Stribling-Shopping Bag

Stribling: Finding the Bag That Fits The Brand

As President of a leading New York real estate company, Stribling & Associates, Elizabeth Ann Stribling-Kivlan wears many hats. From the leader of the company one day – working to negotiate lucrative sales and building up a company –  to a maintenance person the next day trying to fix the copier,  it’s never a boring day at the upscale NYC firm. Running a business, of course, means you are also a constant marketing guru for your brand, the ultimate brand ambassador. As the overseer of all marketing efforts, Elizabeth is enmeshed in all the decisions related to traditional marketing…website, commercials, brochures and other forms of advertising. She believes that every brand touch should be consistent with the brand promise. That’s where ePromos came in. The Task Stribling & Associates was looking for a high-end bag for their exceptional clients. “I wanted our bags to be seen on the street as […]

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