ePromos for Good Award Winner: Rescue + Freedom Project

Approximately 6.5 million dogs and cats enter U.S. shelters annually, plus millions more animals face cruelty, abuse and painful testing and experiments. While sheltering is a good first step, true change cannot happen unless animals are protected and rehabilitated. Their shared stories drive awareness and social change.

This month’s “ePromo’s for Good” Award Winner does just that. Rescue + Freedom Project was established in 2010, with an eye on not just rescuing animals from cruel, inhumane environments but, also, sharing and socializing their stories. In telling these powerful tales, the organization has helped promote a #RescueLifestyle while shining a much-needed light on animal abuse.

“Our organization directly impacts and saves the lives of animals who are survivors of unique captivity and cruelty”, explains the Rescue + Freedom Project’s Nicoal Sheen. “The organization has rescued over 2,000 animals from laboratories in 36 states and eight countries, including rabbits, goats, pigs, horses, ferrets, guinea pigs, mice, cats and dogs.”

Many of these animals, Sheen notes, have lived through extreme cruelty, lab testing, abuse and  violence. By helping these animals get the help and the hope they need to move forward, the Rescue + Freedom Project ensures a better life for these adoptable pets – pets who can live out their lives with the loving families they deserve.

“With continued support we can continue to promote a #RescueLifestyle and tell the emotionally compelling stories of our rescues and survivors to drive social change, educate people on the responsibility of living with companion animals and how to embrace cruelty-free lifestyles,” Sheen notes.

To support this incredible work, ePromos awarded the organization $500 in free promotional and branded products, surrounding #GivingTuesday.

“We’ll use the promotional items in our adopter and foster packs,” Sheen says, “as gifts for our supporters, donors, volunteers and staff members for outstanding achievements, as well as selling the merchandise at events to raise funds to support our mission.”

ePromos for Good

At ePromos, promotional products are more than just branded premiums. Used right, they can inspire action and be a force for meaningful change – and that’s exactly what ePromos for Good promotes.

Each month, ePromos selects a new non-profit to receive $500 in free promotional items of their choosing and can use those products for anything – fundraising, recruitment, simply getting the word out or anything in between.

Organizations are chosen based on their commitment to doing good – good we’ve seen in each of our winners, including this month’s pick, the Rescue + Freedom Project.

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