How to Display Your Logo on Promotional Products

Choosing the perfect promotional product isn’t easy, but we’ve got good news: it just so happens to be our specialty. A good promotional product should resonate with your brand; it should send a message to your audience that aligns with all other company/brand messaging – similar to a bonus or an ancillary way to generate brand buzz. The perfect promotional product fits in seamlessly with your brand (that’s to say, it shouldn’t confuse your customers). But, for maximum impact, a great promotional product should be bolstered by the artwork printed on it, whether your company name, contact information, or logo. With that in mind, in this piece we’re focusing on the ever-important logo. Keep reading for our top tips when choosing a logo, some interesting information on the message certain colors send, and a discussion on the power of logos on promotional products. Are logos really all that important? Yes; […]

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