Tolerance Week is a week of learning to accept others for their differences.  This week is mainly a time for school teachers, as well as parents, to talk with their children or students about anti-bullying policies and building tolerance.

There are so many different types of bullying.  Sure, it is easy to identify the physical bully because you can actually witness the act happening but, there are other forms of bullying.  Gossiping, spreading rumors or lies, and most popular in today’s society, online bullying.  With the help of a computer screen, bullies can hide and make it difficult to receive consequences.  Parents, adults and role models of children come together during Tolerance Week to show a good example of being accepting of all type of people.

Tolerance Week sometimes is held at school assemblies.  These assemblies will have guest speakers, movies, or even music to help people come together no matter their differences.  If you use promotional products during these events, you could help your educational institution make Tolerance Week truly successful.

Some promo items sure to be loved by customers, students, and employees include promotional pencils, custom stress ball key chains, and  personalized beach balls for the students to toss around before the assembly begins.

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