Welcome Gifts for New Employees

The tone you set on a new hire’s first day will carryover into their work and connections with co-workers. A carefully curated welcome package promoting your brand and company culture is one of the most effective ways to make new team members feel welcomed and enthusiastic about coming aboard with your company.

Providing welcome gifts for new employees is an excellent way to start their tenure on a positive note, but putting an effective kit together requires thought and inspiration. Follow these tips for new hire kits, including how to create them and the best welcome gifts to include.

The Benefits of Sending New Hires a Welcome Gift


New welcome kits are powerful tools because they can reflect your team’s culture. One onboarding survey from Bamboo HR showed that companies have just over a month to convince new hires to stay — so those initial days are vital! New hire welcome gifts help you create a pleasant work environment from the get-go, and are advantageous in other ways, too.

  • Promoting a healthy company culture: Including onboarding gifts for employees as part of your new hire process promotes a collaborative atmosphere of giving and appreciation. You can use these welcome packages to reflect team spirit.
  • Setting up an affirming first day: Everyone loves receiving thoughtful gifts. New team members who receive a package in the mail or arrive to find a present waiting on their desk will enjoy their first day at work more.
  • Building connections with remote employees: Welcome kits are effective icebreakers, even for people who work in hybrid setups. Remote employees who receive gifts by mail may be more engaged. Opening a new hire welcome package puts them at ease and gives them a positive and enthusiastic mindset for their first onboarding meetings.
  • Showing staff appreciation: Though there are many ways for your company to make your staff feel valued and appreciated as the professional relationship grows, it can be tricky to show freshly hired team members you value them. However, new hire kits bridge that gap by demonstrating a collaborative company culture from the first day.
  • Promoting brand awareness: Adding company swag to welcome packages is a great way to promote brand awareness. New hires may share some of their swag with family and friends or post photos of their beautiful welcome kits on social media. With this in mind, having a few branded items in the mix is always a good idea!

Designing Your New Hire Kit

Designing an effective new hire kit involves more than throwing together free company swag. Carefully curated welcome packages foster an inviting and helpful employee onboarding experience. Create meaningful welcome kits with the following tips in mind.

  • Include a mix of practical and recreational gifts: Impactful welcome kits balance functional gifts and leisure items. For example, you could include daily-use things like coffee cups, notebooks and pens. Then, shake things up by adding indulgent goodies like an aromatherapy candle or gift card so your new hire feels like they scored some enviable treats, too!
  • Reflect your brand: Giving curated gifts presents a unique branding opportunity. Market your company by including quality gifts your new employees will want to use everywhere, like hoodies, briefcases or laptop bags that everyone on a commute would see.
  • Personalize items: Going the extra mile by personalizing one or two items shows new hires you appreciate what they will bring to the team. A personalized laptop bag, water bottle or coffee cup adds something special and makes the welcome kit feel less generic.
  • Be inclusive: Making new hire kits as inclusive as possible is a surefire way to convey respect. Remember, new hires come from diverse backgrounds. Choose neutral gifts anyone can enjoy — regardless of their demographics.
  • Choose beautiful or unique packaging: Once you have chosen all the best gifts for the new hire kit, assemble the package in a presentable and memorable way. You can even make the packaging part of the welcome gift. For example, you could package snacks in a promotional picnic basket or present all the gifts in a lovely branded tote or practical drawstring bag.

18 Welcome Kit Ideas

Choosing onboarding gifts for new employees does not have to be overly challenging or complicated. Find your inspiration with these new employee welcome kit examples.

1. Handwritten Welcome Letter

In our digital age, a handwritten note adds a personal touch that makes new employees feel instantly valued. Welcome letters are short, sweet and simple, addressing employees by name and expressing your appreciation and enthusiasm for the expertise they’ll bring to the team. Taking time to write a personalized note demonstrates attention to detail and heartfelt gratitude for the new hire’s future contributions.

2. Employee Information Folder

While handwritten letters are ideal for welcoming employees on a personal level, an employee information folder is an excellent way to detail everything new team members need to know about company policies and procedures. A professionally branded folder can include the following documents.

  • Copy of the employee’s contract
  • Comprehensive guide to what team members can expect from their first workday
  • Insurance paperwork
  • Direct deposit forms
  • Upcoming company events
  • The employee handbook and other HR information
  • Benefits guide
  • Essential contacts list
  • Staff directory with headshots, titles and bios to help the new hire familiarize themselves with their colleagues and facilitate relationship-building

3. Custom Company Swag

Company swag is the quintessential example of what to put in a new employee welcome kit. You can elevate your branded items by personalizing some of the gifts you include. Here are some ideas for company swag you can feature in your new hire kits.

4. Office Supplies

A great way to help new employees settle in for the first day is by providing an assortment of office supply essentials such as:

5. Snack Baskets

A delicious snack basket will surely make anybody feel welcome and at home in their new position. Always ask your new hire about allergies or dietary restrictions if you plan to give food. Then, choose long-lasting, tasty goodies like candies, nuts and chocolates. Seal snacks in a practical, reusable item like a custom food jar to make an even better impression.


6. Company Store Credit

If you have a company store featuring office items and work-from-home goodies, you can give your new employees some free credit. Team members can score all the essentials needed for their exciting new job and shop according to their preferences. A gift card for popular retailers or subscription services is a perfect alternative if you do not have a company store.

7. Desk Organizer

A desktop organizer can make daily tasks more manageable by keeping all the essentials in a neat, accessible space. A three-piece organizer set has space for documents, pens, rulers and even miscellaneous items like paper clips.

8.  Power Banks and Wireless Chargers

Power banks and wireless chargers are practical gifts any new hire will appreciate, especially if they travel for work. You can choose from various products like power banks, flashlightsilluminated power bank chargers and wireless charging pads.

9. Tech Supplies

Tech products are some of the most functional gifts you can give. Tech basics like ergonomic keyboards and USB drives are essential for getting work done around the office. Accessories like headphones let in-office employees signal that they need to concentrate. Meanwhile, remote team members can use them for virtual meetings and get-togethers. More examples of cool tech gifts include:

10. Spa or Self-Care Kits

Starting a new job is equal parts exciting and nerve-wracking. New hires have so much to absorb — from workplace policies and procedures to client and colleague relationships. You can show new team members you value their mental health with a self-care spa kit. Alternatively, get crafty and make a DIY spa kit with assorted goodies like scented candles.

11. Wellness Gift Set

Companies that focus on wellness enjoy reduced turnover — their employees are more productive and have higher job satisfaction. You can set the tone by offering new hires a rest and relaxation kit and even a few strategically selected personal care items.

12. A Plant or Seed Kit

Nothing brightens an office space like a plant. Plants are beneficial in the workplace — they purify the air and create a calm, beautiful and productive work environment. Gifting new employees with an environmentally friendly planter set and seeds is also a creative way to track progress as new employees grow with their plants and nurture their skills!

13. Company Culture Items

Promoting company culture with meaningful gifts is so effective. For example, if your company is eco-conscious and focused on sustainability, you could include recycled and reusable shopping bags in the welcome package. If you intentionally focus on innovation and upskilling, you could give tech items or gifts emphasizing learning and growth, such as subscriptions to industry magazines.

14. Stress Balls and Games

Even dream jobs can become busy and challenging. Managing stress levels at work is vital for job satisfaction and wellness. Adding stress balls and games to your welcome packages highlights the importance of self-care and maintaining a balance between work and play. If you need to onboard multiple new hires at once, you could even set up a team-building day and give everyone a chance to collaborate while playing their favorite games!

15. Company-Branded Lunch or Cooler Bags

Lunch bags and cooler bags are the ultimate practical gifts for work. Employees can save money by bringing their lunches to the office, and cooler bags are ideal for work trips and even family vacations.


16. Calendars and Planners

Keeping organized is essential for time management. Calendars and custom planners help your new staff members stay on top of their workload and deadlines. These products also make it easy for employees to personalize their schedules and remember company functions like all-hands meetings and team-building events.

17. Personalized Drinkware

One of the easiest ways to make new staff feel welcomed is by gifting them drinkware for the office or home. These can include personalized coffee cups, tumblers, water bottles and accessories like coasters and bottle openers.

18. Branded Company Apparel

Branded company apparel serves many purposes:

  • It is a quality, practical gift that enhances your new hire’s work wardrobe.
  • It boosts team spirit and is perfect for promoting unity at team-building events.
  • Apparel is an excellent marketing tool that creates brand awareness and visibility whenever your team goes out into the community.

Branded company T-shirts add a relaxed vibe, while golf and polo shirts are well-suited to outdoor work events. You can also opt for smaller gifts like a perfect pair of comfortable socks.

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Updated 6/25/2024

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