7 Ideas for Tradeshow Contests

7 Contest Ideas to Attract People to Your Tradeshow Booth

We know the sheer amount of prep work that goes into preparing for an upcoming tradeshow. There’s the timely matter of sorting out logistics: booking flights, hotels, your booth reservation and more. Then all of the necessary equipment and items: signage, electronics, marketing materials and more. After weeks or even months of preparation, it’s fair to feel like you’ve put in the due effort to make this trade show appearance a success. However, sometimes it takes a bit more than a well-branded tablecloth or high-gloss pamphlet to draw people in to your booth. Boost traffic to your booth by trying out one of these seven contests – because who doesn’t like winning free swag? 7 Ideas for Tradeshow Contests The “Easter Egg Hunt”: Convention centers and mammoth venues are not just good spots for largescale events – they also provide ample hiding places! Sneak postcards into strategic spots around the venue, like […]

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