Youth Violence Prevention WeekHow do we stop the frequency of youth to youth violence? Youth Violence Prevention Week, March 21st- 25th, is geared toward raising public awareness about youth violence and discovering ways to reduce or eliminate said violence. Youth violence is an unbiased phenomenon that occurs across socio-economical and racial boundaries therefore both local and national initiatives to prevent violence amongst youth would help alleviate the issue.

Virtually any industry like media, education, government youth programs, religious networks, law enforcement agents etc. can work as a powerful platforms in order to talk about the prevention of youth violence. Collaborate with other businesses and perhaps even the student councils of schools to sponsor a local event that involves the youth in the community together in order to foster an environment of fun and peaceful interaction. Teach the youth how to cope with their anger, to implement conflict resolution strategies, to stop bullies, and how to socialize with a diverse group of people while reinforcing your message with games and giveaways like promotional trade show products, promotional lanyards, custom printed lanyards, and logo lanyards. A themed event like “Social Cliques Are So Cliché” can act as a forum for youth violence prevention.

Promote Youth Violence Prevention Week and make violence amongst our young people a thing of the past!

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