7 Earth Day Marketing Campaigns and Promotion Ideas for Businesses

Every year on April 22, the world celebrates Earth Day. The day’s goal is to educate people about sustainability and get them involved in environmental movements. Earth Day is celebrated in over 192 countries, with nearly 1 billion people mobilized to take action for the planet’s future.

With consumers becoming increasingly concerned about the environment, businesses must show their support for Earth Day. There are many Earth Day marketing and promotion ideas you can use to share your message with consumers and clients and let them know how much your company cares.

1. Collaborate With Other Businesses

Earth Day is about society as a collective working together to make a difference. Collaborations are one way to promote your business and Earth Day. There are a few ways you can do this:

  • Partner with an environmental group: Numerous environmental groups work hard to protect the planet. Find one that resonates the most with your business and customers and partner with them. You can pledge a certain percentage of sales to them during April or offer discounts and specials for the volunteers in these groups. You can also take part in any events they have set up by volunteering.
  • Work with an artist: Create a range of limited-edition sustainable products for Earth Day by working with a local artist. The sales from these products can go toward a chosen initiative.
  • Pledge to a local good cause: Find a regional initiative that works to better the community. This cause could be a local park cleanup or tree planting program you pledge time, money or supplies to on Earth Day.
  • Collaborate with an eco-influencer: Set up a competition or fundraising campaign with an eco-influencer. You donate the money or supplies raised during these campaigns to the eco-influencer’s chosen environmental movement.

2. Go Social

Social media is versatile, making it perfect for Earth Day marketing. There are several ways you can use your social media for Earth Day marketing and promotions to get your brand in front of new customers.

Run a campaign regarding sustainability for the weeks leading up to Earth Day. Get people to share photos of them out in nature or cleaning up and pledge a certain amount of money or time to an environmental cause for each image you see under a specific hashtag. Set a goal for how much you want to contribute and end the effort when you reach it.

Another way to leverage social media is by sharing valuable tips for green living. While sharing advice, you can highlight some of your products or services that help people and businesses be greener. Ensure the advice you share is realistic, easy to implement and affordable. Show people you care about them and the planet!

3. Make Your Location a Recycling Point

Drive traffic to your location by making it a recycling point on Earth Day. Advertise online and in areas around your site where you’ll be offering recycling services. Focus on collecting products that are challenging for people to recycle, such as batteries and electronics, making it more attractive for people to get involved. You can set this up only for Earth Day or extend it to the weeks leading up to Earth Day.

Give people more reasons to recycle by pledging money based on how much recycling you collect. The more recycling you collect, the more you donate to a chosen environmental group. You can also collaborate with a local recycling group to increase awareness of your campaign to drive traffic to your locations.

4. Share Your Green Strategy

Consumers want to work with and buy from organizations with the same values. Earth Day is the perfect time to share with consumers how your company is going green. Highlight any upcycling or recycling initiatives you have in your company. If you’ve switched to energy-efficient technology, show how much energy you’ve saved with the switch.

Explain your plan for reaching your company’s goals, such as reaching zero emissions or reducing waste. Detail how your office, school or hospital is working to implement eco-friendly strategies to eliminate waste and reduce energy usage. Consumers want to know how you’re working toward being more sustainable.

5. Participate in Local Events

Local communities celebrate Earth Day by organizing different events. There could be cleanups, races, tree planting and other initiatives happening in your neighborhood. Find out if any of these events accept business sponsorships and choose one to support if they do.

You can also make gift bags filled with branded products to thank volunteers for joining the events. Additionally, your staff can volunteer at these events wearing branded gear and using branded equipment. You can also invite your top clients and customers to get involved.

6. Host an Educational Event

Use your space to host an educational event for your customers. Invite your clients, customers and community members to join you in learning about Earth Day and a few ways everyone can live greener lives. Choose a relevant topic for the day, such as how to live off the food you grow or sustainable practices businesses can implement. Have a supply of promotional items to hand out as gifts to attendees who answer questions or share advice.

7. Give Away Sustainable Products

Earth Day is a time to celebrate sustainability. Highlight the need for sustainability by giving away eco-friendly and sustainable products such as reusable totes or biodegradable cups. You can encourage customers to start their own food gardens with easy-to-use planting sets. Choose some of your eco-friendly products to hand out for free with purchases of a certain amount.

Market Your Business With Sustainable Branded Products

Investing in eco-friendly promotional items is a great way to connect your brand with sustainability all year round. At ePromos, we have a wide range of products for you to choose from for your Earth Day giveaway or event. Our simplified ordering and affordable prices can help make your next Earth Day campaign one to remember. Shop our selection today!

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