Creating the Perfect New Parent Kit for Employees

Becoming a new parent is a special and exciting experience. If one of your employees is looking forward to the parenthood journey, you can offer congratulations, send well wishes and share in the excitement with new-parents gifts. Giving meaningful gifts to new parents shows them that you and their other co-workers are there for them during this new adventure.

Now, you may be wondering: How do you find the best gifts for new parents? How do you personalize the gifts? What type of gifts will they find useful? Below, we’ll help you answer these questions and share the top corporate new baby gifts you should consider for the newest parents in the office.

1. Baby Bottle

Most new parents will put baby bottles to immediate use, especially if they are bottle-feeding their babies or supplementing their newborn’s diet with a bottle. A gift of baby bottles or sippy cups will make feeding times easier and more convenient for new parents. While they’re mostly a one-size-fits-all type of gift, there are specific features that make some baby bottles superior to others. Baby bottles should:

  • Be made of safe and lightweight materials such as BPA-free plastic or food-grade silicone.
  • Be easy to fill and clean.
  • Hold around 4 ounces of liquid.

You can also get sippy cups with handles and non-spill lids for use as the baby grows up. To customize these gifts and make them special for your employee, you can imprint your brand logo and tagline onto the cup, reminding the new parent they’re part of a company family.

2. Baby Clothes

You can never go wrong with gifting baby clothes — they’re practical and adorable! There are tons of options to choose from, including secure onesies, cozy pajamas, cute toddler shirts and infant bodysuits. Baby apparel is available in a wide selection of colors, and baby clothes are easy to customize with your company branding and cute messaging that makes them even more sentimental. Maybe you’ll add a saying like “My mom’s the boss at…” or “Future employee of the month.” You could also keep it simple and imprint your company logo on the front of a T-shirt.

3. Silicone Bibs

Silicone baby bibs are thoughtful gift options that make meal times less messy for the tiny, cheerful feeders. They’re available in cute colors and provide lots of space to add your company logo or a positive message. Bibs made of food-grade silicone are safe and non-toxic for babies, as they’re BPA-, PVC- and lead-free. Silicone bibs delicately clasp around the baby’s neck without being too tight or heavy.


New parents will also appreciate silicone bibs because they are:

  • Soft and flexible.
  • Portable.
  • Waterproof.
  • Heat-resistant.
  • Cold-resistant.
  • Water-resistant.

4. Toys

Including toys in new parent gift kits gives them an easy and fun way to keep the babies entertained and giggling. Some of the best toys to gift new parents are the kind babies can continue to use in their toddlerhood — or that parents can use themselves. Below are top ideas for toys to include in employee gift sets:

  • A bottle of promotional bubbles: bottle of bubbles is a creative way to entertain newborn babies. Parents can create an intriguing visual experience for their baby with the delicate bubbles.
  • Push-pop bubble: These fidget toys are colorful and textured to create a fun, multisensory experience. New parents can use them to ease stress and fight boredom, and children can use them as they get older. These toys may not be as suitable for babies since they would likely put them straight into their mouths.
  • Rubber ducks: Rubber duckies are thoughtful and meaningful classic toys that make bath time much more fun for babies and parents. Customizing them with your company logo and tagline is easy, so the family will always associate your company with fun times.

5. Baby Spoons

Ergonomic and appropriately sized baby spoons made of safe materials make meal times better and positively support a baby’s development. The best baby spoons for a new parent gift box have a long, slender handle and a small bowl so that it’s not too big for the baby’s mouth.

Food-grade silicone spoons are a great choice because they’re soft and gentle on a baby’s gums. They are also dishwasher safe, making them easy to clean. You can consider incorporating the baby spoons as part of a themed box that includes other carefully selected feeding essentials, such as cups, plates, bowls and bibs.

Medicine spoons are another alternative to regular feeding spoons. These make administering medicine to toddlers more bearable. Purchasing medicine spoons in fun colors and including kid-friendly animated characters alongside company branding will make them an instant hit.

6. Adult Drinkware

You can’t forget the parents when curating corporate new-parent gift sets! Drinkware is among the gifts that most parents will appreciate because almost anyone can use it to stay hydrated throughout the day and late at night. Insulated tumblers and travel mugs with tight-fitting lids and straws are ideal options that parents can use even if they only have one hand free.

Custom-branded drinkware and drinkware accessories are super useful gifts. Parents will use them at least two or three times every week. Other adult drinkware gifts appropriate for new parents include:

  • Water bottles
  • Ceramic coffee mugs
  • Antimicrobial drinkware

Want a more elegant gift idea? A coffee press and glass set is a thoughtful gift for new parents — they’ll be thankful for it every morning as they prepare their daily fuel.

8. Care Package

While being a new parent is exciting, the sleepless nights and countless lifestyle changes can get overwhelming. Care packages are, therefore, a welcome gift for many new parents that help them indulge in self-care and relaxation. Self-care kits promote rest and relaxation, which helps parents feel less stressed and more confident in their abilities. While it may be impossible to feel relaxed during the transition to caring for another person, making time to care care of themselves is important for new parents.


You can find ready-to-go spa kits with at-home spa essentials, such as a sisal sponge, a mesh scrubber, a pumice stone, a nail brush and a foot brush, either carefully packed into a customized tote bag or an authentic wood crate. The new parents will appreciate a care package that encourages them to take relaxing baths whenever possible. Here are some other products you can include in your care package for new parents:

  • Baby lotion
  • Body lotion for the parents
  • Massage oil
  • Sunscreen
  • Sleep masks
  • Lip balms or moisturizers
  • Ear plugs and eye masks
  • Star shape massagers
  • Face rollers

8. Sweatshirts and Sweatpants

New parents will be spending a lot of time at home, and they’ll need cozy outfits they can lounge in. Sweatpants and sweatshirts made using high-quality fabric fit the bill perfectly — they’re comfy, and parents can wear them while lounging, pushing the stroller on a walk or traveling to necessary checkup appointments.

You can add your company logo and tagline to sweatshirts and sweatpants, and you can add personalized titles like “mom,” “dad,” “papa” or “mama.” Matching unisex hoodies and sweatpants will be highly appreciated by new parents. If you’re giving a gift to a new mother, you can also consider high-waisted spandex leggings that offer extra support for the postpartum belly. New moms can pair this item with cropped hoodies.

9. Loungewear and Layering

Comfort is paramount for parents during the newborn phase, so loungewear and layerings are in constant rotation. Here are some more wearables and comfort items:

  • Luxurious robes: Robes bring the spa to the home as new parents wrap themselves in plush microfiber robes after a long bath or a quick shower.
  • Wearable blankets: Wearable blankets offer the unmatched comfort of traditional fleece blankets with the practicality of wearable clothing. So, new parents can keep warm and cozy even as they cater to the needs of their newborn babies.
  • Interlock cardigans: These are classic cardigans with a relaxed shawl collar that new moms can wear as they lounge at home or when they step out to run errands. New moms can also wear their cardigans when they come back to the workplace.
  • Throw blankets: Large throw blankets add warmth and comfort to a home, and both parents can use them to snuggle after a long, tiresome day. Blankets can be embroidered or imprinted with your company logo as well.

10. Bags

Baby bags are among the gifts that make life easier for first-time and experienced parents. A good quality baby bag houses everything needed to keep a baby clean, fed and happy while on the go. Diaper bags are one effective option, but regular backpacks and tote bags might be the better choice because they give the family more use long after the newborn stage. Backpacks and totes also work well for parents because they free up their hands to carry their bundle of joy!

You should ensure the bag you gift new parents is compact and lightweight so they’ll want to reach for it daily. You should also consider the size, number of pockets, insulated linings, bag structure and ease of maintenance. For example, is the bag easy to clean if baby food spills? Are there enough pockets to keep everything organized? Is it big enough to hold everything? Lunch bags also make great gifts for parents. Parents can use them to carry their baby’s food and keep it warm or cold while on the move.

11. Tech Accessories


Tech accessories make a parent’s life easier during the transition phase. Below are ideas of tech accessories to get for new parents and how they’ll make life easier:

  • Phone or tablet stands: A sturdy phone or tablet stand allows parents to safely and securely prop their devices as they juggle the many tasks that come with parenthood.
  • Wireless charging stations: Parents can place their phones on wireless charging stations and go about their day without connecting any cables. You can also impress them with functional charging stations such as a wireless branded picture framea wireless alarm clock with a charging station or a UV germ-free sterilizer box with wireless charging.
  • Phone grips: These helpful accessories adhere to the back of one’s device to provide extra grip and serve as a convenient and low-profile stand they can use when watching videos, taking selfies and talking.
  • Earbuds or headphones: These enable new parents to catch a break as they watch videos or listen to music without disturbing their little ones. Earbuds and headphones also come in handy for picking up calls hand-free. New parents can also use noise-canceling headphones and earbuds to calm down and drift to sleep while the other parent remains on baby duty.

12. First-Aid Kits

First-aid kits make excellent gifts for new parents. While they may not use them immediately, they’ll come in handy for the baby’s first scrapes, scratches or bumps — which are all a natural part of growing up. In the meantime, parents and older kids can use the first-aid kits. Here are some ideas:

  • Sun care promotional first aid kit with cinch pouch: The best kit for summer adventures includes an antiseptic towelette, sunscreen, Blistex® cream and latex-free bandages. The items come in a portable bag that attaches easily to backpacks or tote bags.
  • Primary care promotional first aid kit: This kit includes first-aid essentials such as latex-free vinyl bandages, antiseptic towelettes and first-aid cream packets. It’s compact and fits well into medicine cabinets, backpacks, purses and glove compartments.

13. Journals

Journals make awesome keepsakes that parents can use to reflect on their baby’s milestones and record priceless moments to share as the baby grows up. Parents can also use them to write letters to the baby or reflect on their thoughts and feelings as they go through this new season of their lives.

You can gift simple, uncomplicated journal designs so that parents can decide what they want to write or have customized versions with brief guided entries to help them get started. Including writing gift sets with pens makes journals a more intentional gift. Make sure to choose a journal made of durable materials to ensure they keep memories safe long after the kids have grown up.

Browse Ideas for Corporate New Baby Gifts From ePromos

The best new-parent gifts for employees are thoughtful and practical to help parents embark on this new journey. To make your gift extra inclusive, you can include your employee’s partner and any older siblings. This way, everyone is happy and nobody feels left out. For example, maybe you’ll include a “Big Sis” or “Big Bro” T-shirt for a first-time older sibling alongside the parent gifts.

Besides including the whole family, you’ll want to choose gifts that are personal and special. One way of doing so is by giving gifts branded with your company logo or slogan. Giving company-related gifts implies the whole team is excited to welcome the new baby and ensures you personalize the gifts while remaining as professional as possible. It also reassures your employee that they have a whole team of people supporting them at work!

ePromos offers a wide selection of promotional merchandise to curate impressive new employee onboarding kits, employee care packages, holiday kits or new parent kits. We take pride in providing our clients with the best service and products and a seamless ordering process. Shop baby gifts for new parent employees today!


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