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Event Calendars

There are many opportunities throughout the year where your company could help to raise awareness. It could be a holiday or maybe a special day of awareness that relates to your company’s industry. Stand out on those special days by offering promotional giveaways with your branding. Our awareness events pages feature a month-by-month analysis of different days and weeks that are important to celebrate each month. Celebrating a certain holiday or helping raise awareness of a specific issue is a great way to show your brand’s supportive nature while connecting with your audience.

Awareness Events in May

May is a spirited month, a time of growth and new life — spring! April showers have (hopefully) stopped, the trees are budding, and flowers spring from the earth. People are ready to reemerge from their winter hibernation (of Netflix binges) and get out into the springtime air. All in all, it’s pretty great. With all this naturally going on, May practically forces people to want to celebrate, making it an excellent time to get your brand involved in an awareness event. Using your brand’s voice to support and connect with one of these events is a fun and dynamic [...]

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Awareness Events in December

December, the most wonderful time of the year. December is full of celebrations, magic (especially for little ones), and the official start of winter. In the U.S., a large majority celebrate Christmas or Hanukah, but there are many additional reasons to celebrate (see below!). And while those holidays are religious-based, there is the universal and ceremonious celebration of New Year’s Eve – the official end of the year! A time for reflection and jubilation. December is also a great time for your brand to get involved in a cause. As described above, people are already in the holiday spirit and [...]

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Awareness Events in November

November. Peak pumpkin spice month, among other much-loved things such as autumn, sweaters, and the start of the holiday season, which crescendos in the soon-to-come December (or peppermint mocha season, if you think in terms of latte flavors). November has a ton of reasons to celebrate. And while you might immediately hone straight in on Thanksgiving, there are plenty of other awareness campaigns and celebrations to get behind. In this piece, we’ll discuss the myriad of November events to consider adding your brand’s voice to, from medical awareness days to reading and writing events to veganism. Seriously, we cover them [...]

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Awareness Events in October

October, a firmly fall month. Breezes, sweaters, hot cocoa, spiced wine, and of course, pumpkin spice on repeat. As folks people settle back into the school routine, they’re also gearing up for the holidays, which are right around the corner —not to mention that October concludes with the widely celebrated Halloween. Additionally, there are many medical and safety-related awareness days throughout the month of October ripe for getting involved. Of course, it’s never too early to begin thinking about holiday gifts for employees and customers —something that promotional products are great for! In this piece we share a ton of [...]

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Awareness Events in September

September may be the official end of summer, but it’s also the glorious start to all thing’s autumn – cool weather, back to school, and, for many of you, pumpkin spice everything. Redemption! Starting with Labor Day, the weather starts to cool and people start thinking of cold weather activities that offer plenty of opportunities for your business to support and have a little fun – while raising brand awareness, of course. In this piece we’ll discuss some of our favorite September awareness events, including medical awareness days, and tips for how to get your brand involved and remembered through [...]

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Awareness Events in August

August is the perma-Sunday of summertime. A last chance to cross off any summer bucket list items, like getting to the beach, finally taking a vacation, and using the grill as much as possible while it’s still light out until nine o’clock (and too hot to cook inside anyway!). Fall signifies shorter days, back to school season, and chillier nights that only serve to remind us all that winter really is coming— the Monday to August’s Sunday, if you will. But like any good Sunday, August is no reason to sit inside and pout. There’s still sunshine! Hot weather! And [...]

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Awareness Events in July

The month of July is nestled right in the middle of summer — synonymous with long, hot days. Summer vacation. Poolside lounging. Sticky, late nights. It’s nostalgic, it’s hectic (so many BBQs! school-free kids!), it’s…kind of bliss, isn’t it? The warm days bring people out of their homes, ready to mingle after long winter days curled up inside. From a business perspective, the summer is a dream time to push a new marketing strategy that includes promotional products, as there are practically unending amounts of festivals, carnivals, and other summer apropos events that often accept/need vendors and/or sponsors. Also, from a [...]

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