reward and incentivize employees

The Best Ways to Reward & Incentivize Employees

  In an article for Incentive Magazine, author Bruce Shutan writes “Employee benefits glue people practices to profitability. This is a thesis supported by many compelling statistics and anecdotes. But an evolving workplace has seen the balance of that power shift from cookie-cutter insurance and retirement savings plans to a more tangible subset of service-oriented perks, each customized to address an individual employee’s unique everyday needs.” Rewarding and incentivizing employees is crucial today to not only create a positive work environment, but to retain your talented staffers. Reputable shoe-retailer Zappos offers benefits like dry cleaning services, life coaching, happy hours, and snack stations to name a few. Google is highly commended for their unique employee perks – like testing cutting edge technology before it’s on the market, getting “massage credits” redeemable for free massages, and enjoying free commutes on a Wi-Fi-equipped Google bus for Mountain View employees. Why Incentivizing Employees […]

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