One great way to say thank you to your physicians assistant is by gifting promotional popcorn tins.  These inexpensive giveaways can be imprinted with your company logo and will be enjoyed by P.A. and their families. A great gift to give to anyone in the medical field is always customized hand […]

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1st Week in November

National Family Week

National Family Week originated in Canada where the week was sent in date to have families come together and have fun while building a strong bond.  Ronald Reagan started the week celebration on November 19, 1987.    It is held the same week as Thanksgiving and is organized by the Alliance for Children and Families. Family is an important part of many people’s lives, and it is one of the central organizing principles of our society. The importance of family cannot be too stressed, so it is fitting that a whole week is given to celebrating the importance of family. To have the best possible National Family Week use customized t-shirts.  It is a great choice for any type of event you are planning on holding to recognize and unify families! Apparel is always reused so it is a great article of advertising for your company. Another excellent product that can promote National […]

1st Week in November

National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week

Each year during the first full week of November, get your  involved in National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week.  There are so many things humans can do to help our furry feline and canine friends.  Help out our local Humane Society through a donation that goes to feeding and caring for the shelter pets.  If you are unable to help out financially stop by and donate your time!  Most volunteers will help clean, feed and exercise the animals.  It would be a great activity to do as a family or even with some friends.  However you chose to help,  make sure to promote the invaluable role that shelters play in our communities, as well as increase public awareness of animal welfare issues and shelter services. ePromos has the purrrrfect promotional items to help you get the word out about National Animal Shelter week.  A great gift to give out to the volunteers during their donated hours are promotional water […]

All Month

Lung Cancer Awareness Month

Every November, we recognize Lung Cancer Awareness Month. Lung cancer is currently the leading cause of cancer deaths in both American men and women. During this month, the goal is to educate the public about the dangers of smoking, as well as the other causes of lung cancer, such as radon gas and second-hand smoke. Initiatives, such as the Great American Smokeout, are a chance to get people to quit smoking. People are also encouraged to get the levels of radon gas in their homes and offices checked. One of the events you could get involved in this November is the Shine a Light on Lung Cancer Vigil.  This event is the largest lung cancer awareness event that takes place on over three continents. ePromos has promotional products that can help your company raise awareness of this vital cause.  Give out personalized notepads at your Shine a Light on Lung […]

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Long Term Care Awareness Month

In 2007, Congress established November as Long Term Care Awareness Month.  This month provides a time to highlight the importance of planning for coverage of long term care.  Long term care is a little different then medical care.  Long term care is considered the aid in certain everyday activities such as eating, bathing, cleaning, cooking, etc. This type of care is mostly seen in an assisted living center of some sort. With the ageing populating and the rising costs of health care, it’s more important than ever to be knowledgeable about long term care and to begin planning for it– and to encourage your employees to do the same. At ePromos, we’ll have everything you need to promote Long Term Care Awareness Month and raise health conciousness among your employees and co-workers.  Any product from our healthcare promotional products category would make an appropriate promotional handout.  You could also try distributing refrigerator […]

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National Adoption Month

National Adoption Month is celebrated every November to honor the parents who give children loving homes and to try and get more qualified parents to adopt.  Tens of thousands of children are in foster care waiting to become part of something special, a family. National Adoption Month had it’s start way back in 1976 but, it did not become nationally recognized until 1990 to the level it is at today.  Now, states to small communities to public and private organizations to businesses and news stations, people come together to celebrate adoption as part of the family building process. Across the nation families can hold activities and dinners to put a spotlight on the needs of children who need permanent homes.  Even if just one child is adopted, the event is an immediate success. ePromos has the promotional products you need to spread awareness of National Adoption Month helping you or your company create the […]

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International Creative Child and Adult Month

This November add creativity into your life, with International Creative Child and Adult Month. Use this time to expand your imagination as well as your child’s by promoting different types of artistic creativity. By painting a picture every so often or taking a dance class, you are stepping out of your boundaries and helping your mind gain more experience and knowledge. Not only does it switch up your normal daily routine, but a lot of people find creative projects to be relaxing and stress relieving. Use this time to bond with your children and get involved in something you all can enjoy.  Baking, dancing, arts and crafts, really anything that makes you use the right side of your brain. Give out promotional art supplies to help families get their art juices flowing.  Host a family dance-a-thon and let families show up in team uniforms.  They will dance the night away while […]



Diwali is a prominent festival among the Hindus which celebrates good over evil within an individual. The festival extends five continuous days, with the third day acting as the main Diwali or “Festival of Lights.” Lights and fireworks are always associated with this holiday; diyas and candles surround most Hindu households throughout the week. Lakshmi Puja is performed in the evening to seek divine blessings from the Goddess of Wealth and Diwali gifts are exchanged among loved ones. Help your business differentiate itself by celebrating this ecstatic holiday with ePromos! We can provide you with our promotional award gifts, employee recognition gifts, custom plaque gifts, and promotional trophy gifts so your customers can celebrate Diwali in style. It’s time to Let consumers know that you are a cultured, caring business that is dedicated to improving the lifestyle of its customers, so call ePromos today! For some other great promotional opportunities, […]

1st Week in November

Dear Santa Letter Week

Half the excitement and fun of the holiday season is the actual build up to December 25th.  The one most exciting thing about the pre-Christmas season is the wait for Santa Clause! Dear Santa Letter Week allows children to send their letters to Santa with enough time for him to prep all the gifts (or coal) he needs to make sure everyone’s holiday is special.  This is a awesome week is for families to get into the holiday spirit, as well as an excellent time to merge the home life with the office life. Hang a promotional holiday stocking in the office and have employees put in their requests to better the office.  Employees could ask for anything from Cool Ranch Doritos in the snack machine to casual dress Fridays.  This is a cool idea for employees to ask for small, comfortable changes in the office and even maybe receive their holiday wish. Another great way to lighten […]

Educational Support Personnel Day

Every year, a day in November is designated National Educational Support Personnel Day to recognize and focus attention on the support of educational assistants, substitute teachers, clerical and technical employees, custodians and food service workers. Thanksgiving will be around the corner so start your thanking early and thank your support personnel. National Education Support Professionals Day was first celebrated in 1987.  The National Education Association’s Representative Assembly called for the creation of the day as a way to thank school support staff.  These workers assist to your children’s learning by helping create a safe and successful learning environment in schools. For your support personnel that are constantly present in your school, like custodians and clerical employees, thank them with promotional alarm clocks to remind them that they are special every morning.  You could also have all the students sign a piece of paper which ePromos can transfer the signatures onto a soft personalized blanket.  […]

All Month

Family Stories Month

November is the perfect month to recognize the traditional pastime of sharing family stories as we spend time with loved ones to give thanks and enjoy home-based festivities. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) officially recognizes Family Stories Month through its Food and Nutrition Service department with the aspiration to revive the cherished practice of storytelling. Family stories can be anything from tales about past relatives to places and events special to the members of our immediate family or their ancestors.  Social media and cell phones seem to have replaced family time and story telling.  Many families are communicating less and less lately and Family Stories Month is a great way to start off on a new foot.  Have your family sit down for dinner every night, no TV, no cell phones, and share a story.  Have one person share at a time about their favorite family memory.  its a time for parents […]

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