College Acceptance Kits — What to Include

If you work in a college admissions office, you know making prospective students feel welcomed and appreciated is paramount. College acceptance gift boxes are one way to celebrate their achievements and give them a taste of campus life — even if they have yet to accept your offer.

How can you benefit from sending out college acceptance gifts to new students, and what items can you include in the kit to honor their proud moment? This guide explores six valuable benefits and 20 engaging welcome kit ideas.

The Benefits of Sending College Acceptance Gifts

Students may receive acceptance letters from different universities, so you want to ensure your school stands out. A gift box goes beyond the typical acceptance packet by showing future students how much you value them. It also builds their anticipation about receiving a quality education while making friends and participating in all the activities your college offers. Here are some reasons to offer new students these welcome kits.

1. It Serves as a Marketing Tool

Gifting unique or rare university gifts makes new students feel special because only a select few people will receive them. People who wear or use branded products in public market your college for you. You’ll gain more awareness and interest as a result.

2. Increased College Yield Rate

You must wait to see if people enroll in your school after receiving their welcome letter. Taking the time, money and effort to send college acceptance gift boxes shows your commitment to supporting each student — another factor that encourages prospective students to enroll after getting accepted.

3. Creates a Competitive Admissions Landscape

College acceptance gifts help you differentiate yourself from your competitors, depending on what you offer. These unique displays of appreciation also help you develop a reputation for welcoming new students with open arms. In return, you may receive applications from potential students.

4. It Celebrates the Student’s Achievements

Some institutions may opt not to send gifts in case prospective students ultimately choose a different program. It’s better to think of these acceptance boxes as a celebration of the student’s achievements thus far instead. College acceptance gift kits show people you are happy for them. The extra effort could be the tipping point you need to encourage an undecided student to enroll.


5. It’s a Cost-Effective Way to Engage With Students

While many college marketing strategies are costly, acceptance gift boxes can be cost-effective. Grouping several small tokens in a box is more affordable when buying them in bulk from a provider. You can also give them to students in person instead of paying for shipping.

6. It Showcases the College’s Unique Culture and Values

Many colleges only send informational brochures or packets along with their acceptance letters. Think of gift boxes as your chance to convey your college’s culture and values. Prospective students will remember and appreciate your considerate gesture, generating goodwill that attracts top talent.

20 College Acceptance Gift Box Ideas

You can pair many thoughtful and exciting items with your acceptance letters. We recommend these 20 valuable products to include in an engaging welcome kit.

1. Hats

Style might be equally as valuable to your students as school spirit. Add a stylish branded hat to their gift kit to ensure they feel proud wearing their college’s name. A hat will keep the rain off their heads in a downpour and block out the sunlight on warmer days around campus. Explore various style options, from baseball caps to bucket hats.

2. Key Chains

Aside from holding keys, some key chains include features like a built-in flashlight, bottle opener or safety whistles. Give these key chains to prospective students and brand them with your college’s logo. They come in various colors that make them stand out and keep your brand top of mind.

3. College Logo Travel Mugs and Tumblers

Students often need to wake up early to prepare for classes or stay up late to study for tests the next day. Support them with sleek travel mugs to hold their coffee and tumblers to keep them hydrated throughout the day. You can put your college’s logo or name on this drinkware for them to proudly use wherever they go, constantly raising awareness of your college.

4. Branded Writing Gift Sets

The best thing you can do for your prospective students is provide them with the essentials they need to start school on a positive note. Create a welcome kit with essentials like a writing set and a bag. Some impressive writing sets include a notebook with attached sticky notes and a pen.

Branding these items with your college name and logo will ensure students remember your support in setting them up for success.

5. Pens With the College’s Name

Even digital natives need pens to jot down notes, annotate their textbooks and brainstorm in group study sessions. Studies show that students who write by hand may retain information longer because it forces them to process what they learn.

If gifting a writing set is out of your budget, consider giving them custom-branded pens. There are various materials to choose from, including bamboo, aluminum, plastic and brass. You could even go further and provide gel pens, highlighters, multifunctional pens or novelty pens.

6. Informational Brochures and Flyers

Brochures and flyers typically communicate relevant information like orientation dates and deadlines for housing applications. You may also include a campus map, a packing list and exciting things students can look forward to after enrolling. Keep these details simple and short. Paper with a glossy finish can give the overall gift set a classy and professional look.


7. Handwritten Notes

If you have a smaller budget for college acceptance kits, a handwritten note from your university dean or president can go a long way. It offers a personal touch, ensures the student feels valued and gives you a competitive advantage.

8. College Logo Phone Wallets

Phone wallets can be handy for college students to hold their student IDs, driver’s licenses and credit cards. Many students appreciate having a lightweight alternative to bulky purses and wallets. A phone wallet encourages busy students to stay organized by keeping everything in one place. There are various exciting types to choose from, such as those with built-in phone stands or lanyards and numerous colors to attract attention.

9. Branded T-Shirts

To bring your prospective student’s proud moment to life, include a T-shirt with your college’s name and logo printed on it, sending a message that you already consider them a member of your student body. T-shirts also help you promote school spirit for sports events and community representation.

10. Promotional Bags

Promotional bags can come in many forms. Whether you plan to provide accepted students with a backpack for their college years or a tote bag for them to use in any setting, students will appreciate this sentiment. For smaller gift kits, drawstring bags might be easier to pack. Alternatively, insulated lunch bags show that you value their health and well-being. Whichever you choose, these branded bags are more affordable when buying them in bulk.

11. Branded Socks and Shoes

Make your prospective students feel at home with indoor slippers and socks, especially if they plan to live on campus. Make sure the socks, slides or flip-flops you provide include your school’s colors, name and logo. You may pair footwear with a color-coordinated mesh drawstring bag for a polished presentation. You could even include fun accessories like customized shoe wallets or branded shoelaces.

12. Winter Accessories in the College’s Color

Whether your campus is in a colder area or you want students to maintain their school spirit during outdoor activities like football games, branded winter accessories fuel campus pride and keep students warm.

These can include gloves in a carry pouch, college logo knit scarves, winter beanies and multifunctional rally bandanas.

13. Snack Bag

Another appreciated item is a beautifully packaged treat like healthy trail mix, cookies in a gift box and chocolate-themed gift sets. These typically have longer shelf lives and are convenient to buy in bulk. You can work with a company that adds your branding to the packaging. You might even only offer a branded food gift kit with delicious snacks and a tumbler, mug or tea essentials.

14. Custom Branded Complimentary Gift Bags

A promotional gift bag ties everything together. When working with a company that customizes bulk gift bags, note the package’s size and features and adjust the gift bag to match, so it looks perfectly coordinated.

15. Branded Belt Bags

Do you remember the iconic fanny packs from the ‘80s and ’90s? They’ve made a fashion comeback, and they’re not just for tourists and mall-walkers anymore. Also known as a belt bag, these accessories are practical for various occasions, making them an ideal gift for prospective students who need a convenient place to stash their student ID, phone and keys when they’re on the go.

You can get these bags in various styles and colors, including ones matching your logo, clear custom-branded belt bags or those with extra compartments.

16. Promotional Earbud Pods

College students may appreciate earbuds and headphones for listening to their favorite music, audiobooks or podcasts wherever they go. For example, you could choose Bluetooth headphones, wireless earbuds or earphones with key tags or screen cleaners.

17. Cozy Branded Blankets


A branded blanket is another excellent welcoming gift for students to spread out in grassy areas on campus. They can cheer on their friends at intramural sports games or laze away a sunny Saturday afternoon with a picnic.

Aside from color and print, consider the blanket’s material and quality. Look for lush fleece, cotton or micro-mink.

18. Aromatherapy Items

College life can be stressful. Aromatherapy items like scented candles, diffusers and essential oils can be a thoughtful gift that helps students sleep well and help relieve anxiety. Positivity, focus, energy and a calm mind are crucial study skills. Send branded aromatherapy items and include a small card or note with instructions for using them. Students will get the impression that you value their well-being.

19. Fitness and Training Gear

Are sports a central part of your college’s culture? Do you want to gift boxes to students attending school on an athletic scholarship? Fitness equipment and training gear show your support for their efforts and motivate them to strive harder. Some branded items you can give them include an activity tracker wristband, yoga mat with a carrying case, jump rope, exercise dice or resistance bands.

20. Hammocks

In recent years, institutions like Trinity University and Washburn University have implemented hammocking areas for students, making it a popular and exciting school aspect that students may look forward to. Get prospective students eager to become part of your student community by sending them a branded hammock that shows what awaits them when they enroll.

As students tackle daily college life, hammocks can encourage them to take short, relaxing naps to let go of their concerns and return to their next class with a clear mind.

Bring Your College Acceptance Kit Ideas to Life With ePromos

If you want to increase your enrollment rate and attract intelligent, motivated students, these ideas may help you build the excitement and anticipation you need. Now, all that’s left is to find quality products and a company to brand them. ePromos is a promotional product provider that offers an extensive selection of items you can customize according to your needs.

Whether you want to include fitness gears, branded hammocks or promotional apparel in your gift set, we can work with you to create the perfect items for you to buy in bulk. Browse our range of promotional items now and contact our experts for more guidance today.


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