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While we do have 15,000 promotional products listed on our site, we have access to an additional 600,000-item extended catalog! That means there's a great chance we can still find items you're looking for.

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Custom Sourcing

ePromos is a custom sourcing expert. We have long-term relationships with manufacturing resources, allowing us to offer great pricing and dependable, high-quality products that satisfy all of your specifications.

Custom Merchandise

Looking for something that doesn't exist? We can help you make it. ePromos will manage the entire process from start to finish, so you can be confident that the final product is exactly what you need.

We take products from concept to completion. From your initial design instructions, our product designers create digital mockups to demonstrate the finished product. Once the designs are approved, prototypes are made for evaluation. Once these are perfected, a production sample is created and then the actual production run is executed.

Overseas Sourcing

With the appropriate lead time and volume, we can manufacture your order overseas to save you a considerable amount of money. Our manufacturing resources deliver reliably and produce high quality products.

In addition to saving money, you often have the option to create the product in custom colors, even PMS matching the exact colors of your logo. For bags, hats and apparel, you may also have additional customization options, like having your logo woven into or printed on fabric prior to assembling the finished product, or having custom zippers or labels added for a quality retail look.