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Promotional Products Buying Guides

Sometimes, choosing the right promotional product to represent your brand can be a daunting task. No need to worry because we’ve put together several guides featuring all sorts of items and even providing some tried-and-true examples. These promotional product buying guides will provide all the information that you need in order to choose the correct products for any marketing campaign. Whether you’re looking for small giveaways or high-end corporate gifts, we can narrow down your search and ensure you’re making the right decision.

Sustainable Plastic Bag Alternatives for Your Business

As sustainability efforts increase across industries, plastic bag alternatives for businesses are becoming more relevant — and even required. In some states, such as New York and Washington, plastic bags are banned due to their numerous environmental implications. If plastic bags aren't banned in your state, you may still want to make the transition to reduce your company's impact on the planet and boost your customers' opinion of your brand. As more companies adopt sustainable consumer practices, you can join them by offering eco-friendly bag options. Learn about how you can find alternative bags for plastic bags below. The Environmental Impact [...]

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Swag Bags for Remote Employees

Even if your remote employees live miles away from your office, they're still valuable members of your team — and they want to feel that way. Keep them feeling motivated and appreciated with some generous work-from-home swag. If you're preparing to mail out gift boxes soon, we have some ideas for what to put in corporate swag bags for remote employees. Why Is It Important to Show Appreciation to Remote Employees? As more of the workforce moves online, your company needs to find ways to adapt to the needs of your valuable remote workers, giving them the same opportunities as [...]

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Welcome Back to the Office Kits for Employees

Welcome back gifts show your employees that you care. Learn about the types of gifts available to motivate your employees when they return from a leave of absence or when they're starting a new year. 10 Gift Ideas for a Welcome Back Kit Here are 10 gift ideas for co-workers that you can use to welcome them back to the office: 1. Water Bottles Staying hydrated throughout the day is much easier when you have your own water bottle. Water bottles with your company logo make good welcome-back gifts because they: Are convenient: Employees can save money on drinks if they carry [...]

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Corporate Gift Kits for Newlyweds

Corporate Gift Kits for Newlyweds Your co-worker's special day is quickly approaching! During this time, it's great to reflect on their dedication to the company and how much you appreciate their efforts that make the workplace thrive. To congratulate them on their highly anticipated wedding day, you can choose a special gift from your company that speaks to them on a professional and sentimental level. A corporate wedding gift is an appreciated gesture that lets team members know their employer values their new chapter in life. Let's take a look at a few creative wedding gift ideas for your co-worker or employee that they [...]

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Corporate Gift Kits for Expectant Parents

Expanding the family is a special time in a person's life, and it can be an exciting experience for everyone in the office too! Seeing your co-worker prepare to have a baby or adopt a child is cause for celebration. You can give maternity-leave gifts that remind them of their workplace to congratulate them on the new chapter in their life and show your support and excitement. Corporate baby gifts are a fun way to start your co-worker's maternity or paternity leave and help them prepare for their new family member. You can also find interactive baby toys that make a perfect [...]

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Welcome Kits for New Clients

What's the best way to welcome new clients? Try giving away a client welcome packet with free merchandise. A promotional gift serves double duty, making your clients feel appreciated while also serving as advertising for your company. Keep reading to find some easy welcome package ideas that your clients will surely appreciate! 7 Gift Ideas to Welcome New Clients You can put just about any type of product in a welcome kit with the right partner. Whether you want to promote industry-specific products or items with a broad appeal, you have plenty of options for welcome gifts. Below are eight [...]

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