Holiday Gift Guide

With the holidays right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about gift ideas for everyone on your “nice list.” Corporate promotional gifts offer extensive benefits for your business, employees and customers. Thoughtfully selected items will go a long way in showing the people who fuel your business that you care and are thinking about them this holiday season. 

If you’re unsure about your corporate or holiday promotional gifts this year, you’ll find the ePromos Holiday Gift Guide very helpful with its well-curated selection of promotional bags, totes and even knit hats. But before we get into our 2022 Holiday Gift Guide, let’s look at some of the best corporate holiday gifts this season.

The Benefits of Branded Holiday Gifts for Employees

Sending gifts to employees during the holiday season helps show that you appreciate their dedication to your business. When employees feel valued in the workplace, they’re more likely to remain loyal to your brand and continue their excellent work. Prove how much you care with this season’s top corporate promotional gifts. Choosing the perfect branded holiday employee gifts can drive your business’s success in several ways.

 sending promotional gifts

1. Improve Morale

One of the foremost reasons to give your employees holiday gifts is to boost their morale. Giving them matching T-shirts, pens, mugs or other gear with your company logo will foster a sense of belonging and teamwork. Improve job satisfaction and appreciate your employees with a thoughtful holiday gift from ePromos.

2. Increase Productivity

increase productivity

When employees feel valued, they’re sure to go the extra mile for you and your business. Gifting them with a thoughtful, helpful present from our extensive holiday gift catalog will make your team members feel more valued and can also increase their productivity. A heartfelt, branded holiday gift that’s simultaneously memorable and useful for your employees can go a long way to saying thank you during this time of year. The perfect gift will surely make them feel like they’re part of the family and encourage them to give 110% to everything they do.

3. Establish a Corporate Culture

You’ve worked hard to build your brand and increase awareness among your target market, clients and customers, but a branded company gift from ePromos is an ideal way to create a corporate culture of giving. When you give employees practical holiday gifts, you’re emphasizing values such as gratitude and thoughtfulness. If you integrate high standards and integrity into your mission statement, your team members will adopt those characteristics as part of the company’s unique value proposition.

4. Provide Useful Items and Products

Holiday employee gifts from ePromos are also an excellent opportunity to provide your team with helpful products to make their lives easier. Boost their performance with practical items from the ePromos catalog, such as our branded outerwear, to keep them warm and dry all winter. They’ll think of you every time they bundle up to go outdoors. Or custom tumblers and travel mugs make the perfect accessory for any on-the-go lifestyle.

The Benefits of Branded Holiday Gifts for Customers

Customers and clients fuel your business’ success, and the holidays are the perfect time to show them how much they mean to you. That’s why it’s vital to convey your gratitude with branded holiday gifts from ePromos. Our client holiday gift ideas make the perfect token of appreciation for your customers and can help drive your business’s continued growth for several reasons.

1. Increase Brand Awareness and Visibility

Branded holiday gifts from ePromos are a visual reminder of the brand you have worked diligently to build. Give your clients and customers corporate promotional gifts that elevate your company above the competition. Branded gifts that include your business name, website and logo will make your customers think of you whenever they see your gift. That doesn’t mean you have to smother your 2022 holiday gifts with your logo and business name. Ensure your corporate branding is subtle enough to make your gift seem sincere but prominent enough to keep your brand top of mind all year long.

2. Demonstrate Your Creativity

Holiday promotional gifts for your customers play a role in more ways than increasing brand awareness. Custom-designed holiday gifts from ePromos offer you a way to demonstrate your creativity to existing or potential clients and customers. If you do your research to learn what items will benefit your customers most, you can use this opportunity to fill a need and demonstrate your thoughtfulness at the same time.

3. Strengthen Relationships

Customers immediately think of you when they receive an unexpected gift from your business. Reinforce relationships with existing customers by letting them know how much you care about them. When they have a future need you can fill, they’ll be more likely to call you first.

4. Incentivize Business and Orders

Do you have customers who haven’t done business with you in a while? A thoughtful holiday gift is a perfect way to reach out and remind them why they did business with you in the first place. Your clients and customers are busy, just like you, so they may forget about your company when placing their orders or choosing business partners. Be sure they know you’re still ready to meet their needs at a moment’s notice, and look forward to hearing from them with a quality branded holiday gift from ePromos.

Holiday Promotional Products to Consider Getting

Even if the holidays are far off, it’s never too early to start thinking about the type of holiday products you want to gift your employees and customers. These holiday gifts are an excellent way to show your clients and staff members how much you appreciate their loyalty and dedication to your business. Our range of seasonal branded products can help promote your brand while showcasing your appreciation for employees and clients.

Consider the following corporate holiday gift ideas to usher in the holiday season:

Winter Apparel

The holiday season brings in celebration but also brings in the cold. Branded sweatshirts and sweaters are excellent choices for holiday gifts for employees and clients. These gifts have multiple benefits for the receiver and your brand, including:

  • Utility: Branded winter apparel can help keep your employees warm as they commute to the office. Sweatshirts and hoodies also make excellent comfort attire that can be worn around the home, in public or at work events.
  • Brand awareness: Customers who wear your apparel in public help expose your brand to people they pass in the street or those who work in and around their industry. Increasing brand awareness helps you stand out against the competition and makes it more likely for returning customers to return to your brand.

You can choose from various winter apparel items to help clients and employees stay warm during the holidays while increasing your visibility. Some of ePromos winter apparel options include:

Holiday Kitchen or BBQ Items

During the holidays, people spend plenty of time at home with their friends and family, connecting over shared traditions. Promotional kitchen or BBQ items are an excellent gift option during the holidays when people spend a lot of time enjoying meals with family and friends. Employees often get together during holiday celebrations, and clients may have their own celebrations with their employees. Some fun, unique kitchen and BBQ gift ideas include:

Help clients and employees usher in the holiday season by providing them with kitchen equipment and cooking items they can use with friends and family!

Self-Care Sets

Self-care is essential for a person’s physical and mental well-being, and the holidays are a perfect time to focus on self-care as work and planning time with family can be stressful. Personal care items make excellent gifts for this time of year, helping employees and clients decompress. ePromos offers many personal care items that are perfect as holiday gifts, such as:

personal care

Self-care is essential, especially during the stressful holiday season. You can browse our entire personal care selection to find a gift best suited to your employees and clients.

Totes and Computer Bags

Promotional bags have excellent utility, helping clients and employees carry items from one place to the next. They also are ideal for bringing awareness to your brand since people will see your logo as employees and clients carry them around. ePromos offers many options for bags that you can gift to staff and customers during the holidays, such as our:’

These are just a few of the various bags ePromos offers. We have multiple sizes and types to fit your diverse needs and gift specifications. Shop our entire promotional bag collection today to find the perfect gift!

Health and Safety Items

Safety items have endless utility, especially as we emerge from the pandemic. Your employees and customers will be happy to have them when they need them, making them excellent gifts. Consider the following ePromos health and safety items as gifts for the holidays:

Safety promo items

While people are starting to return to normal after the pandemic, there is still a need for health and safety items, especially in specific industries like health care. These items can be excellent gifts for specific clients, reminding them of your appreciation for their work with your brand and within their industry.

Food or Candy Gift Sets

Food and candy gifts are an excellent way to sweeten someone’s day. You can choose from smaller individual gift sets to give to clients or individual employees, or you can choose something more extravagant for employees to enjoy together at the office. Some kits are even made so employees can enjoy the experience of cooking together, which is an excellent way to foster team bonding. ePromos has numerous food and candy gift sets to choose from, including:

holiday food promo items

Remember to take into account different allergies when gifting food or candy. Choose safe foods or ask staff and clients if they have any allergies before gifting these items.

Smartphone Accessories and Technology Gadgets

Nowadays, almost everyone has a smartphone, and accessories or technological items are common gifts during the holiday season. These items often have excellent utility, but they also serve as forms of entertainment. Consider the following ePromos electronic and cellphone accessory gift options:

All these items, and more, have excellent utility, helping the person receiving the gift complete tasks and enjoy their entertainment. Blue light glasses have the added benefit of keeping your clients’ and employees’ eyes protected from blue light as they work on computers. We have various technological gifts for all your needs. Shop our collection today!

Seasonal Blankets

Blankets make an excellent holiday gift since they keep employees and clients warm during the cold season and advertise your brand. Blankets can also be used for picnics, the beach and other events, increasing their utility. Promos have various branded blankets to help your employees and clients celebrate the occasion, including:

We have numerous blankets available to help you find the perfect gift for your clients and employees, regardless of their intended use. Shop our entire collection to find the best blanket gift!

Work From Home Gifts

Many employees work remotely at a home office or coworking location. It’s essential to show appreciation for these employees, and what better way than providing gifts that can assist them on the job! ePromos has various work-from-home gifts, including:

These are just a few of the many work-from-home and office items we offer that you can gift to employees. Show your appreciation to remote workers by giving them a holiday gift that can make their home workspace more helpful and comfortable!

Seasonal Items

There’s nothing better during the holiday season than seasonal gift items that help clients and employees celebrate the various holidays that fall during the year’s later months. ePromos has different seasonal items to help you find the ideal gift for clients and employees, such as:

These are just a few of the many corporate holiday gift ideas that ePromos offers and recommends as gifts during the holiday season. Our site has thousands of options to help you find the perfect branded gift for your employees and clients. Browse our corporate gifts to see more!

How to Choose the Best Corporate Holiday Gifts

Selecting high-quality presents for customers or employees isn’t always an exact science. When making this season’s holiday promotional gift choices, think about the following tips to give the best gift possible.

1. Consider Your Budget

consider your budget

You’ll need to set a budget before you buy your gifts. While you want to get something nice for your employees and clients, you don’t want to break the bank. First, you’ll need to determine how many gifts you need. How many employees do you have? Are you planning on sending a gift to all your clients, or are you only sending gifts to clients with a strong relationship with your business? While you can be more selective with clients, remember that you shouldn’t show favoritism to your employees. 

Once you know how many gifts you need, you can set a budget per gift. For example, if you have 20 employees and want to spend $15 on each, you’ll need to budget around $300 for gifts. You can get this number by multiplying your number of receivers by the amount you want to spend on each gift. You’ll need to do the same calculations for the number of clients you plan on gifting.

2. Choose How You’re Gifting Your Items

You’ll also need to decide how you plan on gifting your items. You have various options, including holiday parties, white elephant events, in-person handoffs and postal deliveries. Once you decide how to deliver your gifts, it will be easier to decide what type of gift you want to choose for your employees and clients.

For example, if you plan to ship your gifts by mail, you might want to avoid shipping items that could be perishable or melted during shipments, like chocolate or other foods. Fragile items are also more likely to break during shipment. If you’re giving the gift to the employee or client during a holiday party, you won’t have to worry about issues during shipment to the receiver. The delivery method will help you narrow down your gifting options, ensuring that you select something perfect for the person receiving the gift

3. Be Mindful of Other Traditions

Remember that there are more holidays during the season than Christmas that your employees and clients celebrate. You don’t want to make anyone feel alienated by only ordering Christmas-themed gifts. If you don’t know what holiday an employee or client celebrates, it’s best to go with something secular that doesn’t focus on any specific religious tradition. You have numerous options for corporate gift ideas during Christmas or other holidays, such as apparel, tech, personal care items and candy gift sets.

Staying mindful of other traditions helps foster diversity and inclusion in the workplace, helping employees feel included in the holiday celebrations. Preventing employees from feeling alienated also improves brand loyalty and reduces employee turnover rates.

4. Order Early


You might not think about ordering holiday gifts until the season starts or a specific celebration is approaching. However, waiting too long to order your gifts could cause them to show up later than you wanted. There may be issues with inventory, or you could face shipping delays due to the number of packages they have to deliver during this busy season.

You can stay on top of everything by ordering your gifts with plenty of time to spare. Depending on the size of your company and the clients you’re gifting to, you might order your gifts as soon as you reach the end of summer or early fall. Ordering early gives you plenty of time for your gifts to arrive and allows you to come up with a backup plan if your original idea doesn’t pan out.

Uses for Holiday Gifts Corporate Gifting Occasions

There are many different uses for holiday promotional gifts. Take a look at these creative ways to use holiday gifts for your employees and customers. Promote your business and show your customers and employees you care!

  1. Handing them out: One of the best ways to use holiday gifts from ePromos is to pass them out at trade shows or expos. When you offer potential customers or clients a thoughtful and cheerful holiday gift, they’re sure to remember your business. Take advantage of an opportunity to expand your branding efforts and increase your products’ or services’ visibility by handing out free gifts at trade shows, expos or as part of an order or purchase.
  2. Holiday gifts for parties: Holiday office parties are back in full swing this year as we come out of the pandemic. A memorable way to use holiday gifts is to hand them out at parties or holiday celebrations. Ensure you order enough items to provide something for everyone who attends your corporate holiday party. Unsure about how many items you’ll need? Our trained professional staff is standing by, ready to help with all your ePromo orders!
  3. Holiday office competitions: ePromos branded holiday gifts make the perfect choice for holiday office competitions. One idea is to offer various items and products as part of a holiday office competition. For example, December’s top-performing sales team wins a specific reward, with the next highest team earning a different item and so on. Another way is to hold a raffle with different prize tiers. There’s no wrong way to get creative with your holiday employee gifts from ePromos.
  4. Saying thank you: Show your customers and employees how much their dedication to your business means to you with personalized business gifts from ePromos. Say thank you for your business or a job well done over the past year with a thoughtful holiday gift. The holiday season provides an excellent opportunity to close out the year on a positive note.
  5. Reaching out to a client or customer: Use holiday gifts to reach out to existing or potential clients or customers during the holiday season. Let them know you’re excited to have a relationship with them while demonstrating your excitement to work with them in the year ahead. These are only a few ideas for using holiday promotional gifts from ePromos to build your business and enhance your relationships with existing customers and valuable employees.

Order Corporate Promotional Gifts From ePromos This Holiday Season

The holidays are an exciting and joy-filled time of year. Make this holiday season the most memorable one yet with branded holiday gifts from ePromos. At ePromos, we make the ordering process easy and affordable with our guarantee! Don’t trust your corporate promotional gifts to any online retailer. Shop with ePromos for top-notch customer service from a proven promotional branding expert. At ePromos, we want you to be a customer for life so we prioritize providing you with the best online and promotional product shopping experience. We guarantee order accuracy, from imprinting your items with the correct information and logo to packing and shipping them directly to your address. Our seasonal products offer something for everyone who is involved with making your business a success. From employees to customers, ePromos has a wide selection of products and accessories to meet all your branded holiday gift needs. Want to learn more about our outstanding products and service? Contact us today. Get your holiday gift orders started early with the trusted professionals at ePromos.    

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