A Guide to Protective Face Masks

In the unprecedented times of COVID-19, we’ve all gained a new accessory: the face mask. Studies continue to find that wearing a face mask in public is the best way to prevent transmission of the virus; infection rates flattened in both New York and Italy following mandatory requirements of face masks when in public.  While masks may not be mandatory in your area, you can have a supply of them on-hand for employees, clients, and loved ones. There are two main types of face masks available — disposable and reusable. ePromos offers each style. Let’s dive into them…  Disposable Face Masks  There are two styles of disposable face masks — 3-ply masks and N95 masks. Both are commonly used in healthcare settings as part of personal protective equipment, often simply referred to as PPE. N95 masks are used in a variety of other settings, particularly when air quality is an issue, such as when painting or using chemicals that are harmful to breathe in. Some more info on these disposable face masks:  3-Ply Face Masks The Standard […]

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