The 12 Best Personalized Corporate Gift Ideas

Giving gifts to employees, colleagues, clients, prospects and business partners is a powerful strategy for any business. Corporate gifts are an impactful way to show appreciation, set your business apart, increase brand awareness and strengthen relationships. However, a poorly matched gift can make the gesture seem insincere, no matter the gift’s quality. A simple but effective way to ensure your gift wows the recipient is by adding a personal touch. This can range from choosing a gift that aligns with their tastes to adding their name to the item.

In this guide, we’ve listed 12 ideas for personalized corporate gifts and advice on how to personalize the items. By the end, you should have a good idea of the perfect corporate gift for your intended recipient.

1. Bags

A bag is one of the most useful gifts you can give someone. This is why bags are a go-to corporate gift idea, and you can elevate your bag gift even further by personalizing it for the recipient. This way, no other bag from other companies can compare! You have plenty of options to choose from for bag gifts:

  • Backpacks: Backpacks are functional gift options, especially for those who enjoy hiking and going on trips. Choose from backpacks that hold laptops to outdoor companions with bottle holders and reflective strips for night walks.
  • Tote bags: A tote is a spacious bag that is perfect for work, shopping and general use. You can gift employees or partners a reusable grocery tote bag or a sturdier one with pockets and zippers to hold more items.
  • Cooler bags: Gift your recipient a convertible cooler tote bag so they have a handy bag that keeps food and beverages cool on hikes, picnics and beach trips.
  • Garment bags: If your giftee often has to travel with delicate clothes, gift them a promotional garment bag to keep their clothing in tip-top shape while traveling.
  • Laptop bags: Anyone with a laptop will appreciate a personalized laptop bag. These bags have a compartment to fit laptops, keeping them safe from dings, scratches and dents.
  • Duffel bags: A duffel bag is a thoughtful gift option for people in the fitness industry or those with an active lifestyle. Take it a step further by including a towel, water bottle and workout shirt to create the ultimate sporty gift.

Laptop bags

2. Cellphone Wallets

Consider gifting technology-savvy team members a trendy cellphone wallet. These card holders stick to the back of phone cases to conveniently store cards without having to carry a separate wallet. Having important cards attached to your phone will make it easier to keep them safe and is especially convenient when you need to head out the door quickly.

There are also phone wallets with rings attached to the back to make holding the phone more comfortable and ones with radio-frequency identification (RFID) protection to prevent identity theft. Plus, phone wallets have plenty of customization options — such as their color and material — which makes it easy to match them to your recipient’s style or current phone cover.

3. Water Bottles

Water bottles are another gift you can’t go wrong with. People carry water bottles with them everywhere, so a promotional water bottle gift will display your brand to many people while keeping your giftee hydrated.

You have a few options for personalized water bottles, depending on your budget. You can gift an affordable, smaller aluminum water bottle that’s perfect to pack inside a bag. These make great gifts for sporty people. If you have a higher budget, your giftee will appreciate a vacuum-insulated bottle that keeps their drinks warm or cool for hours.

4. Tumblers

Tumblers are incredibly trendy and make fantastic gifts for coffee lovers. They provide an eco-friendly alternative to single-use paper cups and prevent spills with their lids. You also have various options with tumblers, from simple plastic tumblers to insulated stainless steel versions. Some tumblers also come with matching straws for on-the-go sipping.

5. Stationery

Stationery is what most people think of for corporate gifting — it’s usually inexpensive and makes for a practical gift nearly anyone will use. Before you dismiss it as boring or overdone, consider how special personalized stationery would be as a gift. Stationery with a personal touch will remind your giftee of you and your business whenever they use them.

Here are some stationery options that work well with personalization methods:

  • Sticky notes: Sticky notes and notepads are perfect for personalization, as they leave plenty of room for a unique background or your giftee’s name along with your branding. Plus, you can never have too much stationery!
  • Journals: Gift a personalized journal if you notice your intended recipient uses them frequently. They’ll love using their own special journal over a generic store-bought one. You can even find journals with phone pockets on the back or refillable pages so they never have to repurchase another journal.
  • Pens: stylish personalized pen would be a go-to for anyone who writes notes daily. Pair a promotional pen with other stationery gifts to impress your recipient, and choose a high-quality, sleek pen for a more luxurious feel.
  • Stationery kit: Help your giftee stay organized in their office with an office supply kit. These kits contain essential stationery items they may not have, such as paper clips, tape, staple removers and scissors. This gift will most likely save them a trip to the store!

6. Tools

If your business operates within the trade industry, a pocket knife or multitool would be a relevant and much-appreciated gift. Multitools feature many tools in one, making them a convenient gift for anyone. Plus, they’re much easier to carry and pack thanks to their compact size. Pocket knives and multitools are also suitable for handy people or those who spend lots of time outdoors. They’ll get plenty of use out of this gift and will be extra grateful when they’ve left a tool at home, and your gift saves the day!

7. Golf Accessories

Golfers are easy to give thoughtful gifts to, as there are quite a few fun options for items they may not have. They’ll use your gift while they enjoy the outdoors with friends, which will help them associate your brand with good times. If your gift recipient enjoys playing golf and you’d like to give them something useful for their next round, consider the following creative corporate gifts:

  • Golf tool key rings: Give your giftee a golf tool key ring they can attach to their bag or belt. These handy tools store golf tees and ball markers, ensuring golfers always have them on hand.
  • Divot tools: Certain swings leave a mark on the fairway. Divot tools repair the marks to keep the grass in good condition. Give your giftee a unique divot tool that will impress others on the course.
  • Ball markers: Ball markers are another item that golf players will appreciate getting as a gift. They use them to mark their ball’s position when allowing another player to putt. Better yet, you can give them a ball marker that clips to their hat so it’s readily available when they need it.

8. Luggage Tags

Frequent travelers or people about to go on vacation would love to receive a luggage tag. This inexpensive gift is useful for both the recipient and your brand, as everyone on their travels will see your company logo. Choose bright colors to make them easily identifiable in crowded luggage carousels, and opt for luxurious leather for your luggage tag gift to add elegance to any bag. Ensure you choose high-quality luggage tags that will stay attached to their bags and last for years.

9. Calendars

Calendars are a common choice for corporate gifts, as there are plenty of customization options and everyone will find them helpful. It’s also popular for promotional calendars to be magnetic — this way, the recipient can easily place their calendar on fridges and file cabinets. When you give someone a personalized magnet calendar with your brand on it, anyone who walks past the calendar will see your business. Brand awareness like this is important since those people are more likely to remember and use your brand in the future.

10. Picture Frames

Picture Frames

Gifting a picture frame is another option that will work for most people, as they can use it at work to hold pictures of their loved ones. You could also add a picture inside of you with the gift recipient if you have one together. This works well for team members who have group photos together or if you’ve helped a client with a big milestone and have a photo to commemorate the occasion. Going the extra mile with a personal image adds a layer of thoughtfulness and care the giftee will surely appreciate. Choose a color and style for their frame that matches their office or personal preferences to add a further touch of personal care.

11. Manicure Sets

Most people have nail care tools at home, but there may come a time when they find themselves with a broken nail with no nail tools in sight. This is why manicure sets and other personal care items make great corporate gifts, especially if they’re personalized to the recipient. However, this type of gift isn’t always appropriate, so you’ll need to consider the recipient and your relationship before you choose this option. Manicure sets can be the perfect client gifts for team members in the beauty industry or as part of self-care packages. They’re also an incredibly thoughtful gift for someone who you know has had a nail emergency at work or while traveling in the past.

12. Trophies

If a colleague or team has reached a significant milestone or worked together to achieve something remarkable, you may want to gift them a personalized trophy or award. Trophies will allow you to physically commemorate their achievement and show your appreciation for their efforts. Trophies can also be fun gifts when you give them to someone for something unusual. Some examples of funny awards are for the most organized person, the best pun maker, the loudest talker or the coolest Halloween costume.

Personalization Methods for Corporate Gifts

Adding a personal touch to business gifts can increase the impact of the gesture and make the gift more memorable. It’s also fairly easy to accomplish, even with a smaller budget. Here are some personalization methods you can consider for your next corporate gift:

  • Write a personal note: The easiest way to personalize a gift is to add a personal note. You can wish your recipient a happy birthday, congratulate them on a recent achievement or thank them for their patronage. If there’s no special occasion, writing a note that includes less generic messaging and more personal details will show the giftee you appreciate them and your relationship.
  • Match their tastes: Another simple method for personalizing items is considering the individual’s tastes and preferences. Instead of gifting them something generic that could apply to anyone, pick something that matches their hobbies, interests or favorite color.
  • Add their name: A gift with your recipient’s name on it will have more sentimental value, meaning your giftee will appreciate it more and use and keep it for longer. It’s an uncomplicated addition to a gift that will go a long way.
  • Add a custom image: You can take your personalization efforts further and add an image to the gift, where possible. For example, a specific photo in a frame, sticky note or calendar will be nicer to display than a generic one. The image can be of you with the giftee or an image or pattern you know they’ll love.
  • Choose sustainability: Consider your giftee’s values and morals when choosing a gift. For example, they may prefer eco-friendly items made from sustainable materials. Ensure your gift complies with their wishes to show you care about their values. Some eco-friendly choices include metal tumblers, fabric grocery bags and materials like bamboo or wood.

Create the Perfect Personalized Corporate Gift With ePromos
Create the Perfect Personalized

Personalizing gifts is an effective way to make a gift more enjoyable for the recipient. With multiple options available for personalized gifts and personalization methods, you’re bound to find something that works for your next corporate gifting project.

If you’re having trouble finding personalized gifts and need assistance, look no further than ePromos. We have thousands of corporate gift options in our online store that are useful, creative and high-quality. We also offer personalization options for hundreds of items so you can add your branding along with your giftee’s name and more. One of our experts is happy to chat with you to determine your requirements and develop a gifting strategy that meets your specifications, budget and time constraints. We can also assist with the design and artwork to help you make your gift look its best.

Browse our personalized corporate gift options today and call 877-377-6667 if you need any assistance. We’ll do whatever it takes to ensure you’re happy with the end result!

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