A Guide to Inclusive Holiday Gifting

Having a diverse team of people with different backgrounds and beliefs speaks volumes about your company. A team that spans cultures and other demographics will always be lively, interesting, innovative and open to learning as you explore one another’s traditions.

When you have a diverse team, you’ll want to consider how to connect with everyone during the holiday season. This guide to inclusive holiday gifting is the perfect starting point. Discover how you can be mindful of your employees’ traditions with this wide range of gift ideas.

Tips for Being Inclusive During the Holidays


Holidays are a time for togetherness and celebration. Unifying a diverse team over the holidays can take some extra care and is extremely rewarding. Explore some ways you can get everyone involved in the holidays at the workplace.

Create an Inclusive Holiday Calendar

Get your group into the spirit of the holidays by drawing up an inclusive calendar. You can ask everyone to email you the special days they observe over the winter holidays and compile them into a huge printed wall calendar. Hang the calendar in a busy common area so everyone knows which days are important to their coworkers.

You can also get a whiteboard calendar and some markers. Pass the calendar around or have everyone take turns filling out a wall calendar so that everyone gets the chance to write down the days on which they celebrate.

Incorporate Diverse Decorations

An easy way to bring joy and festivities into your workplace is to place diverse decorations around the building. This can be as easy as asking everyone to decorate their desks with a personal item that reflects their holiday celebrations. You can also go all-out by decorating the entrance or reception area with an assortment of trinkets that reflect each team member’s culture.

Consider Dietary Restrictions

Winter holidays come with a string of office parties and celebrations. As with any catered event, check in with your staff to learn their dietary restrictions and to know who does or doesn’t consume alcoholic beverages.

Food offers an opportunity to learn about your co-workers and their different traditions. Potluck get-togethers are great for exploring a diverse palette of holiday foods.

Create a Shared Playlist

Nothing unifies people as quickly as good music does. Swap out the usual Christmas album in favor of a shared playlist that features everyone’s holiday favorites — of course, it can include some Christmas hits, too!

Have Inclusive Gift Exchanges

Secret Santas are fun, and you can add to the fun when you host an inclusive gift exchange. You can still keep the gist of traditional gift exchanges by making your gift exchange anonymous and ensuring everyone sticks within a certain budget. An inclusive exchange allows your team to share special gifts and their traditions.

How to Host an Inclusive Holiday Gift Exchange

Follow these easy steps to make inclusive gift-giving a breeze:

  • Share gift-giving ideas: Use holiday gift guides to brainstorm ideas over meetings and get gift-giving inspiration.
  • Let your team choose gifts: Draw up a list of approved gift ideas and let your team vote for their favorite options.
  • Choose practical items: Choosing useful items over niche or trendy products ensures people will be happy with the gifts.
  • Avoid strong themes: Be mindful of diverse backgrounds and beliefs by avoiding gifts with strong themes connected to specific observances.
  • Customize inclusive corporate gifts: Inclusive gifts may be broad, but you can add a personal touch by customizing inclusive corporate gifts with your branding or logo.
  • Follow ethics and policies: Always honor your organization’s values and adhere to the policies and procedures to give appropriate gifts.

20 Best Inclusive Holiday Gifting Ideas for Companies

The best inclusive holiday gifts are practical and able to be used at any time. This eliminates any specific holiday themes and ensures that your entire team receives a present they can enjoy and that shows you are mindful of their beliefs and traditions.

Here are 20 ideas to get you started.

1. Water Bottles

Water bottles are practical items that your team can use. They are easy to customize as a corporate gift and can last for years. Choosing a sustainable water bottle made from recycled materials adds an extra touch of thoughtfulness and awareness.

Water bottles are especially good for sports clubs, gyms and health care organizations to give as inclusive gifts.

2. Tote Bags

Include your fashion-conscious staff by gifting them a lovely tote bag. Choose a tote bag you can customize with different colors and branding, and make sure to look for a tote with sturdy handles. Also, you may want to search for sustainable features — eco-friendly fashion accessories are always trending.

3. Fidget Toys

If you want to encourage productivity and promote stress relief with your employee holiday gifts, consider fidget toys like this one, which is like having an endless supply of bubble wrap. Employees who like to keep their hands busy while reading, thinking or listening to meetings will love having this toy. An anxiety reliever and boredom defeater all in one, it’s the perfect gift for office workers.

4. Wireless Chargers

Fun and useful gadgets are always an excellent gift option for a tech-loving company. Why not choose an awesome 3-in-1 wireless charger that lets users charge multiple devices simultaneously? Tech items like chargers are practical gifts that any team member would enjoy receiving. Look for a charger with added features such as over-current and over-temperature protection for safety and LED lights.

There are also some fantastic ideas out there for making gadgets less impersonal. You can always add your logo to the charger, or choose a wireless charger that doubles as a picture frame for an added personal touch!

5. Self-Care Sets


Holidays are vibrant, but sometimes, the short, cold days can get to a person! Show your team you care by treating them to a self-care set they will surely appreciate. Self-care kits are especially valuable inclusive year-end gifts, as everyone longs to unwind as year-end draws closer. You can hand-select items to make kits or choose a comprehensive self-care set that features essentials like delicious teas, tea tins, candles, mugs and an adult coloring book perfect for destressing.

6. Unisex T-Shirts

comfortable T-shirt is always going to be a popular gift choice! Look for shirts made from natural fibers or fibers derived from recycled materials that have a snug retail fit. You can order shirts in various colors to give to employees, or you can match the shirt color to your company logo. T-shirts are fitting gifts for offices, as well as clubs and organizations.

7. Game Sets

It doesn’t get more inclusive than a good old game set to bring everyone together. Game sets are fun, lighthearted gifts that can match any occasion or holiday. Game sets are perfect for team-building events at the office, and employees can also share them with family members and guests. A comprehensive game set with popular board games, dice and cards makes a great gift for every board game lover!

Keep the spirit of inclusivity by opting for games that don’t necessarily have a holiday theme. Choosing games without a theme also means recipients can use them anywhere, anytime.

8. Campfire Candles

Who doesn’t love to get away during the holidays? A cozy campfire with family and friends is usually at the top of everyone’s to-do list, but the cold weather doesn’t always allow that! Bring the campfire into the home with a charming and fragrant campfire candle that will inspire warm feelings of holiday joy.

Go for a nontoxic candle, preferably one made of soy wax that burns slower and lasts longer.

9. Notebooks and Pens

A lovely notebook is a practical gift that you can use for virtually anything — at the office, at conferences, and for brainstorming or journaling at home. Promotional notebooks and pens make wonderful gifts to present at inclusive events like year-end diversity conferences or workshops. Choose an eco-friendly notebook incorporating sustainable materials such as cardboard or recycled paper.

10. Wireless Journal Books

A Wireless Journal Book is an exceptional gift if you are part of a company that loves innovation and sustainability. A product like the Reclaim rPET MagClick Fast Wireless Journal Book provides the best of both worlds — a wireless charging device and a journal made with recycled paper. The Journal Book has added accessories, including a durable cover, charging cable, pen loop and an FSC-certified natural gift box.

11. Coffee Mug and Thermos Set

coffee mug and thermos set is a jack-of-all-trades for inclusive holiday gifting. These sets make memorable gifts that suit the winter holidays so well — and the items are practical enough to use year-round for any occasion. You can also easily put your logo on the set so that they match your company.

Look for sets that are heat-resistant, with quality sleeves, leak-proof caps and sturdy handles.

12. Tumbler Gift Sets

Everyone loves stylish tumblers, and it’s even better if the tumbler is part of a gift set that includes a belt bag! Tumblers are sophisticated gifts that offer practicality in all situations.

Tumblers are made from quality stainless steel and have spill-resistant lids that are helpful for busy people on the go. They keep hot and cold beverages at the right temperature for hours. Plus, tumblers offer an excellent branding opportunity for companies.

13. Knit Scarves

Nothing is better than staying snug and warm during the holidays — and feeling stylish while you do so. Gift your team with a comfortable knit scarf that is soft and features and anti-pill design.

14. Bento Box and Utensils


Treat your employees to a unique gift they will love using — a bento box with utensils! Bento boxes are beautiful and practical for daily use at work and home. Choose a bento box that is BFA-free and microwave-safe. Add your branding to this inclusive gift to make it stand out even more.

15. Sherpa Blankets

plaid sherpa blanket may seem like a traditional gift, but it’s one that any of your team will appreciate thanks to its luxurious feel. It’s also very practical for keeping warm during the holidays.

16. Spa Kit

The holidays, self-care and relaxation go hand in hand. Treat your staff to a luxurious and rustic custom spa kit to show how much you value them. Including natural essentials in the kit — such as sponges, scrubbers and pumice stones — is best. Spa kits are ideal gift options for cosmetic industries and beauty brands. Plus, you can use the spa kit packaging for an amazing branding opportunity.

17. Lanterns

Lanterns are unique gifts that stand out from the norm. Quality lanterns are perfect for any holiday celebration, adding ambiance to an office or home party. Choose a versatile lantern that is rechargeable, efficient and features various lighting modes.

18. White Noise Machine

The holidays are for relaxing, and what better way to do that than with an awesome white noise machine and speaker? White noise machines are a unique take on self-care and make excellent gifts for groups that love gadgets. Choose a machine and speaker with various soothing sounds, good playtime and added features like Bluetooth and LED lights. You can also opt for a dynamic wireless speaker without the white noise machine if that would suit your branding better.

19. Backpack

You can never go wrong gifting your team a customized backpack that they can use for work, school and leisure activities. Backpacks are always useful and versatile, making them one of the best inclusive presents.

20. Monthly Planners

A monthly planner is another one of those quintessential customizable company gifts — and for good reason. Monthly planners are useful and personal. Every person gets to use their planner to highlight key dates and organize their schedules.

Planners are truly inclusive gifts, as you can use them for any occasion. Look for a planner with a nice finish that you can customize with your company branding and one with added features like a one-year planning calendar. Recipients will use them throughout the following year and be reminded of your gift-giving holiday celebration.


Shop Inclusive Holiday Ideas From ePromos

The winter holidays give you the opportunity to show your employees that their special traditions are also important to you. Inclusive gift-giving involves catering to a broad group of people, but you can still be personable and creative with presents to make everyone feel like they belong. A great way to do this is by using promotional gifts to spread holiday cheer to your whole team.

At ePromos, we offer a vast selection of quality promotional gifts and items for all people and all occasions. Browse tech, health and safety, kitchen and apparel gifts from our extensive online store. Our collection of holiday favorites is as diverse and inclusive as your team. Contact our brand consultants with questions about our speedy rush service for last-minute services or orders, and start shopping for gifts today!

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