According to the National Assessment of Adult Literacy Survey, over 40 million Americans age 16 and older have significant literacy needs. Help raise awareness, and ultimately lower this alarming statistic, with promotional products from ePromos. Showing your supporting Teen Read Week is a great way to start!

Teen Read Week has been celebrated every year during the third week of October since 1998. Administered by the Young Adult Library Services Association, a division of the American Library Association, Teen Read Week is a national literacy initiative aimed at teens, their parents, librarians and educators. The goals of the week are to encourage teens to make time to read for the fun of it, use libraries to discover their interests, and participate in events at their school or public libraries.

Convincing teens to visit the library may seem like a daunting task. But with unique promotional products from ePromos, even moody teenagers will get excited about reading! Distribute promotional phone chargers and encourage teens to pug them in an outlet far away from their reading area.  With their cell phones out of sight, they will be out of mind and distraction free.

Hold a school wide contest.  The person that can read the most pages during the week can received a off campus lunch or school parking spot.  To keep their juices flowing while reading hand out custom packs of gum and mints.  Studies show that the smell of spearmint  helps keep a person’s attention.

Support teenagers in their efforts to better themselves through reading! Call ePromos today for all your Teen Read Week promotional needs!

Promote Teen Read Week with ePromos Promotional Products