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Why Promotional Magnets Should be Part of Your Brand Strategy

Your brand is not just your product or even your logo… it’s so much more. Your brand is what’s at the heart of your company. It’s all the feels. So, your brand strategy needs to be in sync with that. You’re in it for the long haul, and so should be your branding strategy. An effective strategy will position your brand within the market; it will take what sets you apart from your competitors and make it shine. Promotional products are the ultimate marketing medium to your brand strategy because they take the intangible components of your brand and put them into something customers can physically touch and connect with. Why Use Promotional Magnets in Your Branding Strategy? Most people enjoy custom magnets; they put them on their refrigerators, cars, filing cabinets – anywhere they’ll stick. They may be useful for holding up pieces of paper, making a share-worthy statement, […]

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