Stribling: Finding the Bag That Fits The Brand

As President of a leading New York real estate company, Stribling & Associates, Elizabeth Ann Stribling-Kivlan wears many hats. From the leader of the company one day – working to negotiate lucrative sales and building up a company –  to a maintenance person the next day trying to fix the copier,  it’s never a boring day at the upscale NYC firm. Running a business, of course, means you are also a constant marketing guru for your brand, the ultimate brand ambassador. As the overseer of all marketing efforts, Elizabeth is enmeshed in all the decisions related to traditional marketing…website, commercials, brochures and other forms of advertising. She believes that every brand touch should be consistent with the brand promise. That’s where ePromos came in.

The Task

Stribling & Associates was looking for a high-end bag for their exceptional clients. “I wanted our bags to be seen on the street as a status symbol”, Elizabeth told us when we talked with her in July. “To properly represent our brand, we needed a bag that exuded quality and luxury. We wanted our logo imprinted in beautiful foil that you could see from a distance. We always want to create an exclusive VIP experience for our clients…making them feel we are rolling out the red carpet.”

Shopping bags are an extension of your brand; done correctly, they can make the casual New York City onlooker Google a company just to find out what it is. ePromos worked with Stribling & Associates to find the perfect bag to do just that. One that would just as identifiable as an upscale retail brand is. But the bag also needed to be practical – suitable for almost anything so it’s kept and used over and over again.

Stribling Shopping BagsThe Product

“This indulgent bag is in line with my very high-end Upper East Side, Chelsea and Tribeca clients. The bags are so nice they fit well in our super prime NYC neighborhoods. People proudly carry a Stribling & Associates bag as if they were carrying a Hermes® bag.”

Now Stribling & Associates has been a loyal ePromos customer since 2006, depending on ePromos to manage their branding for one of the most effective marketing tools they use each day.

The Team

Elizabeth and her team work with Kristan Bullard, a Brand Consultant at ePromos. At Stribling, their philosophy is simple, the right broker makes all the difference. At ePromos our Brand Consultants understand all the intricacies of buying and decorating promotional products with the right branding. “Working with ePromos and Kristin is so easy. Here’s a perfect example: Just the other day, we needed more bags, and we know that when we place an order, it’s going to show up and be perfect. We just know it’s going to be right. You guys do such a good job. Also, we absolutely know that if a job would ever show up and not be right. ePromos would fix it. I love that! That’s what is important to me.”

The Difference

More than 80 percent of Stribling’s business comes from referrals. When Elizabeth speaks at a conference, and she presents at approximately 20 conferences per year, she usually mentions ePromos. “Undoubtably a question arises about our bags and I tell the attendees that I get them from ePromos and that I’ve had really good experiences with this promotional products company. They are great!” ePromos takes pride in the fact that clients like Stribling return to us again and again for their marketing needs.

Promotional Products Have Long-Term Value AND Give a Lasting Impression

Stribling makes the most out of marketing with their impressive bags. They own two different sized bags and use them to:

  • Hold information for pitching an apartment
  • Wrap up the perfect gift for a client
  • Present a multi-document board packet for co-op apartments
  • Deliver extensive amounts of paperwork
  • Carry the necessities Stribling agents need

“Agents using our bags as totes – this type of marketing I love,” Elizabeth said. “Let me explain. Our agents need to be prepared for whatever the day may throw at them, so they carry ‘stuff’. However, sometimes carrying the perfect bag for work is difficult – especially when you may be undeniably at the mercy of fashion. With a Stribling logo’d bag our agents are always in style. They are functional, convenient and a walking billboard for the company. Our agents are promoting our business along the way!”

Stribling stands out amoung other residential real estate firms in New York. They are highly regarded for their professionalism, discretion and creative thinking. Elizabeth likes to work with companies similar to herself – companies which hold the same values. “I want to work with dedicated, honest, and loyal companies that deliver a good product with great service. I want a company to be accountable for what they do. If I don’t do a good job, I’m going to own it. I’m going to do whatever it takes to make up for my mistake. Accountability is becoming less of a thing nowadays and it’s sad.”

Just as Stribling clients know each Stribling broker has intimate knowledge of the ever-changing real estate market, our customers know ePromos has the most advantageous prices. Whether we are working with local clients or clients across the globe, we strive to make every transaction as seamless as we can.

Where To Buy

Feel free to shop this story’s bags. While they might not be worth more than gold, they will leave a great impression. Try the larger Matte Laminated Euro Tote Bag – 16”x 12”x 6″ or check out the 13”x 10”x 5” Matte Laminated Euro Shopping Bag. These sturdy bags are made from 180 GSM matte laminated paper (you can choose the color). The bags have matching macramé handles to make a great impression and to make sure your brand is remembered. The reinforced top is folded over and the bag is made complete with a cardboard bottom insert.

In addition to the frequently-ordered shopping bags, Stribling & Associates has also purchased Sport/Street Style Umbrellas and holiday ornaments from ePromos.

About Stribling & Associates, LTD

Stribling & Associates is a full-service residential real estate company in New York City. They provide representation for luxury property sellers, buyers, devlopers, renters and landlords. The decades of real estate experience among the Stribling team makes Stribling & Associates one of the most sought-after resources in the city. The brokerage was founded by Elizabeth F. Stribling, in 1980 and has grown to include more than 350 accomplished brokers in five locations: Manhattan, Long Island, Chelsea, Tribeca and Brooklyn. However, they are connected throughout the world.

“Although we are not the biggest firm, twelfth in size in terms of number of agents, I’m proud to say we rank number three in sales, are impressively ranked in new development sales and the average price of our homes is just shy of three million dollars,” said Elizabeth. Our success is really about the high standards of the people who work here. It’s about creating the right culture with the right people. It’s about image – you have one shot to make a compelling impression on your audience…only one shot with your brand. Our bags from ePromos gets the job done!”