Build Business Buzz on November 23 for National Espresso Day

Americans love their morning brews, from simple light and dark roasts to decadent lattes. November 23 has earned recognition as National Espresso Day. While you could let this celebration pass without a thought, you might want to think again. With the right blend of clever marketing and brand promotions, you can gain some sales momentum by acknowledging and honoring this fun micro-holiday!

Innovative Tips for Promoting Your Company on National Espresso Day

National Espresso Day tends to come right around the Thanksgiving break every year. You know what that means — people are in the mood to celebrate, often by giving and receiving gifts to share gratitude.

Consider adding one or more of the following strategies to your end-of-year promo marketing plan:

  • Deliver branded mugs to clients: You can get a lot of bang for your buck with branded mugs. You can have your mugs drop-shipped individually or ask team members to wrap them by hand for local clients. Bonus points if you include a package of chocolate-covered espresso beans in each mug. Be sure to add a card wishing your best customers a Happy National Espresso Day on November 23!
  • Host an espresso-making workshop for your team: Many people who crave a good cup of java in the morning aren’t quite sure of the difference between coffee and espresso. Invite a local barista to give an overview and taste test for your team. Be sure to take pictures to include on your social media pages — posts with a more human angle tend to generate more positive buzz for corporations than typical sales-related posts.
  • Serve espresso to in-person guests and customers: Do you operate a brick-and-mortar store? Are clients, prospects and vendors coming into your facility regularly? Surprise them with the option to taste some pure espresso when they arrive. You can even offer a spread of pastries like donuts and croissants.

Generate Energy Around Your Brand on National Espresso Day

Why miss any chance to promote your business? As you explore your end-of-year marketing strategies, consider adding some excitement to your branding content and activities. Small holidays like National Espresso Day are a great way to stand out and make a lasting impression.

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