Parents Day Marketing and Promotional Ideas for Your Brand

While most are familiar with Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, some may be unaware of Parent’s Day – a celebration created to recognize the sacrifices and hard work of parents everywhere. Held annually on the fourth Sunday in July, this day celebrates parents from all walks of life. The wisdom and lessons taught to us by our parents stay with us regardless of age. Thanks to this celebration, your organization can come up with countless ideas for ways to promote your brand while giving thanks to parents everywhere.

Since 1994, Parents Day provides the perfect chance to recognize all that our parents – and parental figures – do for their children on a regular basis. The work of these selfless individuals helps in creating a better society for years to come. If your school administrative office or after school program wants to celebrate parents, consider some of our ideas to help say “thanks!”

Family-friendly Fun in the Sun

Because Parents Day falls in the thick of summer, it’s only best to take advantage of the summer weather! If your office still operates or holds classes and other functions throughout the summer months, consider holding events such as a barbecue or block party. Invite parents and children to play games, relax, and spend time together. Also, set up a special “Parents Only” space to give moms and dads their own time-out zone! Summer and family fun always make for a winning combination.

Parent/Child Scavenger Hunt

If you’re looking for a more competitive type of event to host, creating a parent/child scavenger hunt brings friendly competition and a great bonding opportunity together into one.  Make a list of clues to locations where you (or your team) have hidden items, and parent/child teams must then find as many as they can in a given time. You can hide individual custom items, or you can also hide packs of multiple items, such as gift bags.

DIY T-Shirt Design

No matter your age, everyone loves t-shirts. For Parents Day, allow kids to decorate one t-shirt with a favorite memory of their parents, or whatever other illustration they think of. Handmade gifts are often the best to give to parents. Allowing children to express themselves in showing love and thanks for their guardians is not only beautiful, but uplifting as well.

Create “Take a Break” Packs

Most parents are constantly on call, and would agree that breaks are few and far between. While sleeping may be considered as such, parents are always on the go. Help kids create small packets of healthy snacks, portable board games, a stress ball, or other small gifts to create a “take a break” pack. This package can help parents take a small respite from the everyday stresses of parenting. Not only do parents get well-deserved relief, but they’ll feel elated knowing their children helped put it together!

Words of Encouragement

When times get tough, hearing the right words at the right time can reverse our moods and help us to push forward. For parents, words of encouragement can make a world of a difference. Instruct children to write positive messages to give to their parents, in a card, construction paper, or other artsy medium that might be displayed at work or home. Positive reinforcement is a wonderful thing, and when it comes from one’s own children, it means so much more.


Celebrate the Hard Work of Parents Everywhere & Increase Brand Exposure

Parents spend their entire lives making sure their children are successful and ready to take on the world. Parents Day seeks to showcase the heart and soul of parents from every corner of the globe.

As is the case with parents and the work they put into raising children, your brand should also put in the hard work to get noticed. It’s easy to get involved in your community, and that much more simple to incorporate promotional materials into your branding strategy. Meet with your marketing team to plan for the perfect celebration to recognize families while improving perception of your brand.