how businesses use color to their advantage

How Businesses Use Color to Their Advantage

  Color Psychology argues that the spectrum of colors can elicit a spectrum of emotional responses. Some common theories that illustrate this is the belief that red cars appear to be moving faster, or that yellow walls in a house can set off a tranquil vibe. Notions such as these are just the tip of the iceberg on color theory, but help to demonstrate the depth and breadth of the tie between colors and psychology. Companies can resourcefully take advantage of color theory in their branding to create a certain unspoken, intuitive relationship with their customers. Companies like Target and Coca Cola utilize red logos in their branding in an aim to generate a feeling of excitement and youthfulness. Other companies like Lowes and Dell utilize blue to suggest dependability, logic and trustworthiness. Emotional Responses to Colors According to a study from Kiss Metrics, “92.6% of people say the visual […]

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