How to Make a Bigger Impact During Open Enrollment

Open enrollment is the time of year when human resources (HR) professionals and employees select health care plans for the year. With creative marketing strategies, you can advertise your insurance options and reach more potential clients. To help you expand your reach, we’ve created a list of open enrollment campaign ideas you can use to place your agency’s name at the front of potential clients’ minds.

Why Is Marketing Crucial During Open Enrollment Season?

Open enrollment season is important to insurance agents because it’s a time when many people examine their health plans and seek alternative options. Most policyholders are more open to considering other insurance options during the open enrollment period, so it’s a crucial time to reach current and new clients. Some people may be looking for new providers while others may wish to change or update their policies.

An effective marketing strategy can help you reach current and potential clients at the right time, allowing you to save money, time and energy while increasing conversions.


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5 Open Enrollment Tips and Marketing Ideas for Insurance Agents

As a health insurance broker, you can generate more leads when HR professionals and employees are aware of your services. Health insurance can be a confusing topic for individuals, making it difficult to search for and find options. You can make their searches easier by advertising your insurance agency and available health care plans.

Expand your reach and gain more clients with the following health insurance marketing ideas for insurance agents:

1. Create an SEO-Driven Blog

Many consumers consider health insurance a complex topic and seek a clearer understanding of it. You can provide them with helpful information and guidance through an informative blog. With search engine optimization (SEO), you can publish content that reaches a wide audience to pull more potential clients to your website.

Publishing informative content on an SEO-driven blog can widen your reach and establish your agency as knowledgable, reputable, credible and trustworthy. People are more likely to seek services from an agent when they receive useful help or guidance from them. Publishing content about the open enrollment process and the necessary things to consider when choosing an insurance policy can prove your expertise to potential customers and make them feel comfortable working with you.

You can create an SEO-driven blog by publishing blog posts that include popular research-based keywords related to your services, such as “employee benefits” and “help with open enrollment.” Adding keywords to your blog posts will help your content rank higher in search engines so more people come across your website when they search these terms.

2. Post on Social Media

Utilizing social media is a fantastic strategy to reach a wider audience. You can reach existing and potential clients on several social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok. With social media posts, you can share the following content:

  • Your agency’s promotions
  • Helpful insights about open enrollment
  • Past and recent blog posts
  • Valuable tips for choosing the best insurance plan

Social media also allows you to communicate with your audience. You can respond to comments and messages and encourage individuals to engage with your posts.

3. Cross-Sell to Existing Clients

Reaching new clients may seem like the most effective way to market your services, but reaching your current clients can be even more valuable because you don’t have to invest as many resources into convincing them you’re the best option. If clients only use one of your services, they may not be aware of other ways you can help them.

Advertise additional services to existing clients through email campaigns, client needs assessments (CNAs), testimonials and discounts. You can also encourage clients to purchase bundles so they can buy multiple policies together and save money.

4. Optimize Your Website

Another health insurance marketing idea is to optimize your website. People are more likely to choose your insurance plans when your services are easy to access. Place the most important information about your available health plans on your home page, including a lead form that’s easy to use. Limit your lead form to four or five fields so you can collect essential information without overwhelming potential clients.

5. Hand Out Promotional Swag

Handing out promotional products, such as apparel, drinkware and bags, can increase brand awareness. Individuals are more likely to feel positive about your brand if they receive a promotional product than if they view an online advertisement.

Promotional products are items consumers can engage with, and approximately 50% of consumers use at least one promotional product daily. Each time a person wears a T-shirt or sips from a cup with your agency’s logo on it, they’ll think of your services. Even if they’re not looking for health coverage when you hand them a promotional product, the item will keep your agency’s name at the front of their minds when they’re ready to purchase insurance.

Advertising your brand with promotional products can generate more leads and increase your return on investment. You can promote your insurance agency with the following products:

  • Apparel: When people wear promotional printed apparel with your logo, they’re likely to think of your brand each time they wear the item. Hand out items like T-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, polo shirts and golf shirts.
  • Technology: You can also offer promotional technology products, such as chargers, power banks, webcam covers and cell phone accessories. Technology accessories are incredibly useful items that people are likely to use often.
  • Bags: Another fantastic marketing strategy is to hand out promotional bags. Consumers can use drawstring bags, tote bags and lunch and cooler bags for various purposes.
  • Drinkware: Consumers can think of your brand every time they take a drink when you give out promotional drinkware products, such as coffee mugs, water bottles, travel mugs and tumblers.
  • Health and safety items: People also find health and safety products incredibly useful. You can hand out items such as hand sanitizer and antimicrobial items.
  • Pens: A pen is always a useful item to have at home or in the office. Potential clients can think of your brand each time they need to write something down if you hand out pens with your agency’s logo. You can advertise with items like gel pens, stylus pens, and multi-function pens.

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Open enrollment season is a crucial time and the perfect opportunity to increase your client base. If you need insurance agency marketing ideas, handing out promotional products is an excellent strategy to start with. Advertising your insurance agency’s services with promotional gifts can help you boost brand awareness, generate leads and increase your client base.

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