44 Great Reasons to Give a Gift

Want to save some time this holiday season? Ditch the holiday gift-giving list. That’s right, throw it straight into the trash. While your mom and your spouse may be annoyed, chances are, those on your corporate gift list won’t notice a bit. As companies look to differentiate themselves in the minds of their clients, many are forgoing the traditional gift around the holidays and instead gifting their customers at different times throughout the year.

“Send a client a gift in mid-December and they may or may not notice it,” says Jeanine Weide, a personal shopper and gift-giving expert. “Send the same client a gift in June and you’ll blow them out of the water.” The reasons to give someone a gift are wide-ranging, and you’re sure to impress with a well-timed gift!

The Psychology of Gift-Giving

Giving gifts has been a fundamental part of human relationships for generations. It creates strong social bonds and facilitates the development of business relationships. It also increases brand awareness and fosters solid business relationships — 68% of people who received a memorable gift from a business said it strengthened their relationship with that business.

44 Reasons to Give Someone a Gift

Giving gifts can go beyond the obligatory end-of-year celebrations and transform your internal and external business relationships. If you want to have an edge over the competition and show how much you care, consider the following gift-giving opportunities:

Celebrate Business Achievements

Many of us have the same goals in business, and celebrating each other’s achievements shows solidarity in achieving strategic objectives. Whether you’re celebrating a client’s achievements, an employee’s or your own, take advantage of the following opportunities:

  1. A promotion: A promotion is a big day for employees, and acknowledging their success and new status shows them you’re invested in their growth. Consider an upscale portfolio or briefcase for all those meetings they will be attending. Be sure to have it imprinted with their name.
  2. Your client placed their 10, 100 or 1,000 order: You know how hard it is to maintain client loyalty these days. Reward such relationships with incentives to stick with you for future orders.
  3. You’re starting a new partnership: How about sending each a gift — perhaps matching mugs or an upscale coffee carafe for the conference room, where they are sure to do some stellar brainstorming together. Add a bag of gourmet coffee and you’ll really wow them.
  4. Your client opened up a new facility or branch office: They are branching out. Send them a card with a seedling pack.
  5. It’s the anniversary of your client’s product or invention: Send a book or calendar featuring famous inventors and predict your client’s own fame in the future.
  6. Sales milestones: Your product is bought or your offer is accepted by the first 10, 25 or 50 people. Whatever number you choose, be sure to let everyone know beforehand that the first to respond will get a special gift. Then, make sure it really is special. Think gift cards, food baskets, spa gifts, luxury wearables and more.
  7. Someone receives an award: Your client or your client’s company is honored with an award. Heck, maybe your own company got an award! Give gifts to the people who made it happen.
  8. Important visitors: Dignitaries, or other important people, are visiting the company. Spare no expense. You want them to have the best impression of your company and to spread the word.
  9. A new product or service: If you or your client launches a new product or service, consider a dollar sign keychain, custom wine charms in the shape of their new product or something that will highlight the launch or “out of this world” service, such as an astronaut shaped pen.
  10. The anniversary of your client’s first order: There are all kinds of anniversaries you can celebrate. Even the anniversary of the time you made an error with their order and now you both can laugh about it. Your client will likely recall how you rose to the challenge to save the day.
  11. A company milestone: Give a gift to clients when your own company crosses a milestone. Some ideas include a pocket planner, wall calendar or pen touting the number of years you’ve been in business.
  12. The first order: Give a gift to a client when they order from you for the first time.
  13. Achieving your goals: When your team hits a company goal or completes an essential project, reward everyone who helps, from the company receptionist to the sales assistant to the customer service reps. Some branded swag can reinforce the teamwork that went into this milestone.
  14. Celebrating each other: Encourage gift-giving as a form of appreciation between employees to foster a team environment.
  15. Welcoming new employees: Welcoming someone to the team is one of the best reasons to give employees gifts. This small gesture will make them feel welcome, and they’ll look forward to working with you.
  16. Providing incentives: Giving employees gifts is excellent as an incentive to engage in team building or training activities with an attractive incentive for completion, like additional computer accessories for their office setup.
  17. Rewarding hard work: When an employee goes above and beyond for your business, show your appreciation with a gift. Consider encouraging them to take some well-deserved me-time with an eye mask, for example.

Show Your Appreciation

The right gift can show your stakeholders and employees how much you appreciate their hard work and loyal patronage. Take some of the following opportunities:

  1. Your client visited your trade show booth: Hey, they took the time to come see you. Take the time to thank them and then be sure to follow up with them after you send the gift. Your thoughtfulness might inspire them to place an order. One item to consider: A cool, inexpensive tote bag they can use to lug their materials home from the show.
  2. A client gave you a referral: One excellent reason companies give gifts to clients is to show appreciation for a referral. “I personally give my clients a gift when they have gone out of their way to refer someone to me,” says Mara Villa of Advertising Magic Inc., a promotional products distributor. “I have given gift cards to my clients, sometimes for $25, and sometimes $50, to one of their favorite stores. This always goes over well, and my clients call or email me with their appreciation. I tell them that referrals are very precious to me and it’s a very small way that I can thank them for their valuable gift to me.”
  3. Thanking a client for an important order: Sometimes, an order can be the “break into a new client” order, which will then lead to the entire account.
  4. Your client attended your meeting, seminar or workshop: Conducting or hosting seminars and other events can be prime networking opportunities for you and your company. Be sure every attendee gets a gift, such as a pen, mug or portfolio set with all of your contact information imprinted on them, of course. A handwritten follow-up thank you note afterward can work wonders.
  5. Someone registered at your website: People register at websites all the time. And what do they get in return? Well, access to all of your great ideas and information, but you should stand out from the sea of sites by sending a small gift. Think cool pens or magnets.
  6. Someone raises money for a charity: Why not send them a gift of appreciation for helping your community? A bobblehead of them as a superhero comes to mind. Also, make a donation yourself.
  7. Send a “just because” gift: Impromptu appreciation gifts can be the most meaningful. Send a gift to an employee or someone you do business with just to let them know you appreciate them.
  8. A hello gift: Send a quick greeting to a client you haven’t heard from lately. Everyone’s living in the fast lane these days. A present from you will force them to slow down for a moment and remember you’re there to help.
  9. An apology gift: Send something special to your client after you mess up an order. Another reason to give a gift: after a client has been gracious to you after an order goes wrong.
  10. Leave a gift when you visit a client or business prospect: You’d bring a gift to your friend if you were visiting their home, wouldn’t you? Why should your client, who is hosting you also, be any different? A logoed desk accessory would make a perfect gift. Of course, the gift should include every way possible that a prospect can reach you when promotional needs arise. It could be something as simple as a coffee mug. A small token, for sure, but one that will probably sit around on the prospect’s desk forever.

Congratulate Personal Milestones

Congratulate personal Milestones

There is no better way to give a meaningful gift than to celebrate a personal milestone. The following ideas could take your gifting to the next level:

  1. The birth of a child or grandchild: “What better way to communicate that you care for a client or employee than to acknowledge the birth of their child or grandchild?” says Gossett. A cozy baby blanket is a nice idea. Or how about a basket full of personal care items for Mom?
  2. A birthday: No matter how old we get, everyone feels special on their big day. If you remember your employee or client’s birthday every year, there is no way they will forget you. Apparel always makes a fun birthday gift.
  3. A retirement: They’ve given you so much business over the years and are now off to a life of leisure. What’s their favorite thing to do in their downtime? If it’s camping, send them camping gear. If they will be traveling, luggage and other travel-related items would be perfect. If it’s a client’s retirement, remember they will advise whoever fills their position that they should do business with you.
  4. A new pet: Leashes, pet snacks, pet dishes and the like come to mind. But you can also be a little different by sending a doggy T-shirt imprinted with the new puppy’s name and the date he arrived.
  5. The trip of a lifetime: They’re excited. Be excited for them and show it by sending them a book about their destination. Other ideas: logoed flip-flops or towels.
  6. A big wedding anniversary: Champagne, anyone? A set of crystal flutes, engraved with the date of their marriage and their names would be lovely and appreciated.
  7. child graduates from high school, college or grad school: Send a gift the whole family can enjoy. Food or candy usually works for everyone.
  8. Someone gets married, remarried or has a commitment ceremony: Celebrate a union with a thoughtful couple’s gift, like a personalized coffee set for two.
  9. Children’s birthdays: Give gifts to your employee’s children on their birthdays to show them their families matter to you, or go the extra mile for a client’s child.

Give Your Support

Your support can make a difference in challenging times. Keep the following in mind to remind your clients and employees you care about them as people:

  1. Illness or injury: If a client, employee or one of their immediate family members is ill, an appropriate gift could lift their spirits. Encourage some self-care with a custom tea gift set.
  2. Medical appointments: Have a medical appointment? Bring a thank-you gift to your doctor, dentist or practitioner – or the front desk at your doctor’s office. They are some of the most underappreciated but important people in your life. If an employee had a medical appointment, something small to wish them well could be an excellent gifting opportunity.

Get in the Holiday Mood

The holidays are the perfect time to celebrate what you’ve accomplished, foster collaboration and inspire your team. You’ve probably got the popular holidays covered, but here are some ideas to ensure you keep surprising your recipients:

  1. Obscure holidays: A holiday rolls around that is less known for corporate gift-giving, like Thanksgiving, New Year’s or Valentine’s Day. If your client or employee is particularly patriotic, how about Flag Day?
  2. Environmental holidays: A holiday like Earth Day or Arbor Day is an excellent gifting opportunity for green-minded clients. Gift some environmentally friendly products or plant a tree in your client’s name and send them a card with the details.
  3. The start of a new season: Seasonal gifts are always exciting, especially if the recipient enjoys a sport or hobby during a particular time of year, like the start of winter for an avid skier or the beginning of the growing season for a gardener.
  4. Sports season: Is your client or employee obsessed with a particular national league sport? Send them a gift when the season starts. A stadium cushion or tailgating mug with their favorite team’s logo would be ideal.
  5. Annual events: Give a gift at your company’s yearly special event or company picnic.
  6. Summer celebrations: Celebrate summer with your co-workers. Organize a special summer event and give summer-themed gifts like caps, beach towels and personalized water bottles.

Find the Perfect Gift Opportunity With ePromos

The perfect gift can transform a business relationship or inspire your team to achieve their personal best. Whatever gifting opportunities you choose, ePromos has the expertise to make them a reality. Browse our extensive selection of corporate gifts or chat with a branding expert today!


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