How Many Promotional Items Should You Order?

Promotional products are a great way to earn buzz for your business by enticing potential new customers with free stuff — and people love free stuff. Not only that, but one study found 56% of participants said their impression of a business was improved after receiving a free promotional product. Also, the average lifespan of a promotional product is six months, and many people pass them onto others when finished. What does that mean? Your brand continues to spread with each passing of a promotional pen, mug, umbrella, etc. It’s true, we’re ever touting the value of promotional products — and frankly, we think you should, too. The data is just too good in support of the great return on investment and brand awareness you can garner from them. But, if you’ve ever ordered promotional products, we bet there’s one thing that’s given you pause — quantity. You’ve made the […]

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