“ePromos for Good” Award Winner: National Youth Internet Safety and Cyberbullying Task Force

October, 2018 Winner

More than two in five kids have been bullied online -– and one in four say it’s happened repeatedly. And even if they aren’t being bullied personally, they are often seeing it when they log on -– a jaw-dropping 70% of students say they see “frequent” bullying online.

Seeing figures such as these stopped us in our tracks and made us realize what a national epidemic we’re up against. They also helped us connect with this month’s “ePromos for Good” Award Winner, the National Youth Internet Safety and Cyberbullying Task Force (ISTF).

Educating teens, families and communities

This critical organization -– one of the nation’s leading anti-bullying organizations -– promotes safe online practices, with an eye on teens, families and educators. By focusing on online safety and cyberbullying, ISTF helps educate the masses while working to prevent the side effects of devastating digital bullying -– teen suicide, dating abuse, human trafficking and more.

“Our organization has a mission of promoting safe online practices,” says Alexander Kovarovic, ISTF Founder and Executive Director. “The task force is constantly changing the lives of teens and families across the US and Canada.”

Alexander launched the task force after his own experiences with bullying, an eating disorder and, even, a suicide attempt. Fast forward to today and the organization has become a major player in the national discourse and a driver for good -– providing education, support and unparalleled services designed with today’s digital landscape, and today’s always-on teen in mind.

To support their continued work, ePromos has awarded Alexander and ISTF $500 in free promotional and branded products. “We ordered bottles from ePromos recently and loved the design,” he says. “We’d love to get the mugs and baseball caps -– it would be a great selection for us to sell at our events to raise money for the task force. And, of course, we’d also give a few to task force members who are doing good things in their communities!”

ePromos for Good

At ePromos, promotional products are more than just branded premiums. Used right, they can inspire action and be a force for meaningful change -– and that’s exactly what ePromos for Good promotes.

Each month, ePromos selects a new non-profit to receive $500 in free promotional items of their choosing. They can use these products for anything -– fundraising, recruitment, simply getting the word out or anything in between.

Organizations are chosen based on their commitment to doing good -– good we’ve seen in each of our selections, including this month’s winner, the National Youth Internet Safety and Cyberbullying Task Force (ISTF).

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