Youth Sports Safety MonthMany young people actively participate in youth sports, which is a fun way to meet friends, exercise, and build team spirit. With that said, accidents do happen and that’s why that National Youth Sports Safety Foundation (NYSSF) started this month to build awareness about safety issues in sports. What started out humbly in 1993 now has the backing of more the sixty national sports organizations, including the American College of Sports Medicine and the United States Olympic Committee.

Physical injuries aren’t the only the only hurtful aspects of sports. Emotional injuries can be just as severe, so the organization informs the public about parental abuse and on-the-field abuse that can scar a child. They also provide information about coaching, including ways to detect and deter physical and emotional pain on the sports field. Sports, of course, should be a rewarding experience for any child, but precautions must be made. Encourage your team or league to participate in Youth Sports Safety Month.

The NYSSF has a list of suggested events your organization can hold to promote youth sports safety. For example, organizations in the past have invited local trainers and doctors to give lectures on proper exercise form. At these events, you can hand out promotional frisbees, promotional discs, custom logo frisbees, and custom printed flyers. ePromos wants to help you celebrate the accomplishments of young athletes who are safety-conscious. The suggestions of the NYSSF are just the beginning. We can help you promote your message with our supply of thousands of products that are easily customizable to you.

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