World Healing Day is a time in which people of all religions and ethnicities come to practice harmony and wholeness.  John and Jan Price spiritual leaders and founders of the Quartus Foundation named the first World Healing Day on December 31, 1986.  Then and now, spiritual communities around the globe have come together in the name of world peace through the calmness and serenity of meditation and prayer. The day was created in order to unite people under the common bond of love.

At noon, Eastern Time, people all over the world still come together in hopes of spreading their own thoughts and feelings towards world peace. No matter your religion, or lack there of, a moment of silence to reflect, think, or pray is encouraged wherever you are.  This event can be completed individually but, it is highly encouraged to participate with others of all different races, ethnicities, and religious types.

Help spread the idea of peace and harmony to everyone around you, such as friends, family and co-workers. Use promotional candles, aromatherapy, and incents to help set the stage for perfect tranquility.  Put your logo on promotional blankets to lay out throughout the event.   The more world peace is discussed and shown, the more likely we will be to achieve it.


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