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Event Calendars

There are many opportunities throughout the year where your company could help to raise awareness. It could be a holiday or maybe a special day of awareness that relates to your company’s industry. Stand out on those special days by offering promotional giveaways with your branding. Our awareness events pages feature a month-by-month analysis of different days and weeks that are important to celebrate each month. Celebrating a certain holiday or helping raise awareness of a specific issue is a great way to show your brand’s supportive nature while connecting with your audience.

Awareness Events in June

June is an exciting month in the U.S. — the official start of summer. Warm weather, vacations, and for educators and students — summer break! With longer days and summer heat, people tend to get much more active in June — and they’re often seeking fun things to do outdoors, such as festivals, carnivals, and summer sports like hiking and swimming. All of these activities make June the perfect month to get your brand involved in an awareness campaign. In this blog we’ll give you the details on every awareness event this month, which range from month-long to a single [...]

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Awareness Events in May

May is a spirited month, a time of growth and new life — spring! April showers have (hopefully) stopped, the trees are budding, and flowers spring from the earth. People are ready to reemerge from their winter hibernation (of Netflix binges) and get out into the springtime air. All in all, it’s pretty great. With all this naturally going on, May practically forces people to want to celebrate, making it an excellent time to get your brand involved in an awareness event. Using your brand’s voice to support and connect with one of these events is a fun and dynamic [...]

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Awareness Events in April

Monthly awareness events are a great way to get your brand involved with something that generates social good, rather than the normal business focus of profits and growth (which isn’t a bad thing!). April doesn’t have a ton of awareness opportunities compared to other months, but there are still plenty to consider. It can also be a nice month to get involved in because of its slowness — the quietness makes it ripe for the want of activity. After all, the ground is thawing, and signs of spring are beginning to show; all reminders the sun will eventually be back [...]

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Awareness Events in March

March is a transitional month; winter comes to a close and spring officially kicks off…à la “in like a lion, out like a lamb”. The buzz of the holidays has finally died down and life returns to a normal pace, which makes it a great month to get involved in an awareness event. Many of these events are not necessarily widely celebrated but are growing in popularity — and a great way to increase your brand reach and potentially find new customers. Keep reading for information on all the awareness events available this March. Holidays and Awareness Events in March [...]

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Awareness Events in February

February is certainly a short and sweet month. It’s the shortest month of the entire year — except when it’s a leap year. In 2020 it adds an extra day to the month. But for as short as it is, it’s bursting with sweetness, thanks to Valentine’s Day, which is just about as syrupy sweet as you can get. But, February has plenty to offer in the way of awareness events, too. It’s also a nice time to celebrate, as Thanksgiving and the big December/January holidays are behind us, people have had a chance to recoup and can muster the [...]

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Awareness Events in January

January, the first month of the brand spankin’ New Year, is a time when so many of us look to refresh, revive, and often reset our lives. With the glittery madness of the holidays behind us, it’s like a clean start; an opportunity to finally do all those things we said we’d do last year (and the year before that and the year before that…), like (finally) join the gym, pick up a new hobby, or start volunteering, à la New Year’s Resolutions. While resolutions are typically a personal experience, there’s no reason a business can’t set their own. This [...]

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