mindfulness in marketing

Mindfulness in Marketing

Over the past few years, mindfulness has been rapidly growing in popularity in today’s over-stimulated, multitasking society. An overload of information, paired with the constant race in terms of who can get the most work done in a 40-hour week, has caused an increase in stress and other health risks. Mindfulness is defined as being aware of – and living in – your present moment. And not just being aware, but paying attention to your actions in a nonjudgmental way. This means you are not necessarily setting out to change current behaviors, but are witnessing them almost as an outsider, allowing you to become more aware of your actions and possibly even finding better ways to accomplish the same goals. Mindfulness in Business Culture Being in the present moment takes a lot of practice, but seems worth it, given some recent statistics. Focusing on more than one thing at a […]

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