Workplace Eye Safety MonthWorkplace Eye Safety Month is about preventing eye injury at the workplace. Have you scoped out potential dangers that could cause temporary or permanent eye impairment? By taking sufficient steps to prevent eye injury this Workplace Eye Safety Month, you can protect your employees from damaging their eyes!

Even if you work in front of the computer all day or work in the construction industry, eye problems can be obtained at the workplace. Some common causes of eye injury or eye strain are flying objects, particles, chemicals, exposure to excessive bright lighting, and computer vision syndrome. Both workers and employers can take the proper steps to reduce the risk of eye problems. If you work at an office, you may sit in front of a computer for the majority of your day. Doing eye relief exercises, using proper lighting, minimizing glare, and upgrading your computer display/monitor are just some steps that can be taken to prevent eye strain and fatigue to decrease work errors and increase productivity. If you work in landscaping or construction eliminating hazards before you start work and using proper safety equipment like eye protection will help to decrease your chances of eye injury that could result in temporary decrease in vision, blindness, or something worse.  Remind people at your workplace with items like personalized pens, promotional pens, logo pens, and custom pens.For more great promotional opportunities, see our promotional calendar!

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