Thyroid Awareness MonthThe thyroid gland is an important element in the endocrine system that is used in the body’s metabolism. Without a healthy thyroid, the body could not harvest energy and consequently could not produce significant components of the cells like protein. For Thyroid Awareness Month, it is imperative to learn about preserving the health of the thyroid.

One common cause of thyroid disease is smoking hence a non profit organization could promote their “Quit Smoking” campaign while building awareness about the thyroid. Rather than giving out the conventional awareness bracelets or pens, give a reminder that really signifies any of the great ways to prevent thyroid disorder like promotional bottled water! Sounds odd right? But the fluoride in tap water can trigger or worsen the risk thyroid problems. Also, a healthy diet and exercise can reduce the chance of thyroid problems so promoting prevention with health themed items is another great promo venture.

Educate your clients or employees about thyroid disease this Thyroid Awareness Month.

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