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For many companies, giving out small promotional products with corporate branding on them is part of their overall marketing efforts. But when it comes time to say thanks and offer a small token of gratitude to your clients and employees, budget and travel gifts can go a long way. The next time you feel stumped for gift ideas or are wondering if it is necessary to snag a little something for the people who keep your business running, consider the following ideas of what to get and the benefits of gift-giving. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about budget and travel gifts plus where to find the best items.

The Impacts of Having Small Budget Promotional Gifts for Your Business

Businesses have a lot to gain from having promotional gifts. Corporate promotional gifts are a great way to help your business relate to customers and employees. Did you know that 82 percent of people who received a promotional product felt more favorable towards the brand that gifted them the item? This means doing something as simple as giving your employees a small gift could help influence a better outlook on your business. And since 83 percent of people who received a promotional gift were more likely to do business with the brand, giving small gifts to your clients can shape how they see your brand. There are tons of additional benefits and impacts of having budget promotional gifts for your business, such as the following:

  • Appreciation: When you want to make your team or a customer feel especially appreciated, a small gift can remind them that you value their work and efforts.
  • Acknowledgment: If your employees have worked extra hard on a big project or put in extra hours to meet a deadline, give them a promotional gift to recognize their effort. This kind of acknowledgment communicates that their work is important and valuable.
  • Celebration: When a client or team member meets a major goal or milestone, celebrating with a small gift can make them feel accomplished and given the recognition they deserve.

Promotional gifts are a great way of supporting and giving back to your customers and employees. When choosing which items to give, consider their usefulness. You want to give the people most important to your business something they can use repeatedly. Did you know that 53 percent of people use promotional items at least once a week? This means a small gift can go a long way and have a lasting impact. Giving gifts to clients and employees can leave a meaningful impact beyond the moment they receive them. In one survey, 75 percent of employees noted a boost in morale when they were given holiday gifts from the company. Your small-budget gift has the capability of boosting positivity and making your team feel recognized and valued. When businesses give back to their employees and customers, they end up getting way more than they paid for.

When to Use Small Promotional Gifts for Your Clients

Corporate promotional items make for wonderful customer appreciation gifts. Giving your clients a little something now and then is a great way to communicate appreciation. For corporate businesses, it is in good taste to give your clients a gift at least once a year. Part of building and nurturing relationships with clients is acknowledging them when it matters most. We have compiled a list of appropriate times to give clients gifts throughout the year.


While not everyone celebrates the same holidays, the end of the year is a great time for gift-giving. You do not need to break the bank to give your clients something to say thank you for a wonderful year. Budget promotional gifts will allow you to give clients something that reminds them of you and your work together while hopefully reminding them they want to keep doing business with you throughout the coming year.

Accomplishing Something Big

When a client lands a major deal or completes a big project, giving them a gift is a great way of saying congratulations. It shows your business recognizes your clients’ accomplishments and cares about their success. It does not have to be large and expensive. A budget promotional gift that is both useful and relevant will do!

Launching a New Product

When a client launches a new product, initiative, or service, giving them a gift to celebrate their new endeavor is a thoughtful way of offering your well-wishes. It shows you are up to date with their business matters and recognize the hard work that goes into starting something new. When a new launch comes around, consider gifts that can be especially useful.

Hitting Milestones

When a client hits a milestone, it can be a great gesture to gift them with something small. Whether it is a business-related anniversary, or they reached a monetary goal, celebrating with them is a thoughtful way of supporting their efforts and work.


When it comes time to say thank you to a client, it is best to do it with a gift of appreciation. Thank-you gifts should be thoughtful but can be small and budget-friendly. Offering these types of presents will set you apart from competitors and give your client the sense that you are friendly, considerate, and enjoy working with them.

When to Use Small Promotional Gifts for Employees

When it comes time to offer your employees a token of appreciation, small promotional gifts can be a great tool. The best times to give gifts to employees are slightly different than client gift-giving. The gifts you choose may be more suitable for the jobs they have. It is a nice gesture to find gifts that coincide with the nature of your business’s industry that your employees can use for a long time.


Having holiday gifts for your employees is a special way of giving back to the people who work hard for your business. It is a reminder you care and have appreciated the work they have completed this year. Christmas gifts for employees do not have to be extravagant, but they should always be functional and thoughtful.

Work Anniversaries

One of the best times to celebrate with an employee is during a work anniversary because it symbolizes both loyalty and dedication from the individual. Giving small promotional gifts on work anniversaries is an easy way of commemorating the time they have spent working for your business. Plus, 59 percent of employees have a more positive outlook on their workplace after receiving branded promotional gifts.


When an employee accomplishes something important, give them recognition with a small gift. By acknowledging hard work and achievements, your team is more likely to do better work. Did you know 91 percent of human resources professionals believe giving employees the recognition they deserve will keep them at their job for longer? Do not miss out on an opportunity to recognize employee accomplishments!


Budget employee gifts make for awesome birthday presents. Giving birthday gifts to your team members will not only make them feel special but will also help you connect personally to your employees. It can be a small, inexpensive promotional gift. Consider useful gifts that will make them feel celebrated and seen by the company. Simple gifts like drinkware or candy will work!


Much like saying thank you to your clients, saying thank you to your team is important. A small thank-you goes a long way. For those times when your team goes above and beyond to meet a deadline or make something happen, a thank-you gift can be the perfect way to acknowledge their performance and help. Plus, offering a small incentive will motivate your team to keep up the great work.

The Lasting Impressions of Budget Marketing Items

Small promotional items are wonderful not only for gift-giving, but they also make for an effective yet budget-friendly marketing tool! Whether it is a t-shirt, mug, or umbrella, having promotional products can function as a moving billboard for your business. In fact, in the 2020 Global Ad Impressions Study, promotional products were noted as being the most highly regarded form of advertising over television and the internet. Advertising and marketing can be costly for a business. Luckily, promotional items are a budget-friendly form of marketing that is highly effective and can lead to excellent results.

Building Brand Recognition

One of the benefits of distributing promotional products is that your business’s name and logo can be exposed to tons of new people and potential customers. When someone wears a company’s branded t-shirt or carries around a branded tumbler of coffee, they are walking ambassadors for that business. Did you know that 9 in 10 recipients of a marketing product can recall the branding on the item and 79 percent of people research the brand after getting a promotional product? This means promotional items are working overtime to boost your marketing efforts. The more useful a marketing item is, the longer it will stick around and do advertising work for you and your business!

Cultivating Customer Loyalty

Brands are always trying to reach new customers, but customer retention and loyalty are vital parts of any successful marketing plan. When a company makes an effort to give back to its customers and to say thank you with a small gesture like a promotional marketing item, customers will take notice. Distributing promotional items allows your customers to be repeatedly reminded of your business without any pushy or overbearing tactics. Plus, it costs a lot less to nurture existing relationships than it does to acquire new shoppers. It costs up to five times more to acquire new customers than to tend to existing ones.

Generating Leads

Budget marketing items are a great and cost-effective way of getting the attention of new customers. Promotional products can be used as incentives for new clients or returning ones that make a business referral. If your marketing items are functional and useful, then they will get more use and more people will interact with them! Promotional items can influence word-of-mouth advertising and have prospective customers asking about your brand.

Budget-Friendly Promotional Items and Travel Gifts

At ePromos, we have a wide range of products from apparel to tools to travel essentials. Whether you are looking for budget marketing materials or a small travel gift for globetrotting clients and employees, we have the selection you need to leave a lasting impact.

  1. Magnets: Magnets can be placed in high-traffic areas and get lots of daily exposure. Plus, a magnet typically stays on a refrigerator for six to eight years! Our Square Chalkboard Magnet is extremely functional and will get lots of use!
  2. Pens: Most people keep promotional pens and other writing instruments for around six months. Instead, try a pen with extra features like our MopToppers® Stylus Pen. With this pen, you can write, use it as a stylus, and clean your technology screen all in one! The cute and quirky design will keep this pen on desks for longer.
  3. Tumblers: Drinkware can be used daily, making it a good marketing item. Most consumers keep drinkware for about a year and even longer if it is fit for traveling. The Color Changing Double Wall Tumbler is an attention-catching product that will have people asking about your brand.
  4. T-shirts: On average, a promotional t-shirt is kept for about 14 months. Afterward, most people give the shirt to another person and the lifecycle can keep going, making this a gift that keeps giving! Our Port & Company Essential Logo T-shirt is budget-friendly and can be worn for years.
  5. Luggage tags: For clients or sales teams who travel often, a luggage tag is a small yet thoughtful gift they can use for years on end. Our Soft Touch Logo Luggage Tag is durable and will make finding luggage easier!
  6. Business card cases: For people who travel often, small security measures go a long way. The Identity Theft Protection Credit Card Case will protect and organize important cards. A case like this can last for years.
  7. Neck pillows: Every traveler wants to be comfortable while they are on the go. Our Neck Pillow w/ Case is convenient and can be folded and tossed into a carry-on bag. Most people use neck pillows for one to two years before replacing, which means lots of promotion on airlines to come!
  8. Travel bags: People who travel often can always use new bags. The Deluxe Travel Tote Bag is highly functional and can be folded to a more compact size. Most promotional bags have a life span of around 11 months, but travelers can keep a bag like this for years!
  9. Bottle openers: With our laser engraved bottle openers, your brand’s logo gets to be on an item potential customers keep on their keys and use when spending recreational time sharing beers and drinks with friends or family.
  10. Fanny packs: These bags feature your logo and can be taken on short trips, hikes and other activities where your potential customers will meet with other people who will receive your brand message.

We understand that personalized branded items contribute to a profound impact on your brand awareness and customer retention. Several reports have stated that promotional items, especially ones that customers can use in their everyday lives, increase the likelihood of them returning to your business. This means your marketing efforts will result in tangible effects that contribute to increased sales.

It has also been reported that eight out of 10 people prefer receiving physical promotional products over being advertised to online. Commonly, giving people things that they can hold and have a tactile experience with makes them subconsciously associate their experience with your brand. 

These products are both able to spread the word about your business and stay within your marketing budget. We offer you lower prices for more items so that you can buy the things you need in bulk and get your customers to advocate for your brand by increasing referrals and recommendations. 

Get our products at wholesale prices to use for conferences, discount offers and other business ventures that include interacting directly with your customers past simply completing sales transactions. The positive associations will keep customers coming back and allow them to keep a souvenir that serves a useful purpose in their everyday lives.

Finding the right products that align with your brand values gives you the opportunity to make cohesive merchandise that customers will regard as an extension of your core range of products or services. You have full control over your gift products’ customization and can decide where to give them to your customers — either as part of a promotion effort at an event or as a thank-you gift for attending your own business’s event.

Gift products from an event show consumers that their efforts are appreciated and tie in directly with the kind of experience you want them to have. A positive experience in conjunction with promotional products will give consumers a story to share that always leads back to word-of-mouth recommendations.

Give Your Clients Something To Remember Your Brand

Sometimes the best way to say thank you is with a small gift! ePromos has everything you need plus a full suite of services to make the process of getting your products as easy as possible for you. With our 110 percent satisfaction guarantee, you can feel confident that you are getting the right items with the right imprint, on time or your order is on us. From travel accessories to drinkware, our extensive selection of products will make gift-giving simple this year. Shop ePromos to get every gift you need for your clients or employees today!

Updated 12/07/2022

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