beacon technology for brands

How Beacon Technology Can Enhance Brand Effectiveness

Beacon technology is becoming an increasingly popular marketing tool for large and small companies alike. A beacon transmits data via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), typically used by marketers to send data back to the source ‒ in this case a customer’s cell phone. In simpler terms, a customer’s mobile device sends a signal to a beacon letting it know this person is in a specific area, and the beacon then transmits offers, data, or other communications to the phone. One of the most common everyday applications of beacon technology is Starbucks’ recently unveiled program that allows customers to place an order ahead of time, so that it’s ready when they arrive. They have a geofence set up a quarter mile around the store that notifies the system when the customer is close so the baristas can begin making the drink or food. Beacons will also tell them when the customer […]

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