Are you looking for tote bags to give away? Many companies have found the secret to keeping their logo in front of people – and it comes down to this: print your brand on something that people will use, and give it away. Tote bags are one of the best items for this. All people, of all ages, and in every part of society, need to carry things – so bags make a lot of sense.

So, what kinds of tote bags can you give away? There are a few basics you should know. Let’s learn about totes. Here are the main types.

Beach Totes
These are the big, shapeless totes that you’ve seen at the beach and at picnics. Beach tote bags are wide, they are durable, and usually pretty basic – but very useful. Beach bags are great for when you have a bunch of stuff that you just want to quickly throw into a bag and go to the park or a quick outing. If you ever go to a playground or a dog park, you’re bound to see someone with this type of tote bag. (The thing is, you want them to have a tote bag showing your logo.)

Shopping Totes
This is probably the second most common kind of tote bag. They’re also very useful, but often have a square shape and are less roomy than the beach totes. People use shopping tote bags for everyday carrying – but as the name implies, they’re used as shopping bags. Sometimes you will see these kinds of totes available at retail stores (for sale) and they’re the type of bag that people use as recyclable shopping bags. These are common tote bags and of course can bring a lot of visibility to your brand if you give these out with your logo printed on them.

Conference Totes
Next time you go to a trade show, attend a conference, or go to almost any kind of large fair or convention, look around. Many vendors and sponsors will have booths and you’ll see them giving away some kind of literature or even other promo items – and they’ll distribute them in a small tote bag. Not every trade booth will do this, but many will. The vendors who advertise their logo on a bag are the ones who get seen the most, because people will put all their other stuff in the tote. The biggest advertising bang for your buck at a convention is in the form of a conference tote.

There are many other kinds of tote bags (and other kinds of promotional bags) but these are three of the most common. I hope you can see the strengths and weaknesses of each of these – because every type of promo campaign has items that will work better than others.

If you want to ask any additional questions, or if you have an upcoming marketing campaign and want some ideas that work well, please call us. We have promotional products specialists who will be happy to listen and make suggestions that will help guide your promotional planning.

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