Save Your Vision MonthSave Your Vision Month educates the public about the importance of getting comprehensive eye examinations regularly in order to preserve the vision. Not only can taking the time to protect the health of your eyes reduce the risk of vision loss, but going for a routine eye exam can help detect systemic and chronic diseases like diabetes. So how are you going to promote Save Your Vision Month?

Save Your Vision Month is definitely not about eating immense amounts of carrots and avoiding sun light! This health month even goes beyond optometrists telling their clients to get their annual eye exam. Your company can help build momentum around eye health for your employees throughout this month-long observance. Did you know that the UV radiation from the sunlight can be extremely damaging to the eyes potentially causing long term problems like cataracts? Why not promote Save Your Vision Month by giving out promotional UV protective sunglasses.

Save Your Vision Month does not only target at-risk groups; everyone at any age can benefit from regular comprehensive eye exams in order to promote healthy eyes!

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