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34 Ways to Write a Slogan

1. Ask a question Does she or doesn’t she? -Clairol 2. Show your unique commitment We try harder -Avis 3. Explain product superiority Takes a licking and keeps on ticking -Timex 4. Evoke a benefit in a fresh way Let your fingers do the walking -Yellow Pages 5. Use an emotive call to action Reach out and touch someone -AT&T 6. Use an evocative call to action Put a tiger in your tank -Esso 7. Use an imperative call to action Just do it -Nike 8. Use a one-word call to action Think -IBM 9. Use a cheeky call to action Let us tan your hide -Crisby Frisian Fur Co. 10. Revisit a familiar call to action Reach out and bust someone -Crime Stoppers 11. Link a product feature with an abstract need A diamond is forever -DeBeers 12. Link a feature with your address We corner the market -Irving […]

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