June ePromos for Good Winner: Project 150

Project 150 is on the front lines every single day. This small-but-mighty Las Vegas-based organization works with homeless high school students in the community, delivering food to their resource rooms, offering bus passes, providing clothing including caps, gowns and prom dresses and, even, offering scholarships to encourage these teens to dream big.

Often the students they service are familiar with this one component of Project 150, but they don’t realize the organization can help them holistically. “Our goal is to get these kids to graduate and to end this type of systemic poverty,” says Project 150’s executive director, Kelli Kristo. “The only way we can address the problem successfully is to start a dialogue outside of school resource rooms regarding all the services we can offer our homeless community.”

This, she explains, is where ePromos for Good comes in. “One hundred percent of our monetary donations go back to our students,” explains Kristo. “We don’t have a promotional budget. As such, it can be extremely difficult to build awareness. This is critical, not just for our organization, but for the teenagers themselves.”

With the $500 credit, Kristo and her team plan to purchase branded water bottles to distribute at community events, driving immediate awareness for the organization and driving people to get involved.

“We will also provide bottles to students experiencing water insecurity,” she adds. “In both of these instances, we can promote our brand…communicating we are student-facing and offer a wider range of services outside of school.”

At ePromos, we believe promotional products are more than just branded gifts – used right, they can help change the world. That’s where ePromos for Good comes in.

ePromos for Good

Every other month, ePromos chooses a charity or non-profit and awards a $500 credit. With it, the winning organization can choose any branded premiums from the ePromos site, and use those items for anything – as fundraising gifts, volunteer awards, events or, simply, just getting the word out about their incredible work.

Recent ePromos for Good recipients have been incredibly diverse, though all have one thing in common: they’re committed to doing good in their communities and beyond. Past recipients include the Rescue + Freedom Project, Save a Child’s Heart and the National Youth Internet Safety and Cyberbullying Task Force.


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