A Saving Grace for the Vulnerable Populations of Pierce County

This month’s ePromos for Good winner is the Metropolitan Development Council (MDC) in Tacoma, WA.

For more than 16,000 low income, homeless, and other vulnerable people in the Pierce County community, the Metropolitan Development Council (MDC) is a beacon in the face of adversity.

For over 50 years, MDC has provided health, housing, education, and employment assistance to thousands of people recovering from drug addictions, chronic homelessness, and even first-generation college students (both youth and adults) who need help navigating college applications and financial aid opportunities. Oftentimes, individuals in these situations are ignored by their communities, which only perpetuates their suffering and eliminates their chance of making a better life for themselves—so for many underprivileged residents of Pierce County, MDC is their one and only hope.

Perhaps one of MDC’s most advantageous services is their medical Detoxification Center, which is the only facility of its kind in Pierce County. It provides a safe place for those suffering from acute substance abuse withdrawal symptoms to rehabilitate and regain their footing. Each client is given a warm bed, hot meals, medication, and skilled medical care from their nursing staff and chemical dependency specialists.

Every client is under the care and supervision of a case manager, who supports them throughout their recovery process and ensures they continue to receive the care they need, whether it’s inpatient treatment with a partner organization or outpatient treatment at MDC.

MDC’s healthcare programs are indispensable to the Pierce Community—not only do they keep emergency rooms from overcrowding, but they provide a means for uninsured individuals to get the urgent care they need.

With their ePromos for Good reward, MDC plans on giving each patient a pair of warm slipper socks, which will appease their extreme discomfort as their body detoxes and returns to a healthy state. Additionally, the MDC team plans on gifting each recovered client a branded MDC tote bag that’s packed full with resources, and is a reminder they are worthy of living their new life, they can stay clean, and they can always rely on MDC to support them, even when their stay is over.

Aside from providing a path towards recovery from substance abuse, MDC provides other essential services to the vulnerable populations of Pierce County. They offer nine different housing programs and opportunities for those suffering from chronic homelessness, assistance with job placement and retention, as well as post-secondary education opportunities and career counseling for adults.

MDC is an indispensable resource in its community, and it’s safe to say their services have saved, and will continue to save, thousands of precious lives.

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