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Promo Marketing

Marketing your business with promotional products produces results, but it’s not easy as just handing out freebies and hoping people like them. It’s important to understand the whole process and how you plan to achieve your goals along the way. In this part of our Education Center, we’ve provided a whole group of posts specifically focused on best practices with promo marketing to help your company make well-informed decisions and be most effective with branded logo items. Even the slightest bit of knowledge can give you a competitive advantage, so read on for several tips and tricks on the promotional products industry.

Sustainable Fabrics for Eco-Friendly Promotional Items

Many industries are looking to use sustainable materials to produce fabrics and products. Sustainable materials are materials that don't deplete nonrenewable resources or harm the environment and natural resource systems. Sustainable materials include recyclable materials and bio-based polymers derived from renewable resources like [...]

By |October 19th, 2022|Apparel, Buying Guides, Promo Marketing|

Strides Toward Sustainability in the Promotional Products Industry

Many industries are becoming increasingly concerned with sustainability and following environmentally-conscious practices. A large part of working toward a sustainable future is the development of promotional products that can help replace harmful single-use items made from unsustainable materials. Learn about [...]

By |September 7th, 2022|Promo Marketing|

Backpacks For Life

How Backpacks For Life Began Eight years ago, Sgt. Brett D’Alessandro returned home from a challenging deployment in Afghanistan and quickly realized how difficult it was to reintegrate back into civilian life. One day he passed a homeless Vet on [...]

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