This year, ePromos can help you get prepared for action and education during World Rainforest Week. During this important week, each day has a different theme which inspires political and personal action, all of which help to save our planet’s most diverse ecosystems. We are losing nearly 40 million acres of rain forest each year, a problem that must be dealt with soon before its too late.

The most important part of World Rainforest Week is raising awareness about the destruction of our Mother Earth so that people can begin to take action against its perpetrators.  The rainforest is one of the most unique places on the planet acting as a home for so many different life forms.

To help bring the destruction of our rainforests to the forefront of discussion, ePromos stocks a wide variety of promotional products that can also double as fundraising items. A great way to promote protecting the rainforest are with fun snacks!  Make dirt dessert and put them in promotional plastic cups with World Rainforest Week imprinted on them. It is a great item to sell around the office or in schools where students can take part in caring for trees. Other items like promotional recycled beverage napkins are a great way to promote saving trees, it also shows your clients and employees that you care for the environment.

Its important that you do something – anything – during World Rainforest Week to help make a difference. ePromos can give you the tools to reach a wide network of people. Together we can save the rainforests!

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Promote World Rainforest Week with ePromos Promotional Products