Frequently Asked Questions: Motivators Is Now ePromos

ePromos acquired Motivators in 2017 and after years of combining best practices, solutions and online infrastructure, will officially be transitioned to on February 15, 2021. Below are a few answers to questions we anticipate you may have. Should you need additional support please don’t hesitate to contact us on our main line at 877-377-6667, via Chat Now or directly with your same dedicated Brand Manager.

Most Commonly Asked Questions

Q: Will I still have the same salesperson?
A: Yes! Motivators representatives have been ePromos employees since 2017, so you can expect the same great service moving forward.

Q: When is the last day I can place an order with Motivators?
A: February 14, 2021. Any new orders placed on February 15, 2021 will be under the ePromos brand.

Q: Will I receive any exclusive discounts and special offers through ePromos?
A: Yes. Now that you will be part of the ePromos family, you will be included in the various special offers and promotions we send to customers.

Q: Are you honoring the $50 off I was sent when I signed up for the Motivators newsletter?
A: Yes, ePromos will honor all Motivators coupon codes through March 15, 2021.

Order Specific Questions

Q: Do I use my username and password to login to to place an online order?
A. No. You’ll need to create a new password by clicking “Reset Password” using your email address as your username. Once your password is reset, all order history from Motivators will be listed in your ePromos account to allow for easy reorders.

Q: What happens to the artwork that was on file with Motivators?
A: ePromos saves all artwork for a period of at least 2 years.

Q: Does ePromos have information regarding previous orders placed so exact reorders won’t be a problem?
A: Yes. ePromos has possession of all Motivators past order details and is happy to assist with re-orders. You can also place reorders directly online by going into the order in your account and clicking on the button which reads “re-orders”.

Q: I recently had a sample shipped to me by Motivators. Can I order that exact item?
A: Absolutely. ePromos has a full record of all product samples sent to every customer, so there will be no challenges with providing you an order which mirrors the sample you have been sent.

Q: Will I be charged for a product set-up charge again, given I had already paid a set-up charge to Motivators for previous orders?
A: If the product you are placing the order for now is an exact repeat, and you have placed an order for that product within the past two years, there should be no re-order charge.

Q: Will I still receive free virtual art proofs with my orders?
A: Yes. ePromos has always provided free virtual art proofs and will continue that practice for all transitioning Motivators customers.

Q: I currently have an issue with a recently shipped Motivators order. How should I handle that?
A: The same quality assurance team who have been servicing you at Motivators, will continue to do so, as they were already part of the ePromos family. We look forward to a quick resolution to your matter, as total customer satisfaction is our goal!

Accounting Questions

Q: Will I have the same customer number?
A: No. A new customer number will be created when you place your next order.

Q: Does ePromos accept credit cards?
A: Yes. ePromos accepts Visa, MC and American Express

Q: Will I need to submit a new credit application with ePromos?
A: No. ePromos has all Motivators credit data on file and the same great accounting team who serviced Motivators is the same great team who services ePromos.

Q: Will I have the same credit line with ePromos?
A: Yes. As long as your account has remained in good standing with Motivators, your available credit line will remain the same under ePromos and will not change.

Pricing Questions

Q: Are the product prices on the any different than they were with Motivators?
A: You will find the pricing to be very similar, and in fact, you may find some pricing to be even better.

Q: Are freight charges any different through ePromos than Motivators?
A: No, for both Motivators and ePromos freight charges are based on quantity, weight and location.

Q: Will my pricing change now that orders will be fulfilled by ePromos vs. Motivators?
A: If your company had negotiated pricing in place, ePromos will honor it for the balance of 2021. Special pricing does not include the continued use of Motivators coupons or discount codes after 3/15/21.

Additional Questions

Q: Does ePromos have a Promo Tips Blog like Motivators did?
A: Absolutely. ePromos offers Educational content including Buying Guides, How To’s and Marketing Tips as well as a blog where you can find articles on trends and the ePromos Culture.

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