President's DayEvery third Monday of February, we all enjoy a day off for Presidents Day. This day was originally set aside in commemoration of George Washington’s birthday. According to the calendar that was used in his time, his birthday was February 11th. However, according to the modern day Gregorian calendar, his birthday is actually February 22nd. Eventually, a law was passed making the official observance of the holiday the third Monday of every February. Now we know George Washington’s birthday simply as Presidents Day. Throughout the passage of time, Presidents Day also came to commemorate Abraham Lincoln’s birthday as well.

President’s Day symbolizes the appreciation and gratitude we have for George Washington, who helped lead America to victory during the Revolutionary War, and Abraham Lincoln, who played a critical role in changing our nation’s future with his leadership in the American Civil War as well as his efforts in the abolition of slavery. Do not let this just be another day that falls by the wayside as merely a day off from work; instead, celebrate what the holiday truly stands for. ePromos has plenty of promotional message pens, logo message pens, message pen giveaways, and custom message pens that are well-suited for the celebration of President’s Day.

Promos, incentives, apparel and giveaways are an excellent vehicle to raise awareness for Presidents Day and the true meaning of the holiday. They also serve as year-round reminders of the importance of Washington’s and Lincoln’s contributions to our great country. Our imprinted products allow you to hand out reminders with your own custom message.

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