The Ultimate Guide to Wireless Chargers

The Ultimate Guide to Wireless Charging Pads

Although wireless charging technology is nothing new, commercial wireless charging pads, or mats, have just begun to reach consumers. If you want the best wireless charging pad, you need to know the basics of wireless charging and how to select one that’s perfect for your devices and charging needs. Because wireless charging pads have only recently come into the market, they make great giveaways for promotional campaigns at trade shows, workshops, events, or as incentives to your most loyal customers or clients. They’re relatively inexpensive, and they look great with your logo and contact information printed on them. Not everyone has one. That makes them a novelty that will attract visitors to your locale, and they’ll want to show their friends and coworkers. As novelties gaining popularity quickly, people who receive them will be thrilled to have one. Simple and convenient, these promotional items have a high perceived value, practically […]

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