Roots and Branches MonthJuly is Roots and Branches Month! This month isn’t rooted in environmental causes, but it promotes the study of genealogy, the study of family history. Roots and Branches Month encourages people to take the time to reflect on their heritage and ponder about their futures by constructing family trees.

Companies often celebrate and reward the growth employees experience after milestone occasions, but you should take this opportunity to encourage employees to celebrate their past, present, and future with their families. Reward your staff with a break by planning a promotional event to celebrate this month. Bookstores can take advantage of Roots and Branches Month with popular giveaways like promotional luggage tags, logo bag tags, logo luggage identification, and custom luggage tags. You can supplement these giveaways with family themed events to promote stronger family values and give staff members an opportunity to foster a stronger sense of camaraderie.

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