PurimCome celebrate a fun and exciting holiday called Purim on March 7th and 8th! It’s a great story of triumph and believing in oneself. Purim is celebrated by Jews across the world every year to remember what happened to their people. This holiday symbolizes the strength and adversity of the Jewish people, so why not celebrate with them by giving them a great promotional gift. Let’s all celebrate together to promote diversity in the workplace and pay tribute to the beliefs of your employees and clients. Show your employees and clients that you care about their beliefs and religious views by helping in the celebration. Throw a great party to celebrate and everyone will remember you for giving out such great promotional products.

Give your employees or clients promotional bag clips, promotional chip clips, logo bag clips, or logo magnetic clips.  When the Megillah is read you can help make the noise and promote your company at the same time!

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Promote Purim with ePromos Promotional Products