Be Ready with Reusables When Your City/State Bans Plastic Bags

With the growing movement to ban plastic shopping bags, there’s an opportunity for smart businesses to build their brand presence while simultaneously doing their part to help the environment. The Movement to Ban Plastic Bags Plastic bags for groceries or other purchases may be convenient, but they’ve long been known as less than ideal for our environment. Because they’re so lightweight, these bags can travel with the wind and end up in places they shouldn’t be—from cluttering streets and property to wrapping around fences and tree branches or, worst of all, making their way into our water systems. When plastic bags pollute the ocean, birds, fish, and other sea creatures get tangled in them or wind up with plastic in their digestive systems. In response, many countries have banned plastic bags. Currently, there’s no national ban on plastic bags in the United States. However, individual states have begun to place […]

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