Marketing Your Dispensary with Promotional Items

Both medical and recreational marijuana industries are on the rise. (And, assuming the recent appeal of the Cole Memo doesn’t make the Feds come running, are probably here to stay.) Medical cannabis is now legal in 24 states (including Washington D.C), which means almost half of the United States have legal dispensaries. And, according to an analysis by the Marijuana Policy Group, the cannabis industry has created almost 18,000 jobs in Colorado alone since adult use was legalized there in 2014. Dispensaries are popping up across the country like hot-cakes. These are legitimate businesses (sans much funding) with a growing clientele. In addition to the increased number of dispensaries per state, this industry functions much like any other. There are industry events, expos and conferences for businesses to connect with potential partners and customers. Marijuana Business Daily will hold three conferences called in three cities in 2018, and many attendees […]

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