So, what’s this program all about?

ePromos for Good is a charity program created to help worthy organizations promote their causes. ePromos is a business with heart, and we want to make a difference by sharing promotional products with organizations that are helping to create a better world. That’s why we’re giving away $500 in free promotional merchandise to a different organization every month.

Who’s eligible to apply?

501(c)(3) organizations, accredited schools, and religious organizations are all welcome to apply.

How often can I apply?

All applications are kept on file, so there is no need to apply more than once. After applying, you’ll receive a message stating that your application has been received. (We don’t want to leave you hanging!)

How far in advance should I apply?

We require that you give us 30 days before you need the products. This gives us time to review the application, work with you on your promotional products, and get them in your hands.

When will I know if my organization has been selected?

Winners are announced monthly. All applicants – whether selected to win or not – will receive an e-mail with their status.

How are winning organizations selected?

All applications are reviewed by the ePromos for Good committee.

What promotional products can I choose?

That’s totally up to you! You have ePromos’ entire selection of 15,000+ promotional items on up for grabs. Need help picking the right products? An expert Brand Consultant will guide you.

How long do I have to use my gift?

We ask that you redeem your $500 in free promotional products within 30 days of being notified that you were selected.

What happens if I go over my $500 gift?

You can order as many promotional items as you like – we just ask that you pay the difference if your order exceeds $500.

My organization was selected! Can I reapply?

We want to help as many organizations as possible, so each organization is eligible to win once. Have other questions?

Feel free to contact us.