Vegan MonthSeptember is Vegan Month, and promotional products from ePromos are the perfect way to celebrate! Vegan Month is a great opportunity to educate the public about veganism, and promote vegan related events. Being vegan means that you do not consume or use animal products of any kind. Approximately 4 percent of adult Americans consider themselves vegetarians. Of the reported vegetarians, 5 percent consider themselves vegan.

Being vegan is not easy, but ePromos has the right products to help you recognize this month-long event! The vegan regiment cuts out a lot of foods, and eating out at restaurants can be tricky for people following this diet. To find some great vegetarian and vegan restaurants, promotional Zagat Surveys for America’s Best Restaurants are an excellent product to help promote Vegan month and find yummy vegan eats as well! A lot of vegans cook for themselves to avoid accidentally ingesting animal products, and promotional hot sauces are a great way to spice up the flavors! The vegan diet is a great way to de-tox one’s body of various preservatives and hormones found in meat and dairy products, and ePromos has a great variety of promotional teas to help you on your path to detoxification!

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Promote Vegan Month with ePromos Promotional Products