Launch Kits

Challenge #1:  Produce 2 separate product kits to support

the launch of Samsung’s new device launch.  All product components needed to support key USP’s.  Kits would be used to measure rep engagement as well as support in-store selling events at carrier stores and major retailers.

Challenge #2:  Produce easily transportable, lightweight pop up station materials that require specific artwork to mirror the sales initiatives of the retailer(s).

Process:  Products and materials were brainstormed, sampled, and sourced based on timing, quantity, and availability of each piece.  Both domestic and direct from factory avenues were utilized.  Total lead time from start to finish of the project was approximately 60 days.

Custom packaging was manufactured in a Samsung approved facility in the US and kitting was completed at our warehouse in Tennessee.

Solution:  Over 5000 kits were individually dropped shipped across the USA.  Kit contents were curated to specifically meet the sales volume needs of each drop ship location.

Results:  Total project exceeded $1.1MM and has led to an incremental project totaling over $1.25MM.

Pop up tables are lightweight and easily collapse down for transport to and from location. Tabletop banners complete the pop up station materials. Table artwork is customized for specific needs and can be repurposed from project to project.

Individual regional sticker sheets were produced and bundled inside kits based on location.  Retro art and icon art sheets were also made.  These were used to decorate the tumblers that were included in each kit.