4 Marketing Strategies Implemented by Catfish Getters, a Family Business Passed Down Through Generations

Cody Butler is the owner of Catfish Getters, a company that has been crafting fiberglass bank line poles since 1995. The business has been passed down through Cody’s grandfather Dale Michels, who initially started creating the fishing poles as a hobby. While the craft and business has been managed by three generations, Cody has breathed new life into the company with his strategic marketing and promotional efforts. We had the opportunity to speak with him about their top performing tactics and use of promotional products.   4 Successful Marketing Tactics Implemented by the Youngest Generation of a Family Business Over time, variances in marketing are needed to account for both shifts in societal values and the accessibility of platforms. There is no standard for what marketers say and where they say it. The tools used to reach customer bases change – from radio ads to billboards, TV commercials and social […]

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