Overview of Imprints and the Importance of Imprints

Promotional products imprinted with your company details have many benefits, whether you’ll be using them as trade show giveaway items or corporate gifts. Some of the top imprinting benefits include:

1. Increase Brand Awareness and Recognition

Promotional products act as visual representations of your brand. Therefore, branding promotional products with your company details offers you a chance to reinforce your brand. To successfully market your brand using promotional products, include information that showcases your brand in the best light and aligns with all other brand messaging.

Many imprinted promotional products, such as custom-branded mugs, tumblers, pens and notebooks, are useful in recipients’ daily lives. Whether used at home, in the office or on the go, they give your brand exposure and make it more recognizable.

Promotional products like tote bags or t-shirts become walking advertisements that attract people to your brand — if you hand out these items at a trade show, for example, more people will be aware of your booth and stop by. Increased booth traffic provides more opportunities to sell your products and services.

2. Stay Ahead of the Competition

Promo giveaways

Imprinting your promotional products helps differentiate your business from competitors in the market. Differentiation makes it easy for customers to pick out your products from the crowd. Unique freebies given to customers after an event or along with a purchase make them feel like they’ve achieved something bigger than they bargained for.

As a result, customers are compelled to purchase from you again or spread the good word about your products and impeccable customer service. It’s important to gift customers, employees and other stakeholders high-quality promotional items they will use often — this approach will make them appreciate the gifts more and keep your brand top-of-mind. Constant exposure to these products will make it easier for clients to remember and choose your brand in the competitive marketplace.

3. Foster Loyalty

Many customers feel more positive about a business after receiving a promotional product from them. For example, gifting a small promotional item with a purchase can encourage customers to return, especially if that item gives them further insight into the other products you offer or relates to your company in some way. At the same time, giving thoughtful, branded gifts to your employees helps them feel appreciated for their work. These positive associations go far in fostering satisfaction and loyalty.

4. Save on Marketing Costs

Promotional products used as part of a marketing campaign require a small investment but have a high return on investment (ROI). Several factors help to maximize the ROI of custom branded company merchandise:

  • Promotional items can be purchased in bulk, which saves you money.
  • Promotional products are available in various price ranges, making it easier to stick to your marketing budget.
  • There are many affordable imprinting methods that reduce how much you spend on promotional products.
  • Promotional products act as a word-of-mouth marketing tool that boosts your cost per impression.
  • Promotional products can be used in conjunction with other marketing methods, such as social media marketing, because they make for effective photo opportunities.

Product Imprinting Examples

Imprinting promotional products is an effective way to display your logo and other company information durably and memorably. You can add your logo to any product using one or a combination of imprinting techniques.

Some examples of imprinted promotional products include:

Which Imprint Method Is Best?

With so many imprinting methods available, you must consider some essential factors before choosing the best one for your promotional products.

  • Product material: The best imprint method depends on the specific product materials you’ll be working with — different materials hold ink differently. The product material also determines the appearance and quality of the imprint.
  • Budget: Some methods, like dye sublimation, laser engraving and embossing, are more expensive than others, like heat transfer and screen printing. However, pricier options can produce higher-quality imprints that last longer.
  • Imprint area: This is the space where your logo, text and design are placed on a promotional product. While the product type often determines the imprint area’s size, the imprinting method can also determine where the imprint will go.

You can learn more about imprinting methods and how to choose the best technique for your product and goals in this blog post.

Elevate Your Promotional Products With Professional Imprinting by ePromos

How you add your logo or brand can impact how effectively it attracts and converts leads. ePromos is a reliable imprinting partner that will help you produce impressive promotional products that boost your brand awareness giving you an edge over your competitors. ePromos offers a nice selection of environmentally friendly products which can help companies meet their ESG goals.

Our experts will help you choose the best imprinting method for your specific promotional products and execute it in a way that satisfies your needs. We’re here to support you throughout the entire process, from ideation to design to production, so you can create imprints that suit your vision and goals.

Check out our wide selection of promotional products today, or contact us for more information on our imprinting options.


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